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Review – Horrid Henry The Movie

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Today I took my daughter and my nephew to see Horrid Henry The Movie at the Showcase Cinema in Peterborough. The kids were really excited to go and we stocked up on sweets and popcorn before we went in. We found our seats and waited for the film to start.

The film is about a little boy called Henry who dreams of becoming a popstar, and runs rings around his parents. At school Henry and his friends are collectively known as The Purple Hand Gang. They clash with Moody Margaret and her gang of friends. A series of pranks in front of two school inspectors threatens the future of Ashdown Primary School and its long-suffering headmistress Miss Oddbod.

There is a fantastic cast of well known faces that you will recognize in this film, Richard E Grant, Matthew Horne, Kimberley Walsh, Noel Fielding, Jo Brand, Prunella Scales are to name just a few.

This is the first ever British kid’s movie to be filmed in 3D, however we did not go to the 3D viewing I wasn’t sure that my daughter would like sitting with glasses on through a whole film so we went to the 2D film. During the film I took time to look at the children to see if they were enjoying it and they were really drawn to it. There were lots of giggles from the kids and even some from the adults too.

My daughter is 5 years old and she really enjoyed this film and in her words she said “it was wicked.” My Nephew is 11 years old and he also liked it, when we came out he said “Its the best film I have ever seen.” So if you want to take your children to watch it this summer, it comes highly recommended by my children.





Mummy are you ready????

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This was the question that was shouted down the stairs to me this morning. I replied with “yes I am on my way” I walked into my daughters bedroom to find Little Bird had laid out a rather large Picnic blanket and set out a tea party for us. Bless him. This was exactly how I found him when I walked in, I couldn’t resist a photo. It was laid out so neatly I was amazed. Little Bird said “take a seat here Princess” and pointed to where he wanted me to sit. We then enjoyed a lovely spread he had laid on for us. Good times.

Bretton Water Park Peterborough

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Today I took the kids to Bretton Water Park in Peterborough. Its a lovely water park it has been open just over one year now and the kids love it. The best bit about the park is its FREE. We went this morning whilst the sun was out and had a lovely morning.

We slapped on the suncream and took some brunch and enjoyed the long awaited sunshine. Big Bird got absolutely soaking wet but Little Bird was a bit more reserved, I think he’s not sure about places like this. It might be because when he was 1years old we took him to a big water park and he looked down one of the jets of water and it started up and shot him in the eye, or maybe the water was just to cold for him. I’m not going to lie it was freezing, he poured some water over my feet and I nearly screamed. Its a nice clean water park and I would recommend it to anyone with children. Its a lovely way to cool down. Now lets just hope the warm weather stays so we can visit it again.



Cousins playing together.

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Today didn’t quite turn out the way I thought it was going to when I woke up this morning. It started off by me taking the children to Happy Faces in Glinton for their summer session. My mum was meant to come with my niece and nephew but she was feeling poorly with Vertigo so I sent her home to rest and I stayed with the four children. I’m not going to lie it was hard work they kept me on my toes especially the youngest who has just turned 1 years old and he keeps me on my toes. I forget until I am around him what its like having to watch a little ones every move and picking up all the small things off of the floor.

We all had a lovely time at Happy faces and I came away with lots of pictures the children had made. Then it was back to our house for lunch. They all had a lovely picnic in the garden in the sunshine then one of my older nephews joined us. He played all afternoon with the kids and stayed for tea. I had no idea my day was going to be like this, but I must say it was lovely having all the kids together. I love the school holidays.

Coming soon….. The launch of Santa’s Buddies

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With Christmas approaching I have set up a section on my website called “Santa’s Buddies” This will be filled with toy reviews as we run up to christmas. I already have some lovely toys on the way for Santa’s little helpers to try out and review for you, so keep your eyes peeled. Santa’s Buddies aka my children are really excited about working for Santa to provide honest reviews for the must have toys for Christmas 2011.

If anyone is interested in adding a Top Toy to this section please fill out my contact form or email me. Santa’s Buddies are looking forward to getting to work. Watch this space………




Summer activities without breaking the bank

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So the school holidays are here and as parents we now have the job of trying to keep out little darlings busy for the next 6 weeks. Tomorrow there is an online programme being broadcasted that you can become involved in and also get ideas on keeping the kids both entertained and active without costing a fortune.

Quadruple Olympic gold medal Matthew Pinsent CBE is an active dad of three young children and will be online live tomorrow, Tuesday 26th July at 2pm on Studio talk tv.

Matthew will be discussing the new scheme launching this summer to give millions of kids access to play up to 27 different sports for free. The Nestle Get Set, Go Free scheme will, for the first time, give kids access to a range of amazing activities including scuba diving, white water rafting, horse riding and paintballing.


For more information visit


Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow 26th July 2011 at 2pm on Studio talk tv

If you want to ask a question either before the show or during the show click here


My Nephew’s Year 6 leaving assembly

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Our school finished on Thursday this week and on Friday morning I was excited about having a lay in, and taking it easy with a nice slow morning with the kids. Well I was until my phone rung at 8.15am. My nephew had phoned me on his way to school and asked me if I would go with my children to his year 6 leaving assembly as his mum and dad could not be there.

This was the moment my slow morning turned into a mad morning, I quickly dressed the kids and got their breakfast and flew out of the front door to get to the assembly at 9.00am. My nephew walked in and looked pleased that we were there so it made all the rushing worth while. The teachers guessed it would be emotional and they left boxes of tissues scattered around the hall, the girls in year 6 were in tears before the assembly even started.

The children sang a couple of songs and then they did a lovely presentation where the children received an autograph book for all the friends to sign, a certificate saying they had completed year 6 (picture on the left) and a CD of photos (these were photos that had been taken of each child through their primary school years). When they received their certificates each child stood at the front of the stage and said what their favourite memory was being at school.

They finished the assembly with a really sad song and the children got on the stage and were hugging each other and most of them were crying their eyes out. It was so sad and emotional it did bring a tear to my eye. Bear in mind this wasn’t even my children’s leaving assembly god knows what I will be like when it is.

Big Bird and her big cousin

My nephew came up at the end and was pleased to see us and asked us to sign his shirt. I wrote “good luck at your new school and study hard” Typical sort of Auntie thing to write. Then Big Bird wrote her name and done a big kiss and a heart on it. She loves her big cousin.


If your reading this Olly (I know he does occasionally read my blog), make sure you knuckle down and work hard at your new school. We are proud of you, you have grown up to be a lovely lad always polite (around us, hopefully around others to) It only seems like yesterday I walked into the maternity unit and heard you arrive into the world. Keep going in the right direction and you will succeed in bigger things when you get older.

Love The Birds xxxx







Flashback Friday

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This Flashback Friday is a holiday we enjoyed at center Parcs, Sherwood Forest. This was in January 2009 I can not believe how little the children look. Big Bird was 3years old and Little Bird was 6 months old. I loved this holiday we had so much fun, it was also the first holiday we went on as a family of four.


This photo was taken in an art class we went to. Big Bird made such a mess and enjoyed herself so much. I had taken her up there on the bike and she was in the trailer we hired. On the way home from the art class I crashed the trailer and I had to get help putting it back on the road. Big Bird was fine she wasn’t hurt at all. But I will never forget her face when I got back to the apartment and DaddyBird unzipped the trailer. Big Bird was sat there with a grumpy face and her arms folded, DaddyBird asked her what the matter was and she replied with “I AM NOT TALKING TO MUMMY” he asked her “why?” and she said “SHE just crashed the bike and trailer.” Whoops …….. needless to say I have never taken any of the kids out in a trailer since.




Big Birds favourite place at Center Parcs was the supermarket. She loved it because they had shopping trolleys for children. Every time we walked past she would beg us to go in and buy something so she could have a go with the  trolley for 5 minutes.