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Lego its not just for boys!!!

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Who said Lego is just for boys !!! ….. it’s not anymore. You may or may not know but Lego is actually for girls too. Lego have bought out a fab girly range called Lego Friends. Little Bird absolutely loves Lego it was the only toy he had on his Christmas list last year and luckily for him Santa brought him loads of sets and made him a very happy little boy.

Big Bird discovered Lego friends a while ago when she was round a friends house. When she returned home she said “Mummy they make Lego for girls.” I said “are you sure?” to which she replied with “Yes,Yes,Yes.” We then went onto the internet to see if we could find what she was talking about and that’s when we discovered Lego Friends. That weekend we headed to the shops to buy a set.

Jump forward 9 months and to this day Big Bird still loves building and playing with her Lego Friends sets. We now have the Vets Surgery which is her favourite set because she is mad about animals and she also has alot of the smaller sets which she has bought with her own pocket money. She loves using all the sets together to create a wonderful world where the Lego Friends can hang out together. We have bought most of our Lego Friends from Argos they have great offers where you always get a little bit more for your money.

Lego Friends is aimed at girls and has proved to be very popular amongst them, but to be honest I think boys would enjoy some of the sets too. The sets come with fab girly characters like Emma, Stephanie, Olivia, Mia and Andrea its the perfect way to introduce girls to Lego.

I Love this photo of Big Bird doing her Lego building, Little Bird sees himself as a Lego expert and is always desperate to give her a helping hand. Big Bird does not need any help and gets frustrated with him because she just wants to build on her own, although she does not mind him playing with it once it is built. Lego Friends has kept both of my children amused for hours, we would definitely recommend to little girls and even boys.

This post is brought to you from Argos



Monday 28th January 2013 'Fizzy' (28/365)

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Since Little Bird was a baby all he has ever had to drink is water. Over the years we have tried to get him to try other drinks but he is not interested. I know it’s not a bad thing because I always said that I wanted both of the children to drink just water when they were little but Big Bird was first and she put the mockers on that idea. From the start she would not touch water it always had to be weak squash. So when Little Bird decided to drink just water we were over the moon and never pushed any other drinks on him.

As Little Bird has grown up we have tried to give him something else to drink but he has refused squash, orange juice and any other liquids he has been offered until now. Tonight for the first time he tried lemonade, bear in mind fizzy drinks have never touched his lips in the past it was funny tonight watching him, I just wish I managed to get a good photo of his face after he had drunk it. He looked really shocked and puzzled with both the flavour and the bubbles that were popping in his mouth. Then he jumped around the kitchen with delight saying he liked it. I couldn’t believe he has finally tried something different and he liked it.

Show me your snowman …..

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The Bird Family love the snow, as soon as the fluffy white stuff falls out of the sky we have our coats, hats, gloves and wellies at the ready. My love for snow began when I was little and is something that has stayed with me to this day and will never leave me. When the children were really small I would take them outside to play in the snow and after 20-30 minutes they would get cold and want to come in. That was my chance to hand them over to Daddy Bird to take them in to warm them up, I on the other hand would stay outside in the snow on my own until I had had enough. With the children watching me from the window I would build snowmen until the cows come home or the children would ask me to come in! Over the years I have built so many snowmen that I now try to get them bigger and better each year. Last year saw our tallest snowman it measured in at massive 93 inches tall and required a ladder to put the head on.

Over the last two weeks we have had quite a bit of snow, every day we have woken up we have rushed to the window to see if more snow has fallen whilst we were sleeping. Then this morning when we woke up it was like we had jumped forward into summer, the grass was back to being green, the sky was blue and the sun was shining and the snow of the last few weeks looked like a distance memory, well apart from the three piles of snow ice that were left from the three snowmen that we had built.

Now the snow has left us we have really missed it today and it got me thinking about how we can bring snow back. We may not be able to make it snow but we can relive the memories of the last few weeks. I have loved looking at all the snow pictures on blogs, Twitter or Instagram so I have decided to set up a Linky because I want to see your snowman. I would love you to create a post, Linking it to Mummy Bird showing me your snowman/ladies/pets the link up is below. (this is the first Linky I have done so fingers crossed this works). I will comment on every post that joins in. So what are you waiting for? Show me your snowman!!!! (If you didn’t have chance to build a snowman, I would love to see any of your snow photos!!)

Here is the snowman that me and the children built last weekend.




Sunday 27th January 2013 'Mirror' (27/365)

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This afternoon we went to the train station to pick Daddy Bird up because he has been away for the weekend with friends. As we were getting ready Big Bird asked if she could put some of my lip gloss on. Its not something I let her do very often so I let her today. As she sat next to me in front of my big mirror I couldn’t help but take this photo. What a proper little Diva!!!


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Silentnight Beijing Double Divan Bed

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Silentnight Beijing Double Divan Bed









I don’t know about you but one of my favourite places is my bed, there is nothing I love more than having an early night and snuggling up to watch TV or read a book in my bed. Apart from sleeping, reading and watching TV its somewhere where we love to cuddle the children and play silly games with them in the morning and at bedtime we all get in my bed and read books together. Its also somewhere the children like to bounce when I am not looking, its funny because they think I don’t notice them doing it. Although I have to admit its lovely to hear them giggling when they are fooling around on the bed having fun. Whenever we go away on holiday its always the one thing we miss and can’t wait to return to.

Saturday 26th January 2013 'Sledging again' (26/365)

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When I looked out of the window last night the snow was coming down thick and fast, after an hour I looked out again and before I knew it it was raining and the snow was disappearing. Today we were left with a tiny covering of snow (more like slush) and the children wanted to make the most of it so we headed off to the hill to do some more sledging. Its getting pretty muddy up their now but the children managed to fine some places that were ideal for the sledge.

Friday 25th January 2013 'Painting Nails' (25/365)

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Today Daddy Bird went away for the weekend so tonight I put Little Bird to bed early so that I could have some girly time alone with Big Bird. Top of our agenda was painting nails. Big Bird has been itching to put on my new bright red nail varnish that I got for Christmas so I painted her fingers and toe nails with it tonight. When I finished she asked if she could paint my finger nails, I agreed and she absolutely loved doing it. She made a pretty good job of it too, I was very impressed. Maybe I have a future nail technician on my hands!!!