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Wednesday 27th February 2013 'Brownies' (58/365)

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Tonight Big Bird started Brownies. Its was her first week and she loved, she looked really smart in her outfit and came home full of stories of what she had been up to. She is going to Brownie camp at the end of March, it will be her first time of spending a night away from home, luckily its just up the road so we can collect her if she doesn’t settle.

Tree Fu Tom Toys

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Last week we were lucky enough to be part of the Tree Fu Tom Twitter Party. We received a selection of Tree Fu Tom toys which the children put to the test at the party. The toys went down really well with the children. The Tree Fu Tom range is designed to create imaginative role play and get the children involved by making them feel part of Tree Fu Toms world.

The favourite toy at the Party was the Tree Fu Tom Magic Moves Rap Mat it costs £24.99 and is a colourful electronic dance mat. This was in full use for the whole two hours at the party. The children took it in turns to play and follow the instructions.

Its great quality and perfect for getting little ones on their feet having fun and exercising and they don’t even realise. When the coloured light comes on, the player using the mat has to put their feet on the corresponding section of the mat. The children really enjoyed following Toms instructions to create some pretty spectacular dance moves.

The Flying Squizzles (£3.99) now these were my favourite toy, they are just like a frisbee and designed so the children can throw them easily. Little Bird has always struggled to throw a frisbee but he could throw the Squizzle easily.

They are made of foam so they are super light, making them safe to throw inside and outside the house.The Squizzles fly through the air really well and actually go quite a good distant that they impressed me. So if you want to play a game with the children I would recommend taking them outside so you can throw that little bit further.

The Holopax (£16.99) is what Tom wears on his wrist in the Tree Fu Tom episodes it gives children the chance to dress up like Tom and feel like a superhero. The Holopax lights up and has 25 phrases from the characters in the show.

It has an adjustable strap which is perfect to fit everyone even the adults. We gave this away to one of the children as a prize in one of our party games. The child who won it was really pleased with it. The Holopax is really just a toy for dressing up and using in role play although the children love it, it wasn’t my favourite toy.

Tree Fu Tom figures were Little Birds favourite toys in the party box. Priced at a reasonable £4.99 each there are five to collect they are:

  • Tom,
  • Twigs,
  • Ariela,
  • Squirmtum
  • and Zigzoo.

Each one comes with a removable base and an accessory in their pack or you can pay £7.99 and get a deluxe version that includes a bigger accessory toy. They are really good quality and have been really well made. Even though they are small the attention to detail is amazing. Each one is great to encourage imaginative play with children, they will love creating their own Tree Fu Tom stories.

The Tree Fu Tom range of merchandise also includes playsets, a range of books and DVD’s so if you would like to find out more about these fab toys from Flair why not pop over to their website and have a look.


Tuesday 26th February 2013 'Repair' (57/365)

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Today I had to do a big repair job on Little Birds favourite teddy Dog Dog. Dog Dog has been his trusty pal since the day he was born and has been everywhere with him. Today when Little Bird returned home from school with him I was surprised to see his head was nearly hanging off so out come the needle and thread for a repair job. Poor Dog Dog is wasting away, I wonder how long we can keep him going for!!!


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Yesterday the Bird Family went out for lunch to Prezzo in Peterborough. It was the first time we have eaten at a Prezzo’s and we were really excited to see what was on the menu. Normally when we eat out with the children we struggle because we are limited on what they will eat, but going to an Italian was perfect because I knew Pizza would be on the menu and as my children both love Pizza I knew this would go down well with them both.

When we arrived we were greeted at the door and taken to our table where the children were given a menu, a packet of stickers a hat and a tub of colouring crayons to keep them busy. The childrens menu’s are full of games and activities to keep them amused whilst they wait for their food. I love this idea because it keeps them quiet and allows the adults to order and concentrate on what they would like to order without having to entertain the children at the same time.

The childrens menu was brilliant and as a family that do eat out regularly with the children we spotted straight away what great value for money their meals were. The childrens meal consisted of:

  • a Starter
  • a Main
  • a Dessert
  • and Bambinoccino
  • and a Drink

My two pizza loving children surprised me when I asked them what they wanted to order. Well Big Bird did, I was sure she was going to order a Pizza but she said she wanted to try the Spaghetti Bolognese. Little Bird who normally has a Margerita Pizza decided he wanted Pepperoni on his.

The children started with the Garlic bread which was lovely, it was warm and soft just how the children like it. Little Bird ate a little bit of our starter but couldn’t wait for his Pizza to arrive.

When the childrens meals arrived I was shocked by the size of them. The Pizza was the size of one that I would eat all by myself and the bowl of Spaghetti was huge. Big Bird loved the Spaghetti and from a girl who will only normally eat mine I was pleased that she enjoyed it. I tried the Spaghetti because I wanted to see what herbs were used and it was lovely although I am rubbish with herbs I couldn’t tell what was in it but I can tell you it was delicious. Little Birds Pizza was amazing, the base was light and fluffy and the tomatoe topping was perfect he loved it, so much so he only left two slices because he wanted room for his ice-cream.

For Dessert the children were struggling to pick which ice cream flavour they wanted so the waitress told them they could have a scoop of each if they wanted. So thats what they both ordered. The ice cream arrived with a Bambinoccino which is frothy milk sprinkled with milk chocolate flakes. The children really enjoyed their meal and what a bargain price of just £5.95 a head. When we left both of my children said they had a lovely meal and asked if we could go again.

Daddy Bird and myself ordered from the Prezzo Share menu so for starters we had the Antipasto Platter, this was a lovely light starter for us both and it tasted good and looked amazing. It consisted of Prosciutto ham, salami milano, spicy ventricina salami, buffalo mozzarella, marinated olives, baby sunblushed tomatoes, fresh rocket and ciabatta bread. The children had a little bit from this platter we didn’t mind though because it was so big. The ciabatta bread was lovely and warm and very soft. It tasted really good with the olive oil.

For our main meal Daddy Bird and myself ordered from the Share Menu again, so we had the V.I.P Pizza to share. We had half each and were pleased we could pick two different toppings. Daddy Bird had Tre Gusti on his side and I went for Pepperoni on my side. We also had two side dishes to share a portion of House Fries and a Rocket and Grana Padano Cheese Salad. The Pizza was beautiful, I love that with the share menu you can mix and match what you want to get the perfect meal. We were both really pleased with our meal, you get really good sized portions and the quality of the food and the presentation is definitely worth going back for.

Whenever I eat out I do not normally order a dessert but when Daddy Bird showed me the menu I knew straight away I would be having one. On the menu was Cheesecake from The English Cheesecake Company, these are the best Cheesecakes I have ever tasted so I knew I had to have one. We went for the Vanilla Cheesecake with Fresh Strawberries and Strawberry Coulis. Every dessert is served with a hot drink and as I do not drink tea and coffee I went for the Hot Chocolate. You get a really good size piece of cheesecake and the hot chocolate is huge. This was lovely and only cost £4.95 so now I know where I can get a good dessert in town when I am shopping I will definitely pop in just for this as a treat from time to time.

The staff at Prezzo were really friendly and helpful. They knew we were reviewing the restaurant so I made a point of watching them around all the other customers and I have to admit they were really good. They constantly asked us and other customers if we were happy and needed anything and me and Daddy Bird laughed because they were so on the ball with cleaning the table of empty bottles or plates that at one point Daddy Bird was just about to put an empty bottle on the table (after topping up his glass) and a waitress had swooped in and taken it off of him before it had actually landed on the table. Now that’s what I call good service. We all throughly enjoyed our meal, we left full and happy and planning when we will be going back next. Which for the record will be two weeks time for Mothers Day.

Monday 25th February 2013 'Make up' (56/365)

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Tonight after school we nipped into Nannys house, she is currently having a big clear out. Big Bird was straight over to Nannys make up drawer asking if there was anything she could have. Being a girly girly she is always pestering Nanny for make up or her nails painting. We managed to leave there with a pack of lipgloss and Big Birds face covered in glitter. Thats my girl!!!

Micro Moshi Limited Edition Silver Collection Tin

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You heard it here first …… Moshi has gone Micro!!! Big Bird was so excited when this little package arrived on our doorstep. Everyone who reads my blog will know that my children are mad about Moshi Monsters, they have an online account where they look after their little friend Katsuma, together they play games, earn rock and design a home fit for a king or should I say ‘a Moshi.’ We recently got asked to review one of the new Micro Moshi collectables from Vivid and how could I refuse.

Its true …. the best things come in small packages and 2013 is all about Micro as Vivid launches the marvellous mini versions of all your favourite Moshi Monsters characters. We received the Micro Moshi Limited Edition Collectors Tin, there are 10 silver mini Moshi characters inside and Big Bird was over the moon when she found her favourite Chop Chop inside. For those of you that do not know, Chop Chop is the Ninja Monkey that floats around in your Moshi Monsters world. Whenever Big Bird wants to buy anything Moshi related it has to be Chop Chop.

You can buy the collectable Micro Moshi Collector Tin for £9.99, where you get 10 limited edition must have characters. This comes with an exclusive collector tin to store your collection in, little Moshi fans will love them.

Big Bird loves the Micro collection, she has enjoyed playing with them along side her large collection of Moshlings. These are a great addition to the Moshi Family and will be something that little Moshi Monster fans will treasure. Each one is made of light plastic and even though they are tiny the attention to detail is amazing.

There are a few other Micro Moshi Monster products on the market right now, why not expand your collection with the Micro Theme Park Playset, Micro Case Faces Assortment, Micro Collectables – Series 1 or MICRO Mega Heads Assortment – Series 1. There really is something for everyone.

Friday 22nd February 2013 'Trying something new' (53/365)

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Flashback alert!!!! Today Big Bird bought the Violin home to practice on, she has been playing it for a few weeks at school and she was desperate to bring it home. When I picked her up from school she had a big smile on her face because the Violin was strapped to her back. I used to play the violin when I was little and I was terrible, as soon as we got home she started to play a few notes and instantly the flashbacks from when I used to play started to return. Bless her fingers crossed she is better than me.