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The Tank Museum

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This time last week the Bird family visited The Tank Museum in Bovington near Bournemouth. When we arrived in Bournemouth Daddy Bird was keen for us to visit the museum. The museum is based at Bovington Camp this was where  my hubby was based when he was 16years old and he signed up to the army, so he was keen to go and have a look around and show the children where he worked. Its funny because I wonder what my children think when we show them places that we reminisce about. I always remember my parents taking me when I was little to the town where they met, and being unimpressed with them saying “This is where we went to school, or this is where we used to work or this is the bench where we used to eat fish and chips” I always remember it to be quite boring as a child. So I have to ask myself, why O why do I put my kids through exactly the same thing. I love showing them places where we have been and done different things. I now understand why my parents did it to me, I wish I appreciated it a bit more when I was younger. I just hope my children enjoy the information I share with them because I enjoy telling them about our past.

Moshi Monster Moshling Treehouse

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I may have mentioned this before that my daughter is mad about Moshi Monsters, she talks about them all the time and loves playing with her Moshlings that she has slowly collected over the last few months. When we got the opportunity to review the Moshling Treehouse we jumped at the chance. Well it arrived last week and my daughter was so excited when the postman knocked on our door with the parcel, she had seen it in Toys R Us and was desperate to get her hands on it.

We unpacked the treehouse and Big Bird was delighted that it came with a New and Exclusive Moshling……… Roxy. That made her day to start with as she knows that you can not buy a miniature Roxy anywhere. Then we got out the treehouse and all the rest of the bits and started to put it together. It takes about 5 minutes to set up and comes with easy to follow instructions. Once you have set the treehouse up you can then decorate it with the lovely Moshi Monster stickers that come with the set.

If you haven’t seen this in the shops then I will try to describe to you what it looks like, it is a plastic tree that has seats for your Moshlings, somewhere to keep them safe and show them off at the same time. The treehouse comes with a working basket lift. You can decorate the inside of the house and the front door opens and closes so that your Moshlings can come and go as they please. It does not need batteries and is a definite must have for Moshi Monster fans.

Once we had set up the treehouse Big Bird ran upstairs to fetch her little Moshlings that she has been lovingly collecting for a while now. Once she had put them all in place in the treehouse she started playing with her new set.

Big Bird has had lots of fun with this treehouse, even though this is now her favourite toy she has shared it with her younger brother who loves using the basket lift to give the Moshlings a ride up and down to the treehouse.

The Moshling Treehouse is a happy home for your Moshlings. They will enjoy hiding in the tree top and jumping from branch to branch. They love playing in their treehouse room and using the working basket lift to go up and down from the treetop. Why not treat your Moshi Monster fan to this lovely home for their Moshlings. It would make an ideal Christmas present or Birthday gift. You can purchase this online or in any good toy shop that stocks Moshi Monster toys, Toys R Us are currently selling it for £19.99.


Introducing ……. JUNK

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Introducing………….. JUNK

We watched JUNK perform this week at Sandy Balls in the New Forest. They were amazing and I thought I would share with you this gem of a group. We have been up to the clubhouse every night after tea. They run entertainment for children between 6-7pm. We normally leave at 7pm as the children are so tired due to not stopping on this holiday. But this night was different.

After the disco on Wednesday night Daddy Bird took Little Bird back to watch the Arsenal match and I stayed to watch the next act. I was intrigued as I watched the boys set up. They started bringing in lots of  (yeah you got it) Junk and slowly they filled up the dance floor. 

I stayed and watched with Big Bird as it looked interesting and I kind of had a feeling it was going to be good. I got chatting to one of the lads friends who was filming it for them and he was telling me that they had been on Britains Got Talent this year and Dancing on Ice in 2009, he also said that they were performing in October this year for a programme on SkyOne (so keep your eyes peeled, when they get big you can say you read about them here first).

Well when the boys came out they had the crowd hooked within the first minute, thats when you know you are going to watch something good. They are kind of a comedy act that played music out of junk and flip around the stage and made people laugh.

The boys started playing songs that all the crowd knew and enjoyed. Then they slipped in a few bits from tv programmes which made the crowd laugh. They encourage the crowd to join in with them and I think the whole of Sandy Balls did just that. Big Bird loved them and she was stood on a chair watching as the room was packed and she was having trouble seeing them, when I looked round she was dancing on the chair in time with the boys. I then noticed the little boy on the table in front of us sat at his table with his parents and he had 4 empty bottles of juice in front of him and he was banging out tunes on the table, in time with the boys.

There is lots of humour in their act and it really is for both children and adults. After they had finished the crowd went crazy cheering and clapping the boys, I am glad they all enjoyed it as much as we did. When we left I saw the JUNK boys around the back and couldn’t help myself but go over to them to tell them how much we enjoyed their show. I also said I would like to do a Blog post on them and they were pleased. I asked them if I could get a photo of them with Big Bird and they kindly agreed.

Not only did they let us take a photo they gave Big Bird one of their drumsticks that they used in the show. They all signed it for her she was chuffed to bits. I was chatting to them about the shows they were doing and they told me about the show on SkyOne, I wished them luck and joked with them that when they win the SkyOne show they would see the signed drumstick on Ebay.

Here is Big Bird with her signed drumstick, she raced back to show daddy it. I want you all to remember the name JUNK, and if you are a keen viewer of SkyOne, please show your support and follow the boys. If you ever get the opportunity to watch them perform you will not be disappointed.


Why not show the lads some love and follow them on twitter and Facebook




Big Bird Builds A Bear

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Big Bird had her 6th Birthday at the beginning of August and she saved her birthday money to take away with her and spend on holiday. This week she decided she wanted to go to Build a Bear so we found one in Bournemouth and popped in.

Well I was shocked when I saw the shop. It was crammed from top to bottom with teddies and accessories for teddy bears. When we first walked into the shop Big Birds eyes lit up and she didn’t know where to look first.

I persuaded her to start at the beginning and look for a bear she would like to make. For anyone who has never been here before the bears are just empty skins, the children have to pick the one they want then take it to the lady to have it’s filling put in. Well this decision took some time, there were lots of bears to choose from. First she wanted a dog, then a teddy, then she finally finished up with a monkey.

Big Bird has always loved Monkeys ever since she saw one when she was 9 months old at Colchester Zoo. If there is a toy shop full of toys/teddies she will always find the cuddly monkey, even if it is lurking somewhere at the back of the shop. So Big Bird took her monkey to the lady who stuffed it for her, she then asked Big Bird to pick a heart, kiss it and make a wish. Then she had to place the heart inside the bear before she was stitched up.

Well the monkey was ready to go it just needed some clothes picking out for it. This again was something that took quite a long time. There was loads of clothes to choose from, they ranged from football kits, fancy dress and pretty party clothes. After a long time of picking out different outfits and then asking “Mummy how much does this cost?”  she finally settled on a pink fairy suit and a teddy carrier that was an ice cream and had straps on it, it was a good idea as it meant she could carry the monkey on her back or on her front like a baby carrier.

It doesn’t stop there though, now you have your clothes you need to decide on accessories. So we went over and had a look, I never knew you could buy so many handbags for a teddy. They had loads of handbags, shoes, knickers/pants, headbands and many many more beautiful things for your special teddy.

Now this shop is amazing, the children then get to take there bear over to the fluffing area they lay them on the specially designed table and there was some lovely brushes there that they could brush and fluff up their teddies. There was a big showers over the top and a pedal on the floor and when you push the pedal air comes out of the shower head and fluffs the bears up. Big Bird loved doing this so much.

After about 10minutes of fluffing she was then ready to dress the bear in the clothes she had choosen. This really was a lovely experience for her, Build A Bear really is a special treat for children. We then took the bear to the till and she was able to pick a name and then they printed out the birth certificate for her. So Big Bird named her monkey Emma.

Just as we were about to leave Big Bird spotted some pink sparkly high heels for her monkey and she really wanted them, as she had enough money left she got them and couldn’t wait to put them on Emma.

Now this shop is filled to the top with teddies, clothes and accessories. I also discovered in there that you could actually buy your new bear a wardrobe to hold all its new clothes and shoes, a bed, and a chair. They really have thought of everything.

Luckily we do not have a Build a Bear where we live and shop, so I think Big Bird will have to keep her eyes peeled when we go away to see if she can purchase any more bits for Emma.


This is the photo I took of Big Bird as she left the shop happy with her new monkey. She has slept every night with this bear and loves dressing it up and putting the shoes on. This shop is lovely, you come out feeling happy and feeling like they have made your child’s experience worth while, we would recommend this place to anyone with children.



Bournemouth Air Festival 2011

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This post is dedicated to FLT Jon Egging. Last weekend we were at the Bournemouth Air Festival. It’s a free air show on Bournemouth Beach, it’s an amazing day out. The festival was on for 4 days, we went on Saturday 20th August 2011. It was really busy on the seafront, there were lots of stalls ranging from Food to The Armed Forces stalls. The children got lots of free stuff as we walked around they were given flags, stickers, aeroplanes, Frisbees, bracelets and not forgetting sweets. When we arrived it was dry so we had a walk around all the stalls, we got there early in the morning, so luckily we got parked ok. After about an hour of walking around the clouds gathered and rain began to pour. Little Bird was in the buggy undercover so he was happy and the rest of us got a little bit wet. We fought through the crowds to try and find somewhere dry to eat and ended up in McDonalds. We had our lunch and it was still raining Daddy Bird started to talk about leaving and not watching the air show. I persuaded him to stay and said we could watch from under our umbrellas (which by now we had fetched from the car). So we made our way to the seafront again to watch The Red Arrows that started at 1pm.

The Bird Family go Crabbing

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This week we went Crabbing at Mudeford Quay in Mudeford (on the coast close to Bournemouth). The sun was out but unfortunately for us the crabs did not want to be caught. We spent a few hours down at the Quay we bought all the appropriate kit for catching crabs but we only actually caught one crab. I must say I was nervous the whole time being on the wall looking over the deep water. Knowing what Little Bird is like I just wanted to hold on to him the whole time. In the end I took Little Bird for a stroll so we could leave Big Bird to get closer to the water with Daddy. I was surprised when we returned to see how many they collected and was greeted with a bucket with one dead crab in it. I was expecting it to be full.

The children were really disappointed not to catch more but our saving grace were the children who were leaving and freeing their crabs. They were tipping them down the boat launch ramp and as the crabs ran towards the water the children raced down with their fishing nets and were scooping them up. Big Bird caught quite a few and was chuffed to bits with what she managed to save and put in her bucket.

[nggallery id=11]

The children really enjoyed it and would love to go again, I think we will definitely do it again but when the children are a bit older. I think we will stick to rock pools next time and then the kids can have a bit of a run on the beach and rocks without me worrying to much about one of them having an accident on the beach.


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Last week Bakestones sent the Bird Family some tasty treats to sample. We had one white bread loaf, one wholemeal loaf, a pack of fruit scones, a pack of Potatoe cakes, and two packs of Oven Bottom Muffins. We started by trying the Oven bottom muffins, we were going on holiday the next day so I used them for our family pack up for the journey. Now my children are very fussy with rolls and I was expecting them to screw their noses up when I handed them over at lunch time. Both children never said a word and happily ate them up. I asked them if they enjoyed them and they both replied with, “they were lovely, can we have these again mum”  So I was pleased I will definitely buy these again.

Then we tried the Potatoe Cakes. I have never seen these before but my nephew was at my house when they arrived and he said “they are lovely we have them for breakfast” he then said “can I take them home?” I laughed and replied with “No, I have never seen or tried these before so I would like to sample them” I wasn’t sure what to do with them and I also wasn’t sure if you are meant to put anything on them. I warmed them up in a frying pan and served. I now knew that my nephew and niece liked them so I thought they must be good.  Well they were different, me and hubby liked them, the kids didn’t get a look in.

Daddy Bird tasted the scones for me as I only like cheese scones and these were fruit scones. He enjoyed them whilst we were on holiday and his exact comments were ” They were lovely, fresh and the fruit was l very moist.” He also liked the fact that they looked homemade as everyone of them was a different shape, so in his words they didn’t look like they had just come off of a machine. I kid you not this is exactly what he said.

Last but no means least we had the bread. The children had the white loaf and me and Daddy Bird had the wholemeal loaf. I have never tried this brand of bread before but it was lovely, I was surprised it was so moist and made lovely sandwiches and toast.

I would recommend the Bakestone products, you can purchase them on line or in your local supermarket. Here is some of the online prices for the above items:

Potatoe cakes – £0.89
Oven bottom muffins – £0.49
Fruit scones – £1.10
Wholemeal or white loaf of bread – £1.25




The wonderful world of The Tooth Fairy

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Hurrah, yesterday my daughters third tooth finally fell out. This one has been wobbly for about 4-5months and in the last couple of weeks it has been wobbling loads. I have been willing this to come out for weeks so I was overjoyed once it happened. Its been really hard brushing her teeth recently, and I was beginning to worry about them going yellow. On Monday she was eating her lunch and her tooth cracked and I am not kidding this tooth was just hanging on a short thread. I was convinced it was going to fall out before bedtime, but was amazed it lasted for two more days.

Big Bird woke up yesterday morning really excited that it had finally come out. I was amazed because she said she woke up and felt it on her tongue. I was surprised she hadn’t swallowed it in the night. So she put it in her Fairy tooth collecting cushion ready for the fairy to take away.

Bless her here is a picture of her sleeping with her tooth fairy cushion hanging on her bed ready for collection. Big Bird put one of her toy Moshlings in the cushion for the fairy to take away. ahhhhhh. Then the madness started, the window cleaner came before the children went to bed and I gave him all my change. Whoops then we had to find a coin from the tooth fairy. Well she normally has £1 per tooth but I could only find a £2 coin which I managed to retrieve from the back of the sofa. You can always guarantee there will be change down the back of the sofa where hubby sits hehehe.

Well Big Bird woke up this morning and she was so excited to see her new coin and she kept telling me over and over again that she couldn’t believe the Tooth Fairy took her Moshling. So my part time job as a Tooth Fairy has come to an end………. until the next one’s out…….shhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!