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Mega HI-Tower from Garden Games

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This has to be the best Garden Game EVER…… Its Mega HI Tower from Garden Games, or as my children like to call it “Giant Jenga” We have had loads of fun with the normal size Jenga over the years. So when I heard there was a Giant set of Jenga on the market, I just had to try it out. As soon as it landed on our doorstep we had to play it. Even though it was breakfast time, the kids just couldn’t wait for me to set it up for them.

Mega HI-Tower comes in a Labelled material carrying bag which is excellent quality and perfect for storing it away neatly. I must say I was not expecting it to pack away as small as it does. It comes with 58 blocks measuring 34 x 70 x 207mm. It has been designed as a lightweight unit to be carried around by adults. This game is perfect to play at parties or barbecues.

I know Mega HI-Tower is a garden game, but it is also perfect for inside the house. As the weather is getting cold outside now we decided to play it inside. The kids love watching me build the tower and because the blocks are bigger it certainly makes a sturdier tower for you to play with. It is perfect for Little Bird as he can be a bit heavy handed because he is only 3 years old. But this game was perfect as it allowed him to be a bit more rough and the tower did not fall over so easy for him.

Big Bird loved this game, she is really good at it because she has a steady hand when it comes to removing the bricks. We manage to build the tower higher than the children which made them laugh. I did need to lift Little Bird up in the end so he could place the blocks on top that he had removed.

You will see from my photos that I made the children wear their shoes. I would recommend putting shoes on younger children only as a precaution if the tower falls on their feet. It hasn’t fallen on my children’s feet yet but as I said its just a precaution as there is lots of bricks to fall.

On our first game with Mega HI-Tower , I was the loser much to the delight of my children, we built the tower to 1.1m and it was swaying from side to side before it gave in and fell on my go!!!

The kids laughed and loved seeing all the bricks on the kitchen floor. I then left the room for a few minutes to fetch something and on my return this is what I found, (look at the below photo.) The Children had built a house for their toys, and I am not kidding when I say they spent an hour and a half playing with the bricks like this.

We have played this game many times over the weekend and every time we have finished playing the children have enjoyed building things with the bricks. When I dropped Little Bird off at Nursery this  morning I saw they had the same game there. I told them we had been playing it over the weekend and the nursery manager said ” the kids just love using the bricks to build things,” she also said it was one of the best things they had at nursery it is very popular.

You can purchase Mega HI-Tower from Garden Games for £49.99. This is a brilliant and fun family game we have really enjoyed playing it, we will definitely be getting it out on Christmas Day.




Pumpkin Carving with the family

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This afternoon The Bird Family set upon their yearly task of carving pumpkins. We all do this every Halloween for a bit of fun. I purchased our pumpkins from Tescos a few weeks ago. Daddy Bird and myself always have a competition every year to see who can do the best one, and this year was no different. Daddy Bird always searches the internet for pictures of fancy pumpkins and then spends about 2 hours carving his design with a number of tools from the garage.

Little Bird is quite sensitive to some smells and it would appear that the smell of pumpkin is now one of them. He was nearly sick when he smelt it today. After about of an hour of smelling pumpkins he could at least stand near it. The children drew their designs on the pumpkins and we cut them out for them. We had lots of fun doing this today the children loved it. They insisted on putting them all outside on the doorstep tonight, I hope they are still there tomorrow or else the children will be upset.

Daddy Bird came up yet again with an amazing pumpkin design that’s the third year in a row he has made the best one. Its funny because normally he can’t sit still for very long doing crafty things but he manages to spend a couple of hours each year on a pumpkin, he loves it.

Hope you all have a lovely Halloween, we will be going out tomorrow trick or treating, but I only take the children to houses in our street with pumpkins in the window. What are you doing this Halloween? I would love to hear!

Ozbozz My First Scooter

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Outdoor toy specialist Ozbozz has the perfect gift for toddlers this Christmas and what’s more it will save us parents money all year round. My First Scooter from Ozbozz is designed with little ones in mind providing them with an ideal starter scooter. Starting off on a sturdy four wheels, young children can get to grips with the speed and feel of the scooter and spend Christmas Day whizzing around with the big kids.

Once they grow in confidence, parents can reduce the scooter to three-wheels and then as their ability develops, they can progress to super grown-up two wheels. The wheels are tough construction P.U making them strong and hard wearing that will last for years.

My First Scooter comes in pink and blue and includes easy-to-follow instructions and a small tool kit so that the scooter can be easily modified as the child progresses. Parents will love that the scooter grows with their child so they don’t have to purchase a new scooter at every stage of their child’s development.

My First Scooter folds away for easy storage, so if like me you do not have a lot of room to store your garden toys this is perfect. It folds up small, its also easy to put in the boot of your car when your out and about.

Little Bird has been whizzing around our street on My First Scooter for the last couple of weeks. He has found it easy to manoeuvre and he loves that the wheels come off. He has tried it with four wheels and was really confident so we then changed him down to three wheels. However he is not ready for two wheels just yet but its great that this scooter will grow with him. Its a fantastic idea, and something that I have not seen before in a scooter. Little Bird loves it and thinks it will be popular this Xmas. This would make an ideal Christmas or birthday present.

My First Scooter is recommend for children aged 2 years old +. It is suitable for children that weigh under 20kg. This fantastic Scooter is available to buy now from Amazon, Tescos and Toymaster stores for around £19.99.





Clinton Cards Spooky Stories for kids

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Today I took the children to Clinton Cards in Peterborough for a Halloween Spooky story session. Children were invited into the store to dress up and listen to some spooky stories and poems read by one of Clinton Cards members of staff. I was amazed that Little Bird sat still for the whole 30minutes and enjoyed the stories. Both of my children dressed up for this magical session, it was a shame that the other children didn’t join in with the fancy dress but my two were not bothered they were happy to be there. After the story session the staff gave each child a treat which was a lollipop. It was a lovely idea from Clinton Cards we all really enjoyed it.

Mini Lalaloopsy Bea’s School Bus

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Calling all girlies………. its the Mini Lalaloopsy range that is out in the shops to buy now. There is lots of different sets in this range and we are pleased to be able to review the Mini Lalaloopsy Bea’s School Bus.

The Mini Lalaloopsy Bea’s School Bus comes with an exclusive doll and pet. The yellow bus has rolling button style wheels and the back door flips down to become a cool slide. A swing out stop sign will also keep Mini Lalaloopsy’s safe when leaving the bus. Bea’s School Bus is priced at around £14.99 and is suitable for children aged 4 years old+.

Lalaloopsy dolls were once just ordinary rag dolls, but when the last stitch was sewn to complete them they magically came to life, taking on the personalities of the fabrics used to make them. Ready to be loved, each Lalaloopsy character was sewn on a special day in history, which reflects their personality.

The cute Mini Lalaloopsy dolls have moveable arms, legs and head. They each come with an adorable pet and fun accessories. The dolls come packaged in their very own houses, which children can keep. There are over 20 dolls to collect, you can also buy a range of different outfits for the dolls so you can style them as much as you like. These toys are really well made and will be very popular with little girls this Christmas. 

Also in this range you can purchase the Mini Lalaloopsy Treehouse playset which features two exclusive dolls and their pets. The quirky treehouse has an elevator, bridge, swing slides and two hammocks. Children can play and explore with their Mini Lalaloopsy dolls as they climb and swing in their very own treehouse. The set comes with lots of fun accessories and also has a removable club house. The Mini Lalaloopsy Treehouse playset is priced at around £34.99 and again is suitable for children aged 4 years old +. The individual Doll sets can be purchased for around £5.99 each.

Big Bird has been playing with this bus for the last few days, she has had lots of fun and enjoyed playing with it. She loves the pretty Mini Lalaloopsy doll and her pet owl. Big Bird has asked for more dolls for Christmas so she can fill the bus up with some friends. The Bea School Bus will hold six Mini Lalaloopsy dolls. The wheels turn on the bus and the steering wheel also turns making it feel like you are actually driving the bus. Big Bird also likes the fold down slide at the back of the bus, she thought it was a brilliant way for the dolls to get off of the bus. She made me laugh because she said “I wish we could get off of a bus by going down a slide.” I love what goes through childrens minds. However I have to agree that would be pretty cool.

Mini Lalaloopsy have a fab website where you can see all the products that Mini Lalaloopsy sell, they also give you information on where you can buy them. The website is full of fun and games for girls to enjoy. Big Bird and myself have been playing on their site today it will really appeal to little girls there is lots to see on there.


Dream Toys 2011

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Yesterday I was very lucky to be invited to The Dream Toys 2011, in London. It was the Official toys and games Christmas preview. We had a fantastic day it was at the beautiful setting of St Marys Church, off York Street, Marylebone. When I heard it was in a church I had visions of  toys being set up around the pews. But I never imagined it was going to be in such a beautiful building you would never have realised you were actually in a church. The building was absolutely stunning and the way the room was dressed made it feel extra special. The children were welcomed in to play, and try out all the toys that were on display. They had a lovely time and came away really excited and talking non stop about toys they would like to add to their Christmas list.

Big Bird and Little Bird really enjoyed their time at Dream Toys. Big Bird is a massive Moshi Monster fan as I may have mentioned once or twice before and when she saw Katsuma walk into the room, she was really excited. It turned out that I knew quite a lot of the people at this show and one lady came over and asked me if Big Bird could be photographed by the press for a national newspaper, in exchange for some Moshi Monster goods. Well Big Bird had answered “yes” before I had chance to talk. So off she went and had a some photos taken with the Moshi Monster Tree house.

Moshi Monster products have just gone crazy. Since Big Bird first got interested in Moshi Monsters the products have just grown. You can now purchase so many things related to Moshi Monster, its great that there is more and more on the market.

Little Bird loved trying out the remote controlled cars. My favourite moment was when there was a remote control car driving around the floor, Little Bird spotted it and bend down to pick it up, the car then moved away from him. So he lent out to grab it again and the car moved again. I looked around the room trying to work out who was driving the car but I could not see anyone who I thought was driving it. Then a lovely lady from the Playmobile stand stepped forward laughing saying ” sorry that was me, I was winding your son up” It turned out there was a built in camera in the car and she could see Little Bird trying to pick it up. She was demonstrating to the press how the car worked. Bless him he was so baffled by it.

Whilst Little Bird was chasing cars around the room. Big Bird spotted another favourite character from the television. It was Rastamouse and his crew. She stood ages talking to them and getting them to copy her dance moves. It was really lovely to see her enjoying these big characters because this is the first time she has ever got close to them. Before we couldn’t ever get her in the same room as one of these characters but yesterday was a big turn around for her and she came away really proud of herself.

The Rastamouse Crew gave Big Bird and Little Bird a Rastamouse and Scratchy talking teddy each. This made their day and we left with two happy children in tow. After the show we went for a walk around London, we did so much yesterday that when we returned home the children were exhausted, well to be honest we were all exhausted. I asked Big Bird what her favourite part of the day was and she replied with ” Meeting Katsuma” Bless her I am so glad she got to meet Katsuma, I didn’t think it would mean as much to her as it did. We had a fantastic time in London. I can’t wait to go back.

The whole day was about the top toys for Christmas, we saw lots there.

Here are The ‘Dream Dozen’ toys list for Christmas 2011:

  • Doggie Doo (£24)
  • Fijit Friends (£54.99)
  • Fireman Sam Pontypandy Rescue Set (£29.99)
  • Kidizoom Twist (£49.99)
  • LeapPad Explorer (£78.99)
  • Lets Rock Elmo (£69.99)
  • Milky the Bunny (£59.99)
  • Monster High Lagoona’s Hydration Station (£39.99)
  • Moshling Tree House (£19.99)
  • Nerf Vortex Nitron Blaster (£44.99)
  • Ninjago Fire Temple (£89.99)
  • Star Wars Ultimate Force Tech Lightsaber Assortment (£39.99)

Dylon Fabric Dyes

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We recently received some Fabric dyes from Dylon to try out. We had some Liquid fabric dye, some Fabric Paint and some 3D Puff and Glitter Paint. Being a family that enjoys crafts we have had lots of fun with these. I bought the children some plain T-shirts and then let them get creative. 

3D Glitter and Puff Paint

Big Bird enjoyed using the 3D paint and she insisted using it along side her fabric pens. She drew a lion and coloured it in. The Puff Paints are simple to use, they are perfect for fabric, plastic or card. When using them on fabric you need to place a piece of card  under the material so it does not soak through and then using the nozzle from the bottle, draw your design. Dry throughly before wearing. You can then wash this item in the washing machine at 30 degrees.

Fabric Paint

This comes in a small glass bottle and needs to be applied with a paint brush. It spreads easily and soaks in well. Again you need to place some card under your material to stop it soaking through. Once you have finished painting your material  let it dry, then cover with a clean cloth and iron to fix it in place. You can apply more than one layer of this paint but you must iron each layer. Another fab and easy way to decorate your clothes.

Liquid Fabric Dye

This liquid comes in sachets, it needs mixing with warm water and putting into a bowl. Then you place a damp item of clothing/fabric into the dye to change its colour. There are 24 colours to choose from. You can spice it up by making patterns on your material using the method called Tye and Dye, I haven’t done this since I was at primary school so I couldn’t wait to start. There is lots of Tye Dye methods you can choose from here are a few :

  • Swirl
  • Stripes
  • Tying
  • marbling
  • Sewing
  • Pegging
  • Circles
  • Ruching

Its all about having fun and changing the look of your clothes/fabric. We really enjoyed playing with all the dyes from Dylon. Why not order yourself some dyes and have some fun with your children like I did. Lets get creative ………


Lego Large Minifigure Display Case

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Do your children have lots of LEGO Minifigure figures hanging around their bedroom with nowhere to store them? Well not anymore……..The latest addition to the LEGO range from re:creation is the LEGO Minifigure Display Case. It provides children with a fun, stylish home for their favourite LEGO Minifigures, and takes the hassle out of tidying up for parents.

It has a free standing removable foot plate, the LEGO Minifigure Display Case also has the option of being attached to bedroom walls or stacked and snapped together with other LEGO Minifigure Display Cases. It has a push button release to open the display case. The LEGO Minifigure Display Case is available in a few different colours so you can pick your favourite. It comes with Lego 4 x 6 grid plates for your little figures to stand on and hold them in place. Lego figurines are not included but are sold separately.

LEGO Minifigure Display Case are available in two sizes:

  • Small (RRP £14.99), which holds eight LEGO Minifigures
  • Large (RRP £19.99) which holds sixteen LEGO Minifigures

The cases are perfect for any budding young collector and Lego fan. You can stack the cases together on top of each other , and you can also mix the sizes up. Its a fantastic way to show off you favourite lego characters. The LEGO Minifigure Display Case is out in shops NOW so it will be available from all good toy retailer.

They are designed for children aged 4 years old + and would make a brilliant Christmas or Birthday present.