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What has happened to my princess?

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What has happened to my princess ? She is 6 years old in August and one of the youngest in her class. She hasn’t been exposed to much of the bad things that go on in school and I was dreading the day she would hear a swear word or hear anything of a sexual nature. But today was a different day. I picked her up from school and she told me that she had been to the reflection room at school. She knows if she goes in there she would be in big trouble with me and Daddy. So when I asked her what she was sent in there for I was amazed and really upset with her answer. She told me she had been caught swearing with her finger. I asked her what she meant and she put her middle finger up to me and said “I did this.”

I was so upset and so cross that she had found out something so rude, my first instinct was to ask where she had heard this. Apparently an older boy in the school had shown her this hand gesture and said to her ” you should do this to your mummy when you get home.” I was really upset so I hope I did the right thing. I went to see her teacher and I explained that she had been put in the reflection room for something another child had told her to do, and that she really had never seen or heard anything like this before and that she didn’t know what she was doing. The teacher was not very happy (as a dinner lady put her in the room and did not tell her) and said she would deal with it. Now I am home and I have thought about this I am still quite cross. I know I am probably being a bit over protective but I just think we should protect our children for as long as we can. I wonder what other mums think about this. Do you think I am right to be upset or am I over reacting?? I know we can not protect our children from all the bad things in life, and its probably more important how I deal with the aftermath of this kind of situation. But I just feel really sad that my little princess is growing up too quick.

Mummy Mission Part 4

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This weekend we put the posters up that the children from my daughters school designed to remind dog owners to pick up their dog mess. It was a lovely warm day so me and the Bird Family all headed off to the Alleyway. Knowing what Little Bird was like I thought it would be a good idea to put him in wellies. This turned out to be a very wise decision because after 10 minutes of me saying “stay in the middle of the alleyway to avoid the poo,” he did actually find some and it ended up on his boots.

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Daddy Bird took his tools and very kindly drilled every poster and fixed them up with cable ties. If this doesn’t make people think, then I do not know what will. I was dreading seeing a dog owner walking down there whilst we was putting them up but we did bump into one, she was lovely and proudly showed off her bagged poo and said “good on you, I hope this works” She also commented on the posters and said they are lovely and thought that if people can see them in the childrens hand writing then they must have a heart to pick up their own dog mess. She wished us luck and went on her way.


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Blogging has changed my life

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I have been blogging for 3 weeks now and I am amazed how it has changed my life already. I am constantly checking my phone for emails, and twitter for chats to lovely mummies I have found along my way. I used to be in bed by 10pm at night and now I find myself still up at gone 12am blogging or emailing people. Its a crazy world but I love it. I have been putting off jobs around the house I would normally do like the housework and the ironing, I need to find a happy medium between everything in my life. I took this photo today of my ironing pile, as I have hidden it away for over a week now and I guess I was praying the ironing fairy would come and sort it for me. However when I dressed Little Bird this morning I realised his wardrobe was nearly empty so I think I know what I will be doing tomorrow.

If anyone would like to take this off of my hands, drop me an email :-)

Magic moments

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Thought I would share a lovely moment with you all, yesterday I took Little Bird shopping most of the day. We was on the hunt for Hubbies Birthday presents for next week. Little Bird was really good all day and I treated him to lunch out. On the way home he asked “where are we going now??” I said we was going home and he said “No mummy I want to go to another shop” I thought blimey I have walked you all over town I thought he would have had enough. When I asked him “what shop do you want to go to?” He replied with this little gem “can you take me to Tesco’s I want to buy you some flowers?” Bless his heart how could I refuse. So we headed off to Tescos and he picked the flowers he wanted to buy and said “there you go mummy these are for you. I love you”  This put a big smile on my face for the rest of the day, isn’t it lovely when your children come out with such lovely things, just small things that mean a lot to us ??

I would love to hear any of your magic moments. Please leave a comment.

Mummy mission – Todays Newspaper

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I am in the Local Newspaper today for the update to our dog mess story, have a look at the  below link and tell me what you think. In the photograph is me, Councillor Peter Hiller and some of the children from my daughters school. I would just like to add that I do not normally look this moody, I was instructed by the photographer to look grumpy. I think I pulled it off well.


Evening Telegraph Peterborough

Coming soon……..

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I will be running my first competition very soon. I have landed a prize from Boots and I will be putting it on my blog this weekend. Keep your eye out for it, you will not be disappointed. It was kindly donated by Sarah on customer services. Thank you again Sarah for sorting something out for my first prize draw its really appreciated.







New pet in the house

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Yes you heard it here first we have a new pet in the Bird household. Big Bird has been going on at us for a long time now about having a pet, ideally she would like a dog or a cat so this weekend when she found 5 snails in the garden we told her she could keep them, she was so happy. They lived their first day in one of my plastic food bowls, and I was getting worried at night that they would climb out and we would lose them around the house. On Sunday we decided to get her a proper plastic tank with air vents in the top, so she could keep them safe and best of all for her she could have them in her bedroom.

Me and Big Bird learnt a lot about snails this weekend we had a look on the internet and we was amazed by some of the facts about snails. I had to laugh when I read to Big Bird this…….. “some people think snails are boring” Well she screwed her face up and said “how could anyone say they are boring, whats wrong with people??”  She really looked amazed that anyone could say they were “BORING.”

Then she reached an all time level of weirdness when I caught her on the Kitchen floor with two miniature wooden cones for the snail to weave in and out of. She was holding a single blade of grass and calling “Rosie” to follow it, she said “look mum I am training my snail”

Now this is the funny bit, I sat on the floor and watched her and I could not believe it the snail was actually following her. Then she lifted the grass off of the floor slightly and the snail lifted itself up. I am not kidding this actually happen, now the snail was either really hungry and desperate for that blade of grass or my daugther is the Barbara Woodhouse of the mollusc world.

Big Bird proud of her new new tank for her snails. We bought this tank from our local garden center and they are now happily located in her bedroom, although this morning we did have a disagreement when she wanted to take them to school with her. I told her they couldn’t go to school but she tried to convince me by telling me that this term they are learning about the Rain Forest and they have been talking about snails in the Forest. So we compromised and I spoke to her teacher this morning and she said she would love them to come into class and the children can talk about them. So they are going to school with her on Wednesday.

Big Bird saw this sign in the garden center and said “ahhh look mummy snail food, can we get some??” I explained  what it was and she was not happy. Hence her face in the photo she couldn’t understand why people would want to kill them.

Here is my final part to my snail story, she came downstairs tonight after we put her to bed and she said ” I feel really scared in my bedroom” I asked “why?” she said “because I want to put my bedside light on but the snails do not like bright lights” Bless her…… So her love for her snails continues.