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12 Days to Christmas Competition

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Mummy Bird’s 12 Days of Christmas competition will be starting soon. I have been busy working with Santa and his Elves to bring 24 fantastic prizes to my readers. So why not jump on board and follow me on the run up to Christmas. There will be 2 winners every day for 12 days. I have some lovely toys that will make fantastic gifts for Christmas. All you have to do is follow my blog, and keep an eye out for all the updates on my Twitter and Facebook. I am in control of posting all these prizes out. I decided to do this to ensure my winners received their prizes before Christmas Day.

As I said earlier I will be running my competition over 12 days and there will be Two winners everyday. So make sure you put it in your diary. My Competition will start on 1st December 2011 at Midnight. Each competition will run for 24 hours so you will have to be quick. Good Luck everyone and I look forward to spreading some festive joy on the run up to Christmas.

You can follow me on Twitter using the Hashtag #MB12daysofxmas

The A-Z of me

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A to Z of Me………

Many thanks to Mrs Smith from Something Blue for the tag. This meme was started by Lauren, Real Housewife of Suffolk County. So lets begin……..

Anorak . . . Do you have a sad side?

Yeah I have a sad sides, doesn’t everyone? I think mine would have to be tidying my house, I am forever clearing up, sometimes I should just sit back and leave it….. Nah Never gonna happen!!!

Body . . . What physical attribute would you most like to change?

I am quite happy with my body at the minute but if I had to really choose something I would say I would like my big pert pre-children boobs back.

Celebrity . . . Which one would you most like to date and why?
Oh it has to be Robbie William, why??? Why not!!!! I have been a massive Robbie Fan for so many years now, the thing about him has never gone away. I would love to go on a date with him, I would show him a good time ….. wink wink.

Debut . . . Tell us about your first ever blog post. What made you start blogging?

My lovely neighbour MummyMatters got me into Blogging, I thought it would be a lovely way to record our life so my children could look back and read it one day. My first post was an introduction about me and my family. Called let the Blogging commence. Click here

Error . . . What’s been your biggest regret?
Life is to short to have regrets, I am very blessed to have a lovely house and a lovely family. My husband and children are the most important thing in the world to me and always will be.

Funny . . . Who’s making you laugh?
Alan Carr, James Cordon and Ricky Gervais never fail to make me laugh. But on a daily basis my children make me laugh. There is nothing better than hearing your children laugh together.

Grand . . . if we gave you one right now what would you spend it on?
Ummm that’s a difficult one, I would probably split it and put it into my childrens savings accounts for when they are older.

Holiday . . . What’s your favourite destination?
I haven’t been abroad very much but so far my favourite place is France. We have been to France quite a few times and we  love it. We are looking forward to taking the children to Disney Land Paris next year.

Irritate . . . What’s your most annoying habit?
I know what my husband would say is my most annoying habit but I am not sure what I think is my most annoying habit. Thats tricky, I’d like to think I am perfect.

Joker . . . What’s your favourite joke (the one that makes you laugh every time you hear it)?
Doctor Doctor I feel like a pair of curtains…….. Pull yourself together!!! Alright I know its bad I got it from Justin on Gigglebiz and Little Bird says this joke nearly everyday and every time he says it, it makes me laugh.

Kennel . . . Do you have any pets?
Thankfully only a Fish, if my daughter had her way we would have a house and a garden full of them.

Love . . . Are you single, married, engaged, living with a long term partner?

Meal . . . What’s your ultimate starter, main and dessert?
This is a tough one for me as I really love my food and the answer would probably change on a daily basis. So I will go with what I am thinking about right now:

Starter: Vegetable Soup
Main: Tikka Masala Curry
Dessert: Cheesecake

Now . . . If you could be anywhere right now where would you be and who with?
I would like to be on holiday with my family. I would also leave behind the stinking cold I currently have. I must have just sneezed about 10 times in a row (and thats no joke) . Is that lucky??

Off Duty . . . What do you do in your spare time?
Spare time? What’s spare time?! I love to tweet, write my blog and read blogs. If I have any time left over I love to watch TV. I would like to set up something soon, just for me something I can do weekly and look forward to (is that selfish?)

Proud Moments . . . What are you most proud of?
Well, naturally I am proud of my children who are amazing and my husband who works really hard to keep our family going and giving me the life that I throughly love and have always dreamed of having.

Queasy . . . What turns your stomach?

When the children hurt themselves and you know its bad and you really don’t want to look but you have to. Poor Little Bird shut his fingers in the car door this year and that turned my stomach. I couldn’t look. Lucky Hubby was home, he was ok.

Relax . . . How do you relax?
Relax whats that? I am not very good at switching off, but if I was to try and relax it would probably be a nice hot bath and early night (NO LAPTOP)

Song . . . What is your favourite song of all time?
Easy Peasy it has to be Robbie Williams Feel, I never get bored, I truly love it.
Time . . . If you could go back in time and relive it again, when would you choose?
Obviously I am happy with where I am right now, but if you said I really had to pick a time to go back to I would have to say being a teenager again, I loved being one I look back with fond memories of my family and friends that were all part of it. Great times.

Unknown . . . Tell us something about yourself that no one else knows?

I used to play the violin at secondary school but had to give it up because I was rubbish and couldn’t read music. (I still did it for a good year though)

Vocal . . . Who is your favourite artist?
My Favourite solo artist has to be Robbie Williams (are you seeing the pattern here?) but I must say I am also loving Adele right now.

Work . . . What is your dream job and are you doing it now?
I certainly am doing my dream job, being a mum its the best job in the world.
X-Ray . . . Any broken bones?
No, touch wood, I have never broken a bone.

Yikes . . . What’s been your most embarrassing moment?
It has to be the time I fell up a set of stairs when I was as school. I was rushing to my next class and the boy I fancied like mad was behind me and I could hear a male friend telling him that I fancied him. I began to run up the stair and I fell on all fours and my bag slid over my shoulder and across the floor. I remember being so embarrassed although I didn’t hang around long enough for people to laugh at me!!!! I have NEVER forgotten this.
Zoo . . . If you were an animal which one would you be?
It would have to be a monkey, I love them they are cheeky just like me. Although I do have less body hair….. Just!!!

And so to tag some other bloggers. SO many have already done this so please forgive me if this is a double tag:







Fab Toys at Low Prices **Closed**

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Next weekend (now finished) there will be a amazing Toy Stall on the Northampton Market. It will have lots of Brand New in box toys at silly knock down prices. Tell your friends, Family, schools anyone who wants to grab a bargain. This couldn’t come at a better time what with Christmas around the corner. This stall is for one weekend ONLY, be there or be a Square…………..

The toys you will be able to pick up will range from wooden toy kitchens to rocking horses, puzzles to childrens furniture, games, small world play, wooden toys – all available to take home for Christmas


Matilda – A Girl for All Time

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Meet Matilda a beautiful Tudor Girl, she is the most exquisite doll of recent times aimed specifically at girls aged 8 – 12 years old. She is the first in a line of historical dolls from boutique British toy company Daughters Of History and combines play learning in one beautiful package. Matilda hails from the Tudor era and is called to the court of Henry the Eighth as lady in waiting for Catherine Howard.

Matilda is beautifully crafted and stands at 16″/41cm tall. She has been designed to represent a 11 or 12 year old girl. Matilda has a distinctive face that reflects her character from the Matilda’s Secret Book. She has inset eyes with real eyelashes, rosy cheeks and a hand painted mouth. Her brunette hair is a wig which is incredibly long and soft making it perfect for plaiting and styling. Matilda’s limbs are flexible and she has extra joints in her elbows and knees so she can be dressed easily.

Matilda is authentically dressed in a hand sewn Tudor court dress made from soft velvet complete with sumptuous fur-lined sleeves, her outfit is completed by a claret silk underskirt and a pearl-trimmed headdress. Under Matilda’s dress she is wearing underwear, a petticoat and stockings as well as matching shoes. Matilda wears a key on a neckless around her neck, this opens her special trunk where she keeps her secret treasures.

What I love about Matilda the doll is her clothes. The costume is typical of the period, the fabrics are of very high quality and the superior finish makes it the perfect doll for any young girl to love and adore. There is an extra set of costumes available for Matilda they can be purchased on the A Girl of All Time website. The outfits include a Burgundy velvet cloak (around £24.99), a masked ballgown (around £19.99) and a white cotton night shift (around £9.99). The Matilda doll costs £89.99, she’s an investment set to become a family heirloom.









A Girl for All Time is based in London and is an online only retail website for an idea that was developed in 2009 in response to a gap in the market for intelligent role-play. Developed with a creative team drawn from the world of British film-making and fashion, these dolls have been thoughtfully crafted to reflect the concerns of today’s girl: friendships, fashion, fitting in and family.


Alongside the beautiful Matilda doll there is some lovely novels making them the perfect keepsake books to bring the world of the doll and novels to life with themed activities and adventures.

There are two books to collect Matilda’s Secrets (£6.99) and Mitilda’s Keepsakes and Secrets (£14.99).



A Girl for All Time offers a unique world of imaginative play that encourages creativity and individuality. Matilda, ‘Your Tudor Girl’ is the first doll in the series which will be expanded to include characters from other historical periods. So keep your eyes peeled as more dolls will be born in the future. This would make a fantastic Christmas or Birthday gift it is presented in a beautiful box with a handle so you can carry Matilda around safely with you, this really is a doll to treasure and adore.


Tomy GX Buggy

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Do you have the need? The need for speed?? If so you have to get a GX Buggy from Tomy. The first time I saw the GX Buggy was on an advert on the TV, my nephew Ollie shouted me and said “you have to see this, its amazing.” I looked up and there were a group of children on the TV playing with these cars, they were driving them at high speed and doing stunts. I have to admit they looked pretty smart.

We went to Dream Toys 2011 in London last month and this was where I got to see the GX Buggy for real. Little Bird made his way over to it straight away when he saw it on the Tomy stand and we asked for a demonstration, not only can it drive REALLY fast it does wicked stunts too. One of the stunts was shown to us at Dream Toys and we were amazed as we watched the buggy drive up a clear tube that was as tall as me and fling out of the top we were impressed. I could see straight away why Ollie would like this, its right up his street.

The GX Buggy is designed for children aged 8 years old +, so when I was asked to review it for my blog I knew there was only one person to test this out for me, and boy did he test it. Ollie came round and as soon as he saw the buggy he was excited and couldn’t wait to try it out. In the box you get a GX Buggy, a remote control for the buggy and a charger.

The GX Buggy is simple to use and set up, all you need to do is sync the Buggy to the controller by pairing the two. Then using the charging pack you charge the Buggy with the wire provided. The Buggy takes 20 minutes to charge and then you get around 10 – 15 minutes of driving time.

The controller for the Buggy is designed so it can sit in one hand and then you use the other hand to steer it. There is a trigger you can pull backward and forwards with your finger to drive the buggy the way you want to go. On the side of the controller there is a wheel that you spin with your other hand and this is where you can do your tricks. It takes a little while to get used to how the Buggy steers but overall its a really good design. Ollie picked it up really quickly and had full control of the buggy in no time at all.

So Ollie put the GX Buggy through its paces for me, he was getting to grips with it in my kitchen and then we took it to our local Leisure Center whilst Big Bird had her swimming lesson. Ollie had really long corridors to drive around and he made the most of them. Little Bird was running up and down after the GX Buggy they both had a really good time.

The GX Buggy can be controlled for up to 10 meters away, and can do acrobatic jumps of up to 85 cms high. You can control more than one GX Buggy at any one time.

The GX Buggy 2.4Ghz professional spec R/C can race up to 22 km/h – Scale speed 770km/h. The Buggy is Ultra light and has a 42 gram body, and has a fast and slow speed racing option.

As you can see from the photos above Ollie wanted to put the GX Buggy to the maximum test so he insisted on building a ramp out of the childrens large Jenga bricks. He then drove the car up the ramp and wanted to see how high he could make it jump. We must have sat on the kitchen floor for at least an hour and a half playing with the Buggy, Ollie insisted on my sitting there with my camera and he wanted me to take a photo of the Buggy in mid air. So this was my best photo. ( I think I must have taken about 200 photos, and that’s not a joke)

We have all had a lot of fun with the GX Buggy and I know that this will be very popular this Christmas, why not put a smile on someones face this year and get them a GX Buggy. You can buy these from any good toy or online shop prices may vary but you would be looking to pay around £35.99.

Little Bird Starts Football Club

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For the last few years my boy has grown up following in his sisters footsteps for everything. Which means he has been growing up loving anything girly. So much so he has a love for handbags, dressing up (as a princess), and playing with dolls. This has never bothered me but Daddy Bird has been a bit put out by some of these things. My lovely boy has been dragged around to classes for his sister for as long as I can remember, he has sat patiently every week whilst Big Bird has done Ballet, Swimming, Horse Riding and Hip Hop classes. So this week it was his turn to enjoy a club for himself so I booked him into Soccer Tots.

Soccer Tots is a football club run at our local Village hall and I wasn’t quite sure how he would get on. It’s on from 5pm-6pm on a Tuesday night and by this time of day he is normally tired and getting ready for bed. So last night we dug out Little Birds Arsenal Kit, found some pens and books for his sister to keep her amused whilst she watched and off we went.

When we arrived the young men running it got the children to warm up by playing a game of tig and then they set up some tasks for the children to do. This is the first time Little Bird had been part of a group of children without me standing by his side to help him. Off he went with all the other boys and girls and I was amazed how well he listened and joined in.

Little Bird is 3 years old and when his sister started groups or clubs at the same age I always had to hold her hand and I’d have trouble getting her to join in. But Little Bird was brilliant he went off, listened to the instructions and best of all joined in.

Like the mad Mummy that I am I was the only one taking photos. I love taking photos of my children especially when its something new so I had to get my camera out. Little Bird has not really played much football with us because he has always opted for another activity that his sister would like. So when he was weaving in and out of the cones and jumping over the bars I was really shocked at how he listened then did what he was asked perfectly. This was a VERY proud moment for me he was actually really good.

Daddy Bird arrived half way through the session because he wanted to see how Little Bird was getting on, he was really impressed with his ball skills and I just know he was thinking that perhaps one day our boy may just play on the Arsenal Team and run out of the tunnel at the Emirates Stadium. Who knows it might just happen!!!!

I imagined that whilst Little Bird was playing football and learning some new skills Big Bird could do her homework with me afterall we would have an hour to kill. WRONG……….. Big Bird decided she wanted to join in. I was so surprised because she’s so girly and never wants to talk or play football, but last night she changed her mind and kept asking me over and over again if she was allowed to join in. Soccor Tots is for children aged 2 – 5 years old so I asked the men who were running it if she could join in and they said it was fine. So off she trotted to play some football.

So Big Bird and Little Bird played football for the whole hour and they both really enjoyed it. Little Bird was exhausted and ready for bed by the end of the session but both children including Big Bird are keen to go back next week. Before we left I checked that is was ok for Big Bird to join in every week and they were more than happy for her to play. So now I have my girly princess asking for a football kit. I’m so glad they both enjoyed it, I never thought for one minute that both would end up doing it. But I think its great for girls to get into it, afterall aren’t the Ladies Arsenal Team one of the best ladies teams in the country? When I was at school I used to love playing football and basketball with the boys, so I totally understand where she is coming from. Go Girl!!!

Hello Kitty at WHSmiths

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WHSmiths have some fantastic Hello Kitty products in right now. They stock anything from stationery to bags. Big Bird has always liked Hello Kitty and has many items from clothing to bedding. WHSmiths sell a really good range of stationery, you can buy either in store on online. If you buy online it is FREE delivery on all orders over £15.










Big Bird received a stationery set for the purpose of this post. It was the Hello Kitty Super Stationery Set, it comes with:

  • 2 x Ballpoint Pens
  • 2 x Pencils with rubbers on the end
  • 6 x Colouring pencils
  • 1 x Ruler
  • 2 x Colour changing pens
  • 1 x A7 Notepad
  • 1 x Pencil Sharper
  • 1 x Rubber

All the items in this set are really well made. Big Bird has had lots of fun writing with the pens and drawing me lovely pictures. I am so lucky that my little girl likes drawing and writing as much as she does. She spends hours at the kitchen table with her little brother just making lovely pictures for me and Daddy Bird. Little Bird takes after his sister and also enjoys drawing and we are currently teaching him how to write all of the families names. He is doing really well, Big Bird even let him use this Stationery set and he loved it, its a good job he doesn’t mind pink.

Big Bird also received a Hello Kitty projector pen. This pen is great for making writing fun, the pen features a twist action mechanism with a brightly coloured image of Hello Kitty on the barrel. Click the button on top of the pen to see different Hello Kitty pictures projected onto your paper. This pen is ideal for encouraging writing skills.



The Moxie Girlz Saddle up

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Moxie Girlz dolls are very popular in our house. Big Bird loves them, I remember when she got her first one. It was a Birthday present from one of her friends, she was chuffed to bits with it and has spent many hours brushing her dolls hair, changing her clothes and making the dolls look pretty.

When I was a little girl I discovered horses at an early age and fell in love with them. I was really lucky to have the opportunity to ride a friends horse whenever I wanted, in exchange for cleaning out and looking after it. I managed to pass my love for horses on to my daughter and she now has riding lessons and loves anything horsey. When I heard that Moxie Girlz had a Horse Riding Club out I just knew Big Bird would love them.

Moxie Girlz Horse Riding Club dolls look really cool in their contemporary riding gear. Their outfits include a cute hat and boots.  We were sent a Sophina Moxie Girlz doll to review, but there are another 2 dolls in the collection they are Avery and Monet. Dolls can be purchased separately priced at around £14.99.

You can also buy The Moxie Girlz doll and Horse assortment they are suitable for children aged 3 years old+  and are priced around £29.99. Each set comprises of a doll with a stunning walking horse that has special sound effects.

Also available in this range is a beautiful stable playset, which includes a doll and pony. The playset comes with everything the Moxie Girlz need to make their favourite friend happy and comfortable. The Moxie Girlz can groom, feed and tend to their pony, as well as letting it graze in the fenced area. Prices start at around £34.99 but prices may vary depending on where you shop.

The Moxie girlz dolls are really good quality, we have found them to be one of the best dolls on the market. Big Bird has never taken to Barbie dolls which I grew up with, but she has really enjoyed playing with the Moxie Girlz. Now they have this new range out she loves it. She has put one of the horses on her Christmas list and is keeping her fingers crossed that Santa will bring her one because she is desperate to see Sophina ride a horse.

Moxie Girlz are available at all good toy retailers nationwide.