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A Special Offer from Learning Resources

Written by mummybird. Posted in The Birds

The lovely people at Learning Resources have a special off for all the readers of my blog. They are offering Free Delivery for all orders over £15.00. All you have to do to claim this offer is quote BLOGGER14 at the checkout.

Learning Resources are manufacturers of hands-on toys, games & learning aids that provide a fun way of learning for children aged two to ten years old. Their customers range from teachers, educational practitioners to parents and grandparents, in fact anyone who wants to make a positive difference to a child’s growth and development.

Learning Resources are the Brand Teachers Trust™ because they supplies a wide range of resources covering a number of different subjects. So this is your chance to order some fun and educational toys without having to pay the delivery charge, what are you waiting for???

Kurio Car Kit XL Giveaway

Written by mummybird. Posted in Giveaways

The lovely people at Inspiration Works have given me a Kurio Car Kit XL to giveaway to one lucky reader of my blog. The car mount is compatible with all tablets from 7 to 10 inch and can be mounted easily onto the headrest. The bracket allows 360° rotation of the tablet: Left/Right, Top/Bottom, so it can be used with all games, apps, movies etc and it also features ubber brackets to protect the tablet from scratches.

C13505GI_Box_130502The car charger fits 12V vehicle outlets and includes a 2m micro and mini USB cable, so that the battery will never run flat when you are half way to your destination.

Wasgij Puzzle App Pro Package

Written by mummybird. Posted in Review, Review - Apps

Have you heard about the new Wasgij Puzzle App Pro Package that is out now to buy? If you love a brainteaser and enjoy doing puzzles?  You are going to love this.

The Wasgij Puzzle App is now available to download on iOS and Android devices, allowing jigsaw fans to piece together their favourite Wasgij puzzles wherever they are. Fans can enjoy puzzling digitally and can choose from the range of pieces available from 54 pieces, up to 504 pieces. With the brand new Puzzle Pro Package users can challenge themselves and enjoy much larger puzzles of 750 and 1,000 pieces with rotating pieces.

Wasgij Puzzle

Sharing the children

Written by mummybird. Posted in The Birds

“I want to take them away” he said …… GULP!!! This was the day I had been dreading for the last year. I knew it had to come at some point but was hoping I had more time to prepare for it. I took that call a few weeks ago, the weeks flew by and sadly that day arrived.

The children went away camping last week with their father? I know they needed to do it, I know it’s good for them all but that doesn’t make it any easier when you feel like your children have been taken away from you for a week. I still find it hard that I have to lose out on time with my kids when none of this was my decision.


Cadburys have Easter covered

Written by mummybird. Posted in Review, Review - Food and Drink

With Easter just around the corner there is only one thing on my mind …. chocolate. Well to be honest chocolate is always on my mind I think of it as a side affect of being a chocoholic. The shops are full of chocolate right now ready for next Sunday. If I had a choice of what Easter Egg I wanted I really would not mind as long as it was Cadburys because its been my favourite chocolate since I was little.



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