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The toughest month so far

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Since the childrens father left five months ago there has been one month I have been dreading ….. and that was JUNE. June has always been my favourite month of the year because it is made up of:

Theses four dates were important to my family and something we looked forward to celebrating together. Amazing how this month has been turned on its head from just one persons decision. June is now unfortunately a month that I cant stand, a month that I can’t wait to be over, a month I am not looking forward to again next year, a month that I would like to remove from my calendar.

I now feel sad that Little Birds Birthday is in June, his special day is now wrapped up in this month of sadness for me and I have to do what I can to make the day special for him. The emotions that run with this celebration are unbearable and this year I did the only thing I felt I could to avoid them, I ran to another country to celebrate my little mans birthday and I am so glad I did because his birthday this year was lovely. We spent it in Spain, we hired a family bike and rode along the seafront and then we spent the rest of the day around the pool and in the evening we went down to the local fair.

Then we had Fathers Day, the childrens Father was out of the country but returned at lunch time. This was a tough time, normally we would pamper the childrens father and he wouldn’t lift a finger all day, he would normally have been woken up by two excited children with homemade cards and gifts for their daddy. He would normally receive breakfast in bed and then anything he wants during the day he would get delivered by me or the children. This year he popped in for an hour and a half to see the children, they made him homemade cards and baked his a large cookie and decorated it. This was not how the day should have been. It broke my heart that as a family we were not celebrating Fathers Day the way we normally would.

After Fathers Day we steam rolled into what would have been my 9th wedding anniversary and a few days before the date it hit me and I was so upset. I couldn’t help but cry as the day got closer, I did my best to not do it around the children but it was a really hard time for me. Then on the DAY I woke up early and started the day with tears, I did explain to Big Bird what the day was and told her that I was upset and not to worry if she saw me crying. I told her I was crying because I love her daddy and miss him and this was meant to be our special day. I hope that wasn’t the wrong thing to do but this day was so bloody hard I had to say something to her, Little Bird on the other hand didn’t notice. Well I thought he didn’t notice but in his own little way I think he did because he kept giving me kisses and cuddles during the day for no reason other than because he loves me.

Lastly the date that caused this flaming mess, the childrens fathers 40th Birthday. He had been thinking about this date for such a long time, turning 40 started to make him question everything he had in his life and after weighing up everything he decided he needed a change and that resulted in him packing his bags and walking out through the front door for good leaving me and the children on the floor in tears.

Today is the childrens fathers 40th birthday, I woke up early and was sad that he was not laying next to me. The children came in and asked if it was his birthday I told them it was and it seemed so wrong that we were not waking him up with cards and presents. Then the letterbox went and the children ran down to see what was there, it was a card from his brother. I found this really hard and was upset again.

After breakfast the children decorated the cake they had made for their father, they put alot of time and effort into it which I found sad because I knew he would leave it here because he was going on holiday tonight. When he arrived to pick up the children I was really upset because I couldn’t stop thinking that today was not meant to be this way. He took the children out for a couple of hours before I collected them, once I picked up the children I couldn’t talk to them all the way home my sun glasses were on and the tears were streaming down my face, I thought the other days were hard but god knows how I got through today.

When I walked through the front door with the children we were greeting with the birthday cake that the children had put so much time and effort into. It broke my heart it was sat on the side they made it for him, they did all of it by themselves, I didn’t know whether to throw it in the bin because I didn’t want them to see it had been left behind.

The childrens father has now left the country for 9 days, and just when I thought I could breath a sigh of relief because June is nearly over I am now dreading the whole time he is away. I know you probably won’t understand why I feel like this but at the end of the day he is still my husband, this is not what I wanted, I love him, I miss him and I feel like my life, my world has been turned upside down.

Britmums Live 2013

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Firstly I would like to say a big Thank You to Inspiration Works for sponsoring me to attend Britmums Live 2013, I had the most amazing time meeting up with fellow bloggers, brands and picking up some useful tips to help improve my blog. This was the first time I have attended Britmums Live and I am so pleased I went it was something I loved and can’t wait to do again next year.

Britmums live, London, The Brewery

I have followed the last two Britmums Live on twitter and through other Mummy Blogs so imagine how excited I was to actually attend this year. I thought I would be really nervous about going but I was actually fine and couldn’t wait to get there. I travelled to London on my own and then braved the tube on my own for the first time ever. It was simple to get about especially not having the children and buggys in tow like previous trips to London.

When I arrived at The Brewery in London I was blown away by the venue it was stunning and not at all what I had imagined, although to be honest I didn’t know what to expect. As soon as I arrived I met up with Rebecca (and her daughter) from Welshmumof3boys and we stuck together like glue. Rebecca was one of the first bloggers I spoke to when I started blogging two years ago, we started at the same time and got on really well, we have been firm friends since. We chat regularly on email, Twitter and Facebook but with hundreds of miles between us its been hard for us to meet up. Rebecca lives in Wales and I am in Peterborough, I am lucky I am so close to London it makes it easy for me to jump on a train, but its a lot harder for Rebecca to do hence why we have never met up at any previous blogging events.

Britmums Live was everything I expected and more, I enjoyed every minute of it. I picked up some useful tips on how to improve my blogging skills, it was also great to meet up with so many lovely bloggers that I have been talking to over the last few years. I felt relaxed and comfortable throughout the whole of Britmums, everyone was friendly and approachable and the brands were lovely to talk too.

I took the Kurio 7 and the prototype of the new Kurio 4S with me to show off to anyone who wanted to have a look and it appeared to be very popular. I was easy to spot in my Kurio T-shirt and I got lots of tweets from fellow bloggers who wanted to track me down and have a play with a Kurio. Both Kurio products got alot of use and seemed to go down well with the blogging community. I am so glad I took them with me it was a great way to showcase off some fantastic products.

The guest speakers were amazing especially Katie Piper, what an incredible lady she totally moved everyone in the room with the story of her life and received a huge round of applause at the end. I wanted to get her signed book but she was busy and when I went back she had gone, I am disappointed I missed her.

One of my favourite brands at Britmums Live was the Coca Cola stand. I love my personalised coke bottles so much that I do not want to drink them. Coca Cola are touring the country you are invited to go along and see them and they will be printing the bottles whilst you are there. Have a look at their website to see if they are coming to a town near you.

Coca cola, Britmums live

As I said earlier I really enjoyed Britmums Live, I was gutted that Mummy Constant could not make it this year but both of us have bought our tickets for Britmums Live next year so you will definitely see us there and we can’t wait. We hope you can make it, its a fantastic two days.


Hard times – Memories

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If I had to describe the last five months in one word I would say …… “Hell” I have taken each day as it comes as I have tried to rebuild my life with the children, trying my hardest to leave my husband behind. Its been the longest and hardest few months of my life ever, I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy.

The last few months have been made up of good and bad days, at the beginning there were more bad than good days but the good days are becoming more regular now thank goodness. The last few weeks I have had lots of good days and I was beginning to get comfortable with them, then BANG today I was hit with a bad day out of the blue.

Today started as a normal day, getting the children ready for school, hanging the washing out, then I started to clean up the house. I was tidying up my bedroom when I remembered a drawer under the bed that was full of photos in frames, these photos had been hanging on the wall at our old house and were still wrapped up from when we moved house 3 years ago. I knew there was a beautiful photo of Big Bird in there so I decided to open them up.

As I slowly unwrapped them all I was slapped in the face with happy memories from years ago and it was at that point I broke again. The picture of Big Bird I wanted was in there but before I found that I uncovered some of my favourite  wedding photos, happy family shots from when Big Bird was a baby and also my favourite pregnancy photos. These photos were taken in a studio by my brother in law of me and the childrens father looking happy together and me proudly showing of my bump which turned out to be Big Bird.

As I stood there looking at the photographs the memories came flooding back and so did the tears. I was really upset and amazed how quickly my day could change from good to bad in about 10 seconds. Since I’ve found the photos I have been on a downer, I have cried on and off for most of the day. It was really hard seeing them again and even harder looking at them thinking how happy we were.

I feel like I have to get these memories out of the house, I cant stand them upsetting me all the time and I cant stand dealing with days like I have had to today. I have loads of photos of us in the house, I think tomorrow I should just hunt them all out and get rid of them, I hate discovering one it just knocks me back so maybe best to have a whole day getting them out. I have thrown some of the photos away but the childrens father has told me he wants to keep them so I might have to box them up for him. I just hope I don’t get on another downer before he takes them or else I may end up burning them all!!!

I know these are memories that I probably should keep but they are also memories that I can’t cope with right now and to be honest I dont think I will ever cope with. They make me sad, they make me cry, I just can’t believe he would put me and the children through what he has the last few months he clearly isn’t the man I fell in love with and married and it breaks my heart.


Lego Birthday Cake

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I always like to do a post on the childrens birthday cake because they always appear to be very popular, it still surprises me just how many people look at them. Last weekend I did Little Birds birthday party and to be honest there was only ever going to be one theme he wanted on his cake. It had to be Lego……

Lego birthday cake, Chase McCain

Little Bird loves Lego City and wanted Chase McCain on his birthday cake this year. I use Debbie Jane Cakes from Peterborough and she never lets me down. I told her what Little Bird wanted with the special request of a white sponge with no jam. When Debbie arrived with his cake we couldn’t wait to see it. Me and Little Bird were over the moon with it, it was the talk of his party, and it tasted amazing too.

Lego birthday cake, Chase McCain

Our Journey home from Majorca

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Two weeks ago I did something I would never have dreamed about doing six months ago. I jumped on a plane with my parents and children and headed to Spain in search of the sun. I was fine on the way to the airport and when we got on the plane but once we were up in the air it suddenly hit me that I was going to have to do the journey home on my own with the children. Then I began to freak out.

I really wanted to enjoy our holiday so I decided to not think about the flight home until the last possible minute. When it came to packing our bags I got on with the job in hand but I really didn’t want to leave. We had an early start in the morning and when our wake up call arrived at 5.15am I was not looking forward to the journey home.

My dad travelled back to the airport with me and the children, with his passport in hand just in case he needed to fly home with me. I had decided I would not let him fly back with me early on but it was nice knowing he would if I needed him too.

We left my Mum at the hotel and got on the bus back to the airport, the journey took around an hour and thirty five minutes to get to the airport because of all the pick ups along the way, the children were tired and the stops felt like they would never end. When we arrived at the airport I discovered straight away that our flight had been delayed. I was gutted this was my first flight home with just me and the children and there was a delay, I wasn’t happy.

When we got to check in, we were told there was an hour delay but it was looking like it could be more like two hours. I hate hanging around at the best of times and this delay was not doing well with my nerves. My dad told me that I still needed to go through security and head towards my plane even though we were delayed. I would rather have stayed with him for a bit longer but we had to go. As we said goodbye Big Bird began to cry and said she wanted Grandad to fly with us, that upset me but I had to be strong so I took the cases and the children and said goodbye to my Dad.

I put our bags through security and headed into the unknown, I had no idea what was going to be on the other side. On our tickets it said gate A, so we headed in that direction, then I realised that we needed a number. I asked someone who pointed me in the direction of the board with all the plane times and gate numbers on it. We waited what seemed like forever for a number to appear next to our flight number and then headed off.

I was really nervous that the children would play me up whilst I was on my own but they were brilliant, Big Bird especially was really good, she listened to everything I said and really helped me with her brother I was so proud of her.
When we got to our gate we had another wait, I got talking to a lovely older couple and it helped pass the time. The children were hot and bothered but sat lovely on their cases and played on their electronic gadgets. After around 40 minutes a bus arrived to take us to our plane. When we got to the plane we climbed up the steps and I was greeted by the easyJet staff who were waiting for me. I will tell you more about that in another post.

The staff knew I was worried about flying home so were expecting me, whilst the bus went off to get the second load of passengers the pilots called me and the children into the cockpit. I have always wanted to see inside the cockpit and now was my chance. Little Bird loves touching buttons and I was concerned he wouldn’t be able to resist but he was so well behaved, we spend around 15-20 minutes with the pilots they told me why they were delayed and explained to me how the flight was going to go.

The airspace around France was closed so we had to fly around Cornwall to get to Luton, when he showed me on the map how far it was I commented that it looked a long way round, thats when I was told that our flight was going to be three and a half hours instead of two hours, I was gutted. If I had heard that over the speaker I think I would have freaked out but because the pilots took their time to explain everything to me I wasn’t as bothered as I thought I would be. To be honest there was nothing I could do, if I wanted to get home then I had to do it.

As the second lot of passengers arrived we took our seats and prepared for take off. This was going to be my third ever take off and do you know what, I loved it. How weird is that. I seemed to enjoy how fast it was going and couldn’t wait for it to lift off, as we went up I looked out of the window and took photos. It was lovely to see Spain from up high because it was dark when we arrived so we missed it first time. Throughout the whole flight I was completely relaxed and enjoyed it. In the end it turned out to be three hours and fifteen minutes and it flew by, excuse the pun!! because I was relaxed this flight seemed shorter than the flight going out which felt strange.

Once we were up in the air me and the children played some games, had something to eat and basically enjoyed the flight home. We hit some turbulence around Cornwall where the pilot told us we would and I was fine with that, we arrived slightly earlier than expected and I had to laugh when we came into land because the plane bumped and bounced as we hit the run way. The air stewardesses looked mortified and both looked at me and said “are you ok?” I laughed and said “yes I am fine, I don’t care how we come down as long as we come down safely.” The girls looked at each other and commented that they knew which pilot had landed it. Then the pilot came onto the speaker and apologised for the bad landing. I actually thought it was funny but there were a few gasps from the other passengers and Big Bird screamed out and said really loud “that was brilliant, can they do that again?”

When the plane landed I was so proud of myself, I knew I only had to get my bags and my brother was waiting for us outside. When the plane stopped the pilot called the children in and had a chat with them for 5 minutes whilst I got my bags ready. As I walked across the tarmac I looked back at the plane and couldn’t believe I had actually done it. I rung my Mum straight away to say I had landed and I think the phone only did half a ring before she picked it up saying “are you there? how was it? are you ok? etc” I told her it was great and I enjoyed it and she shouted at me saying she had spent most of the day worrying about us. I am just pleased I didn’t let my dad fly home with us, I would have felt awful enjoying a flight knowing he was going to have to wait around hours to go back later.

Our suitcase was one of the last ones out and I was beginning to worry that it wasn’t there, I managed to lift it off the conveyer belt and we headed out to find my brother. I think I had a big smile on my face when I walked through the door because I had done it. Not only had I given the children the best holiday they could ever ask for, I also flew home on my own with the children. Like I said earlier I would never have dreamed of doing a flight with my husband and children six months ago but to do it on my own with the children was amazing and something I will never forget. I am so proud of myself.

I'm going to BritMums Live!

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I started blogging in June 2011 and I have been desperate to attend a BritMums Live. I bought a ticket last year but sold it last minute because I didn’t have anyone to look after the children for me. This year I struggled with the same problem as my parents are away on holiday again but my brothers have come to my rescue and offered to look after the children for me.

I am really looking forward to Britmums Live, I cant wait to pick up some new tips for my blog and also meet the lovely people behind the blogs I read regularly at home. One person in particular I can’t wait to meet, we started blogging at the same time and have become really good friends and talk regularly on email, Facebook etc. It will be the first time we have got together and I can’ wait to meet her and her princess and give them a big squeeze. I thought I would join in this fab linky over on Britmums to introduce myself ahead of the conference, so here we go…..

Name: Donna
Twitter ID: @mummybird_
Hair: Blonde shoulder length hair
Eyes: Blue, I wear glasses though so might be hard to see them unless you are REALLY close to me.
Is this your first blogging conference?  No I have been to a few other blogging conferences but this is my first BritMums Live though and I am really excited.
Are you attending both days?  Yes
What are you most looking forward to at Britmums Live 2013?
I’m really looking forward to meeting up with lots of bloggers and putting faces to names, its a great opportunity to meet up with friends and pick up some new tips to improve your blogging skills.
What are you wearing?
I am wearing a white polo shirt with my sponsors name on it (Inspiration Works/Kurio) and black trousers.
What do you hope to gain from Britmums Live 2013? 
I’m hoping to pick up some useful tips from the workshops, I would love to be able to change the design of my blog on my own, I would also love some tips on how to edit and insert videos on my blog.
Tell us one thing about you that not everyone knows.
I have been looking at getting a puppy, after the childrens father left its the one thing the children keep asking for. I have visited one pup already but shhhhh the childrens father will NOT be happy!!!
I look forward to meeting you all on Friday and Saturday, make sure you come and say ‘Hi.’

Little Birds 5th Birthday

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Little Bird celebrated his 5th birthday in style this year, he woke up on the morning of his Birthday in Majorca at 8.45am and was greeted with a kiss on each cheek from me and Big Bird (his girls). Big Bird and myself were laying awaking ages waiting for our little man to stir and as soon as he opened his eyes we started singing Happy Birthday to him.

I took all his cards and a few presents on holiday with us and he enjoyed opening them with us and Nanny and Grandad. Little Bird really wanted to hire a large bike and ride along the seafront so that’s what we did first, we hired a 5 seater it took two people to pedal and the children got to ride on the front and enjoy the views.

The children loved riding up and down the sea front although it was hard work on the two people pedaling , when it was mine and my mums turn we chucked my dad off and made him walk. That lightened the load and enabled us to go faster. We stopped half way around to get the children an ice cream, Little Bird loved it and ended up covered in chocolate by the time we finished.

We then went for some lunch and Little Bird wanted to spend some time by the pool. We decided to go to the pool over the road that was in the same chain as our hotel. The children went off and played bowls with Nanny and Grandad and some other people from the hotel and Grandad was pleased to come back champion bowler, he was given a certificate to confirm it too.

Little Bird received a water pistol for his Birthday and loved playing with it by the pool. He loved squirting Grandad as he swam by and surprised me a few times whilst I was sun bathing. I was so hot that the cold water was a welcomed treat.

When we finished at the pool we got showered and went down for dinner where we surprised Little Bird with a chocolate cake with candles. This was a great surprise because the whole time we were in Majorca all he would eat was bread rolls but the chocolate cake seemed to go down a treat with him.

After dinner Little Bird wanted to visit a little area where there were lots of childrens rides. He had been talking about it all week and we told him he could do it on his birthday, all rides were 1 Euro each which we thought was great value for money, the rides seemed to last forever and the children loved it.

Both children loved the motor bikes and cars they were able to whizz around on, they were so fast and their turning lock was amazing. At one point I jumped on one of the motor bikes and raced the children around, they were great fun I loved them just as much as the children did. Big Bird has always wanted to try the high rise trampolines so she had a go and loved it, she was desperate to flip all the way over but it was harder than it looked.

Little Bird had a lovely 5th Birthday, it was the perfect place to spend his first birthday without his father being around. I have a big job on my hands next year trying to top this birthday, but being me I will have a blooming good go. Love you my boy glad you had a lovely 5th Birthday. xxx

Dreading tomorrow

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Tomorrow would have been my 9th Wedding Anniversary, to say I am dreading the day is an understatement. I still can’t believe we are actually here. June used to be my favourite month of the year because it contains Little Birds Birthday, Fathers Day, my Wedding Anniversary and then the childrens fathers birthday. I always tried to make June as special as I could for my family, but when the 1st June arrived a few weeks ago all I was hit with was dread.

Luckily I managed to escape for a week at the beginning of June for Little Birds Birthday and then yesterday it was Fathers Day. The childrens father visited for an hour and a half and it was ok but then I started thinking about tomorrow and I was really upset all over again. I rung a few friends who tried to talk to me about how I was feeling but I just can’t help but feel upset.

I know the childrens father will be fine about tomorrow, in fact he probably won’t even think about the day but I have and am right now and I’m really upset. I have warned the mums at school not to talk to me tomorrow, I don’t want to see anyone at school, I don’t know how I will get through the day but one thing I know is I will be glad when its over.

The children have not seen me cry for a while now but tonight they did witness it, and I feel sad and mad with myself that they saw it. I know they will see it again tomorrow because believe it or not I do have a heart and feelings even though the childrens father thinks I don’t.

I know tomorrow shouldn’t mean anything to me but it does, when I took my wedding vows they were for life not until the other party got bored and went off tracks with no guts to sort out what was going on between us. Running away and then breaking up our family and marriage was not what I wanted and I fought to keep us all together. When I walked down the aisle 9 years ago that was to the man that I loved and wanted to spend the rest of my life with. It breaks my heart that I am where I am today.

Our first holiday abroad

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The children and myself have just returned from our first holiday abroad, we jetted off to Majorca just over a week ago with my parents in the aim to find the sun. When we arrived it was midnight so it was dark when we got to the hotel. In the morning when the kids pulled back the curtain they were greeted with what we were looking for….. Sunshine, not only sunshine they were also greeted with the sea, pool and palm trees. The children’s little faces were a picture when they saw the view it was like nothing they had seen before, I will never forget how their faces lit up when they discovered our view for the week.

We were staying in Cala Millor and we couldn’t wait to get out and explore. I was really excited to wake up to some nice weather (something that is so unpredictable in the UK) and I knew what I was wearing for my first day in the sun ….. A Bikini. Big Bird watched me put it on and said “can I wear my bikini too?”. I replied with “yes, go for it” and I must say that’s pretty much all we lived in all week.

I loved spending the whole week in a bikini, obviously that’s something I can’t do in the UK so it was nice to wake up every morning knowing we were going to have a lovely sunny day. My parents paid for us to join them on this fantastic holiday so Thank You Mum and Dad for that we really appreciate it. We booked this holiday 5 days before we were due to leave so I didn’t really get chance to think about what we would do whilst we were there. I was happy to see a few sights but my main plan was to try and relax on the beach and by the pool for the week and try and unwind after a stressful few months.

My parents were fab and really looked after us whilst we were away, because they are there for three weeks they pretty much did what we wanted which was nice. Luckily we all wanted to lay around and catch the sun so thats was what we did. The pool was freezing cold but the children didn’t seem to mind, especially Big Bird who is like a little fish and spent most of the week swimming. My Dad does not like swimming but being a real trooper he got in the pool at least twice a day with the children because it was two cold for me. It made me laugh when my Mum told him that he better get in the pool with her after we had left. I think hes always had a soft spot for Big Bird and he will do anything for her, she has Grandad wrapped round her little finger and she knows it.

Even though the pool was cold it always looked so inviting. I did get in it twice whilst we were away but I spend most of the time paddling in the little pool with Little Bird. For the first few days of our holiday we were surrounded by older German people, they seemed moody and miserable and didn’t like the children which was a shame. I am sorry but if you book into a family hotel expect to find some children. One day a German man at the pool growled and shouted at Little Bird when he walked past him, luckily he said whatever it was in German but Little Bird knew by his tone that he wasn’t happy. I told him to stay away from him but why should he, if you choose to lay on a sun bed next to the baby pool again expect children.

Toward the end of our holiday a group of young lads and girl arrived and when we got talking to them we discovered they lived 10 minutes away from us, after being with Germans all week it was a welcomed treat having some English people who were a good laugh to talk to. They were brilliant with the children, they played with them in the pool and let us enjoy the sun which was nice. The children loved them and when they discovered they were staying in a room a few doors away from us the children wanted to keep knocking on their door to see if they wanted to play, which made me laugh because I kept telling them it wasn’t that kind of holiday for them.

We spent a lot of time by the pool relaxing, we had lunch and ice creams there the children loved it as much as we did. My two were the only children in the hotel from the start of our week and then just after the lads and the girl arrived a little girl around Big Birds age arrived and unbelievably they were from the same area as us. The girls got on brilliantly, they enjoyed playing in the pool together and only came back to us when they wanted a drink or something to eat. I got on really well with the little girls Mum and we are going to try and meet up as we live so close to each other.

Whilst the girls enjoyed the water, the Germans appeared to not like them having fun in the pool. One old lady in particular was really horrible to them, she kept shouting and wagging her finger at them when they were playing in the pool, even though the children were nowhere near her. This went on for a few days and then one day this lady who we nicknamed ‘the witch’ decided to get in the very COLD pool, very slowly, unfortunately for her it was at the time that the lads and their girlfriend were returning from the beach. They knew the witch had been horrible to the children and when they spotted her getting in the pool slowly they all dropped their bags and jumped in the pool together, right next to her. You should have seen her face she was so angry. Like I said earlier if your going to a family hotel expect children and adults to have fun!!!!

We had one morning when we caught a bus and headed to the next town because we were going to look around the Caves of Drach. Its somewhere my parents said we should go so we made our way there, it cost quite a lot to get in but Mum treated us and Dad sat in the bar and waited for us to come back. It was amazing in the caves, its unbelieveable that its all natural and looks so beautiful in there, Little Bird was really scared in the caves and wanted to get out as quickly as possible. With a lot of encouragement from me and my Mum we managed to do the whole 1 hour tour of the caves, Little Bird was relieved when we got to the end and he saw Grandad sat waiting for us.

Whilst we were away I wanted to give the children the best holiday they had ever had, after everything they have been through the last few months they deserved a lovely break. After a couple of days I knew I had achieved my goal. This holiday was like no other holiday we have been on in the past, normally in the UK you can not rely on the weather therefore we normally spend lots of money on days out to keep the children amused. But because we had the right weather I didn’t spend much money at all because most of the time we were on the beach and by the pool. The children kept telling me it was the best holiday they had ever had and that made my day, my week, my month, my year!

This was without a doubt the best holiday we have ever had and we didn’t want to come home. I never thought for one minute that I would enjoy a holiday so much (a) without the childrens father (b) in another country and (c) me, my parents and just the children. It was brilliant and its made me want to do more holidays abroad. I look forward to the day when I meet someone else who can enjoy more of these kind of holidays with me and the children because whoever they are they are in for a treat.

I will leave this post with one of my favourite photographs that I took the morning we were leaving. Its the sun rising on the beach at Cala Millor. I actually took this photo out of the coach window as we were turning round, if I’d know that beautiful sun rise was just outside I would have made the effort to wake up early and take some more photos on the beach whilst I was there. As my parents are still there I have told them that they have to get up early one day and do it, its a photograhers paradise waiting to be captured.

Happy Fathers Day

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Today is Fathers Day, over the last 4 months we have spent a lot of time with both of my parents and the children have got very close them. My Dad has been a great Dad to me all of my life but since the childrens Father left he has now taken on the role of Grandad and Dad to my children too. He is always there no matter what if something happens at the house he is only a phone call away and on my doorstep within minutes. My Dad is an absolute star and we appreciate everything he has done and continues to do for us.

My Dad is currently in Majorca on holiday with my Mum. We were with them for the first week of their three week holiday, it was the first time we had been abroad and we absolutely loved it. My Dad was amazing with me when I was scared of flying home and brilliant with the children the whole time we were there. My Dad is a man who is not keen on swimming but whilst we were away he got in the pool at least twice a day with Big Bird because she wanted him to, he spoilt the children when we were out shopping, he enjoyed playing in the sea with the children, he smuggled them sweets and kept smiles on all of our faces for the whole week we were away.

Fathers Dad is about letting your Dad know how much you love and appreciate them, I know my Dad knows how we feel about him but I wanted to write this post just as a reminder.

Happy Fathers Day Dad

Hope you have had a fab day in the sun

Love you lots

The Three Birds