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What’s going on with this crazy weather?

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Last week I decided it was time to dig out my cold weather gear from my wardrobe. So I got my really thick winter coat and my Ugg boots out and started to wear them. Then this week I have been totally thrown by the beautiful hot week we are currently having. Although I am not complaining we are loving it.

I took this photo yesterday when me and Little Bird had a lovely picnic in the garden. It was lovely and warm and I had to actually think what month we are in. It really feels like we have jumped back in time to August.

We have really enjoyed the sunshine so far and I hope it lasts a little bit longer, although there is a downside to this weather, here I go with my tired rant. Last night I put the children to bed with just a pair of PJ shorts on as it was very hot in their rooms. Big Bird was fine and slept ok, but when I checked Little Bird before I went to bed the sweat was running off of him, so I removed all his covers and started to fan him with a book. I then went to bed and I was woken up at 1am by Little Bird screaming and crying.

I went into his room and asked him over and over again, “whats the matter?” and he never replied. I settled him back down and then a few minutes later it begun again. This is pretty much all I did from 1am until this morning.  I must just tell you now, even when my children have been poorly they have always slept well. I have fantastic children that sleep well all the time, so you can imagine the shock last night when I could not do anything to get Little Bird back to bed to sleep.

Little Bird tried everything he possibly could to stay out of his room and cry in my ear. It slowly started to drive me crazy, Hubby was away last night (great timing) so I tried him in with me and he just sang and told stories to himself until I had to put him back in his own room. In the end he woke his sister up and then she was awake for a while, this was approx 4am by now. Now he wasn’t ill and was wide awake. He started playing in his room, then went into his sisters room to play and that was it for me. I had to pull out the Santa Card. I told him that Santa was watching him and would not be very happy that he was awake at this time of night and that he better go back to sleep.

It seemed to work and eventually he went back to bed and it turned out that I have been awake pretty much all night. As he is not poorly the only thing I can put it down to is the weather. It was 30degrees in his room and it felt so hot in there. So tonight I WILL be putting him to bed early and getting the air conditioning unit out of storage to put in his room. I am determind that I can not have a night like last night. It was the worst night I have had with my children.

I am loving the sunshine today on my bones and I am pleased it looks like it will stay over the weekend, so we have decided to invite friends around for a BBQ, we kept saying all summer that we would do them one and let the children play together but as the weather has not been very warm we never got around to it. So lets pray this weather lasts and we get our BBQ on Sunday. Fingers crossed xx

Driver Dan’s Story Train

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“All aboard the Story Train”……….. Last week Little Bird received a very special parcel in the post, he was so excited when he opened it to find Driver Dan’s Story Train.

Driver Dan’s Story Train comes in three parts that attach together to be towed around by Dan. Included in this set are Dan and Twinkle figurines, Twinkle is a Bird that sits at the front of the train, he is magnetic so sits still whilst your child pushes the train around. This train comes with 2 carriages the first carriage is the Story Carriage that magically tells a story. The second carriage carries the books, it comes with 3 books that can be removed and placed into the slot on top of the Story Carriage to play a story. There are 3 different stories to be heard.

1. The Hip Hop Song

2. The Treasure Hunt

3. Driver Dan’s Present

Little Bird has loved playing with this train, also his big sister has had lots of fun with it too. This is designed for children aged 3 years + but it does not have any small pieces so if you did have a keen Driver Dan fan I would say it would be fine for slightly younger children. This train takes 3 x AA batteries and they come included in the box. You can purchase Driver Dan’s Story Train for £34.99 from the Golden Bear Website.

Why not put a smile on your childs face this Christmas with this wonderful toy. I asked my children if they thought other children would like this for Christmas and they both replied with “yes its Awesome” Big Bird even said “I bet Santa will have to make lots of these this year” So funny what children think of and say.

Driver Dan’s Story Train has just won a Silver Award in the Practical Pre School’s 2011 Awards. These awards exist to acknowledge and reward the most brilliant, innovative and expertly designed equipment for early years and key stage 1 children in professional childcare and educational settings. The Driver Dan’s Story Time Train won in the Games and Toys Category (3-5 years old).

Baking with the children

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In June this year Big Birds school offered her school year a cooking course to attend after school. My daughter loves baking so when she got the letter she came running out of school holding in her hand asking if she could do it. I agreed, it was going to be held on a Tuesday after school for 1hour and they charged us £4 per session. So we sent her in the next day with her cheque for £16 to ensure she got a space.

When Big Bird started to tell me about what they were doing in this class I was amazed. They were doing it in groups, so basically she got to stir a mix every now and then. I was disappointed and so was she. The first thing they got to make were Pancakes. They got to eat one at school, and me and the other parents could not believe we had paid £4 for pancake mix. (especially as the mix was shared between 4 girls)

As the weeks went on she came home with 2x crispy cakes, 2x jam tarts and a tiny pizza. All the parents would wait in anticipation after the cooking class for something that would perhaps be worth our £4. But no we were all disappointed and felt our money was probably spent on childcare for the hour, rather than ingredients for the children.

When we started back at school a few weeks ago the cooking class started up again and Big Bird wanted to join again but I was amazed they had put the price up to £5 a session, so I managed to talk Big Bird out of it this time and I told her when she got home from school on a Tuesday she could do some baking at home with me. I am sure I can do more with £5 of ingredients than the school would. So this week we made cupcake.

Big Bird and Little Bird both did their own mix, I helped Little bird with his weighing and he did the rest. Big Bird did all of hers, I did not help her at all. We decided that one would do chocolate cupcakes and one would do vanilla cupcakes, and we would see who made the best ones.

My little bakers got into it quickly and I am very proud to say that they broke 4 eggs between them and they did not get one bit of shell in the mix. Now this is because either I am a good teacher and have taught them well or pure luck. I’ll leave that with you to decide. I like to think I have taught them well.

I love the fact that Little Bird decided to wear his chef’s hat and apron and Big Bird thought a more appropriate attire was to wear her princess dress. They both did a really good job and made little mess, which is amazing for my two children.

I put the cakes in the oven and I am pleased to say that both batches came out brilliant. (although Big Birds were slightly bigger) I sampled both cakes and they were perfect, lovely and fluffy just how I like them.

Both children decorated the cakes with a chocolate topping followed by white chocolate stars and balls.

So this week for my £5 we had 24 cupcakes to show for it. I think I will make this a weekly treat after school. Just need to read the cooking books for quick but lovely recipes for biscuits and cakes.

Monopoly Electronic Banking

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I remember playing Monopoly when I was younger with my parents and my brothers and I loved it, so when I got the chance to try out Monopoly Electronic Banking from Hasbro I couldn’t wait to receive it. This game is brilliant and has definitely moved on with the times. I used to love playing with the money when I was little and I remember when I used to be the banker and I would often give myself an extra note here and there anything to get one over on my brothers. This one is electronic money and Big Bird was excited because it had the chip and pin reader (as she put it… like at Tescos)

Bye Bye Nappies

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Yay another milestone complete. Last night Little Bird ditched the nappies at bedtime, he gathered up all his nappies (luckily he only had about 10 left) and threw them all in the bin.

I chatted to him a few nights ago about how wet his nappy is in the morning and he told me “its wet because I do a wee in the morning in it” So I asked him if he could do his wee in the toilet for me in the morning and he said “I will try mummy”

The next morning he crept into our bedroom and I was woke up by him holding a slightly damp nappy in my face. It was Friday morning and I was half asleep but I was chuffed to bits and instantly started praising him. Then he said ” I went  to the toilet and did my wee mummy but I was busting and I did a little trickle in my nappy, but only a little bit” and he was right it was only a little bit, it was mostly dry.

I was so proud of him, I spoke to him again and told him if he was dry for the next 2 nights we would throw the nappies away, he said ” I am a big boy now I don’t need nappies anymore lets throw them away now” I convinced him to just do two more nights then we would get rid of them.

The next two night they were both completely dry and I was greeted both mornings with a dry nappy in my face first thing. Even though I was half asleep I had to praise him again. I was shocked as I remember my daughter being 4 years old when she was out of her nappies at night, and I spent nearly year lifting her out of bed at night to do a wee.

On Saturday night I went up to check the children like I always do before I go to bed, when I went into the bathroom I found that Little Bird must have gone to the toilet when I put him to bed and he had left his nappy on the floor. I quickly picked it up and put it back on him as I was worried he might wee. But he didn’t.

So last night after he gathered all the nappies up he was chuffed to bits that he was a Big Boy now and he was proud to be going to bed with no nappy. I put a Pampers bed mat on his bed just to be safe. When he came down this morning he was completely dry. I was just amazed that he has not needed us to lift him out.

Well done Little Bird, lets hope he can keep it up. Fingers crossed. x

I would love to hear of your stories of ditching the nappies. Feel free to comment below.






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Last week we had something very unusual arrive at The Bird household. Your probably looking at the picture above thinking ‘what is that? Well let me fill you in, this is a Fluffing made by Vivid Imaginations. This giggly, jiggly puff of fluff has brought a lot of fun and delight into Big Birds life, this Fluffling is called Okki and Big Bird has taken her everywhere with her this weekend.

Flufflings are a unique and interactive plush pet, there are 3 to collect : Mindy, Loco, and Okki.

Mindy is very giggly and loves all things girlie and is all about fun. She is the oldest Fluffling so can be a little bit bossy when she doesn’t get what she wants, so you will have to keep her in check. Mindy absolutely loves attention and being stroked.

Loco loves making mischief. She is the youngest of the Flufflings and is full of energy, therefore making caring for Loco a full time job, she is always on the look out for an adventure and can be rather boisterous. You need to have plenty of games to play with Loco or else she might get a bit out of control.

Okki is the complete opposite to Loco, Okki is shy and the quietest of the Fluffling group, but once you build up a relationship with her she will come out of her furry shell to show you her real personality. Cuddles and quiet times are what Okki enjoys most, along with snuggly bedtime stories.

Flufflings will react in different ways depending on their personalities. They thrive on attention and affection with each Fuffling responding differently when they are being cuddled, patted, stroked, or rolled. Each furry Fluffling has over 10 different emotions which they will display through unique sounds, movements and vibrations. So do not leave them alone for to long or they will become sad and will physically deflate before your eyes.

Big Bird has loved playing with Okki, she took Okki out to play in her dolls buggy this weekend and then later that day we went to look around Wood Green Animal Shelter and she insisted on taking Okki with her. We joked on the way around that we hoped the staff didn’t mistake her for a homeless pet and want to keep her. I must say I did look very strange pushing Okki around in Little Birds buggy. People would look at Okki then at me as if they were wondering why I was pushing this big ball of fluff around, especially when the children were in the park with Daddy!


Flufflings are suitable for children ages 4yrs+ They are available to buy now for £19.99. This is a wonderful and well made toy from Vivid Imaginations. This would make a fantastic Christmas or Birthday present for any child that enjoys interactive toys.



My Week in Review

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September 19th – 23rd

Monday – I had treated myself to some new clothes today, it was lovely shopping with no children in tow. Then we went swimming in the afternoon

Tuesday – I was treated to a lovely massage, thank you hubby. Then I sneaked off into town to buy myself some new boots I love shopping with Little Bird because he tells me everything looks nice on me. I also bought Little Bird new shoes, I was amazed his feet had grown by 1 & 1/2 sizes.

Wednesday – Little Bird had his first full day at nursery and whilst I missed him I threw myself into cleaning the house from top to bottom. Then after school I took the children for a walk in the woods.

Thursday – I done a huge pile of ironing in the morning and in the afternoon, I looked after my niece and nephew whilst my sister in law was at work, the kids love getting together.

Friday – Little Bird and myself went to Happy Faces and caught up with some really lovely Mummies, then we started the Christmas shopping. Yes Its official I have started my Christmas shopping.


Sooo tired………

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Little Bird has been back at Nursery for two and a half weeks now. Its going really well and he loves going. He has been going since January this year just two mornings a week but now we get the Government funding of 15hours a week we have upped his hours at Nursery. Now Little Bird does 3 mornings  and one full day a week, he did his first full day this week and was so excited to have lunch there. The only down side to longer days at nursery is the tiredness, he comes home and is exhausted, he has fallen asleep on the car journey home quite a few times.

Big Bird used to have a lunch time nap right up until she started School. I thought Little Bird would be the same but we ditched the dummy a few months ago and since then the lunch time nap went aswell. Even though Little Bird needs a lunch time nap he really fights it now. By late afternoon he whinges and is very grumpy, I wish he would just give in and have his lunch time nap again it would make for a happier house all round.

I can’t believe I only have one year left with my little man before he starts school, I really miss him when he is at Nursery and I know it will be even worse when he starts school next September.

When I dropped him off yesterday I was handed the packs to pick his school, my first thought was dread, I really do not want to think about him starting school yet, but as I only have 11months left I suppose I have to start dealing with it.

I would love to hold him back a year because he will just be turned 4years old when he starts school. I wish the children didn’t have to grow up so fast, it only seems like yesterday they were both babies. For now though Little Bird is loving Nursery, he loves his Key worker and he has lovely friends at nursery, so its all good.

Mum’s Half Hour – 14th October 2011

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Mums Half Hour Episode Five is on 14th October 2011 at 13.30pm.

The panel will be discussing breastfeeding, dealing with difficult sleeping patterns and keeping your kids entertained during Halloween.

Breastfeeding is one of the biggest challenges for any new mother, some women struggle and some take to it naturally. How long it is appropriate to breastfeed for and whether to breastfeed in public are just a few of the concerns.

It is not only the stress of knowing how long it is appropriate to breastfeed for and whether to breastfeed in public but it is also the stress of looking after a new baby, most mums (and dads!) will be surviving on broken or very little sleep.

Sleep deprivation can be one of the most debilitating factors in the first few months, and everyone has their own take on how best to combat a child who won’t sleep, irregular sleep patterns and an interrupted routine.

No one understands these issues more than our panel of mums for the next episode of Mums Half Hour. Join in live on the 14th October 2011 at 13.30pm your questions will be answered by  Penny Jenner, Pamela Hey and Amber Spain. With half term looming, the panel will be discussing breastfeeding from pumps to positioning, how to tackle disruptive sleep patterns and sharing their own personal experiences and tips on what’s worked for them.

This webTV show will be live and interactive, with the panel taking your questions and thoughts so if you have something to say, they want to hear it!


For another chance to win a year’s supply of Start-rite shoes, click here and submit a question along with your contact details.