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Since the childrens Father left 7 weeks ago both of my children have been suffering with terrible dreams. They are so bad that they are scared to go back to sleep alone. Big Bird says she is having adult dreams, when she explained it to me she said they have adults being hurt in them and sometimes monsters are involved. Its so upsetting for her that she ends up sleeping in my bed 3 or 4 times a week.

Little Bird keeps dreaming about being left and that really concerns me. He has told me that he keeps dreaming about his Father leaving him, when this happens he wakes up crying. Its really hard to deal with because there is nothing I can say or do to make him feel better, so kisses and cuddles are all I can give him. He has also been dreaming that when he is out and about with me and Big Bird, we leave him behind in places. Its so upsetting for me to hear that because I would never leave him anywhere. Last week he woke up crying because he was dreaming me, him and Big Bird where at the shops and we got into a lift, but he didn’t get in and the doors shut and we left him behind. As the doors on the lift closed he cried out in his sleep until I went in to cuddle him, he was in a right state but I reassured him that I wouldn’t leave him anywhere and squeezed him until he felt better.

It breaks my heart that my children are suffering with terrible dreams, I have one of the children in bed with me nearly every night. Its the only way they will go back to sleep and I understand why, I don’t mind them sleeping in my bed but it does get awkward when they both want to join me on the same night. That happened on Sunday night, Big Bird was already in with me and Little Bird woke up scared, in the end I had to jump in Big Birds bed with Little Bird it took him 2-3 hours to go back to sleep because he was wide awake from his terrible dream. Its times like this that its hard being a single parent because I can not physically split myself in two, it makes me sad that both of us are not here to help the children when they need us most.

Saturday 27th April 2013 ‘Talking World War 2’ (117/365)

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Today I took Big Bird over to my grandparents house so they could talk to her about World War 2 because she is covering it at school. They had lots of stories to tell and we were both interested. Its sad to think in 30-40 years time all the stories of the war will probably be gone and forgotten with no one to tell us what happened. Its such a shame!


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Broken is exactly how I feel right now, this minute. Its the word I have used alot to family and friends the last few weeks and its the word I am sick to death of and want to disappear from my life. I am fed up of being up one minute and down the next, this is a horrible roller coaster (I have never liked roller coaster anyway) I am currently riding and just wish I could jump right off of it!!

Its hard when you feel the way you feel about a person and everyone around you wants you to hold your head up high and move on. I know it will take time but I am NOT ready to move on and I am NOT ready to say goodbye to the one person I have had and loved in my life for the last 14 years.

Everyday should be getting easier but at the moment everyday seems to be getting harder. I wish I could shake this broken feeling off, but no matter how hard I try its in the back of my mind and jumps forward to remind me when I really don’t want it to.

Feeling broken is an awful feeling, its one I would not wish on my worst enemy but its the feeling I am living with and I am not liking it one little bit. Broken is what my children are watching me go through and no matter how hard I try I just can’t hide the emotions and feelings I have inside from them. This then stirs up another loads of feelings for me, mainly frustration and anger at myself for exposing them to this broken Mummy who just wants to be fixed!

If I could wave a magic wand Broken would be taken out of the dictionary and more importantly out of my life.

Do you recycle?

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I don’t know about you but I love to recycle, whether its the childrens cereal boxes, my old pairs of glasses, mobile phones, ink cartridges or anything else I can get my hands on. I hate to see things go to waste so if they can be used again I will always try my best to make it happen.

Like me the children have got into recycling and before they throw anything in the bin they will always ask me if it can be recycled. We have a bin in our kitchen that takes both household waste and recycling waste and I empty it everyday outside into the big recycling wheelie bin and I feel really happy that I know everything I put in there will get used again.

A few years ago I recycled all my old CD’s at Magpie, it was a great way to recycle goods and get money for it. It was simple to do and the money arrived quickly, this has to be the best way to recycle because you get a little something back.

Another thing I like to do is recycling clothesits something I have done for years. When I have finished with my clothes I would always ask family if they want them first and anything that is left I would give to the charity shop. When the children out grow their clothes I always offer them to my family and friends and if there is any left I now put them in the ‘bags for school’ so the school receives a donation for them.

I would always recommend that you take the time to recycle if you get the chance, something can always be used by someone else and does not warrant the bin. If you are careful with your recycling you will find places that will pay you for your unwanted items so its definitely worth looking around before you make that decision to bin it.

This post is bought to you by Music Magpie

Polochon Bag

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I don’t know about you but I am not your typical women that drools over shoes, but handbags thats a completely different story. I love handbag and my love for bags has grown since having the children. After having children I realised I could move my love for bags into a whole new dimension and discovered baby changing bags that were beautiful and fit for the gym.

So imagine how excited I was when I was asked to review a Polochon Bag by 7 A.M from Baby & More. When it arrived I was instantly surprised just how light it was and with its sporty look it is perfect for Mums on the go.

The polochon bag has a retro feel to it, it is a functional fashion changing bag designed by Rebecca Campora inspired by bags from her childhood. The long round shape is sleek and adds a touch of sophistication to any yummy mummy when out and about. Not only does it make an organised changing bag, it also doubles as a travel bag and even a cool gym bag which is what I use mine for.

The Polochon bag features:
Detachable shoulder strap
Two pushchair strap rings
Zippered pouch
Cushioned changing mat
A double side zipper opening
Spacious main compartment with four large pockets
Water repellent outer shell and lining
Double-cushioned – easy grab handles
Top zipped closure


Inside the Polochon Bag there are four large pockets, ideal for baby bottles, baby wipes or if like me you want to use it as a gym bag shampoo, conditioner, deodrant and a sports bottle. The main compartment has lots of room, I have found that it can fit a towel, swimming costume and spare clothes with no problem at all. I wish I had one of these bags when my children were small because the changing mat that comes with it it fab, it matches the bag and comes with a soft fleece lining.

I absolutely love my Polochon Bag, its really well made and is a great bag for Mums living in the fast lane, it has caused quite a stir at the gym. Lots of people have asked me where I have got it from and I have happily told them.

If you would like to buy a Polochon bag you can buy them now from Baby & More for £34.30 there is current 30% off so why not pop over and grab yourself a bargain.


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This year sees the launch of Vivid’s exciting new toy range based on the popular animated programme Canimals. A mixture of CGI animation and real world scenes. This popular show launched on CITV in September and my two love it.

For anyone who doesn’t know the Canimals are a collection of cute and mischievous can-shaped creatures who secretly explore our world and see it from their unique viewpoint. Each episode focuses on the high-energy adventures of a character’s attempt to do something new and exciting using common place, real world objects often with amusing consequences. Whether it’s flying with balloons, using a rolling pin as a trapeze or making Mimi ears out of cotton wool.

Let the Canimals do the talking with the Talking Canimals (RRP £9.99 each). Simply squeeze your Canimal’s ear to hear them meow or bark. Choose from super-friendly Ato, rebellious Oz or pink-loving princess Mimi.

We were sent a Mimi in the post to review and Big Bird was really excited when she arrived, like my little girl Mimi loves pink and is a proper princess in the making. These soft cuddle toys are really well made and designed for children aged 4 years old +. Big Bird loves dogs and found it really funny when she pressed Mimi ear and heard her bark.

Also available in the Canimals range is Squeaky Canimals. Available as single figures (RRP £2.49) or as part of a three pack (RRP £6.99), these uber-cute Canimals squeak when you squeeze them – just like they do on screen. Choose from Ato, Oz, Mimi, Fizzy and Nia in the single packs or get Mimi, Oz and the exclusive Leon character in the three pack.

You can also take the Canimals wherever you go with the Canimals Keyrings (RRP £4.99). There are three super-cute soft keyrings to collect – will you go for Ato, Mimi or Oz? Attach them to keys or bags and turn your trip into a Canimal adventure. Look out for more characters coming soon.