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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ninja Control Shell Raiser

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Little bird is a big fan of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, I remember these when I was little because my little brother was crazy about them. I love the fact they are back and the toys are bigger and better than they used to be. This week Little Bird was sent the Ninja Control Shell Raiser to review and I have to say from the moment it arrived he couldn’t wait to get it out of the box because he was so excited.


Argos – Changing your childrens bedroom

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When the childrens father left the first thing I wanted to do was start changing things around the house, out came the paint and in came the new accessories to make our new family home feel slightly different. Firstly I created the perfect bedroom for Big Bird, she has always wanted her bedroom bright pink and girly so I made it happen. I then moved onto the office and kitchen/dining room, whilst I was transforming our house Little Bird kept asking me when I would do something with his room. My little man is obsessed with Lego and I wanted to do something Lego themed but didn’t know where to start. That’s when I had an email from Argos asking me if I would like to review some childrens bedroom furniture.

Argos Lego

One of our worst days – but we got through it.

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Yesterday was one of the worse days I have had for a very long time. I spent most of the day in tears because the childrens father left the country for three and a half weeks. The children have been really upset and they have been pushing all the buttons to test my strength. I am not proud of the fact, but yes they managed to press the right ones you know the ones, the ones that break you. I am sad because the children will miss him, after seeing so much of him recently they now have to wait nearly 4 weeks for their next visit.

… Thursday Thoughts

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My Thursday Thoughts post is dedicated to a very special man …… George Leslie Bentley

Thursday Thoughts was created by Mummy Constant in loving memory of her Grandad. I have been thinking a lot recently about life and the path my life is going down. This week everything seems to have slotted into place in my mind and I have done my absolute best to get on with the childrens father. This week I realised there are a lot of people in the world worse off than me. I am lucky to have my children, my health, a roof over my head and food in the fridge. What more do I need???

I miss Daddy ….

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Today the children returned to me after spending the night with their Father, he is going away for three and a half weeks with work from tomorrow and I do not know what I will do with the children. Since they have returned both of the childrens behaviour has been really bad. Little Bird started off by trashing the lounge and then went around the house unplugging all the appliances. Big Bird has been crying on and off all day and they have both be arguing and fighting pretty much all day. Every time I ask them whats wrong they both reply with “I miss Daddy.”

Changing my relationship with the childrens father

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Its been nearly six months since my husband walked out of the door leaving us behind, that day will be engraved in my head forever. We have been through some really tough times recently, we have said things that have hurt and upset each other and just struggled to get along. I know we have both tried really hard for the sake of the kids but the communication between us has not been good. I have said some horrible things to the childrens father because of the hurt and pain he has put me through and even though I have done my best to try and get on with him its not always been easy.

Back to School lunch boxes with Room Copenhagen

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The children return to school two weeks today, they have enjoyed the Summer holidays but now its time to start thinking about preparing for school to start again. At the end of the school term I threw away the childrens lunch boxes because they were material ones and couldn’t really be washed properly so I decided this year they would have to have plastic washable lunch boxes because I know they will last longer because they can be washed up properly.

Zaggora HotPants

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When Little Bird started school last year I needed to find something to fill my time whilst he was at school. This was my time to do something for myself for once so I decided to get motivated and join the gym. It started off really well, I was going regularly and I was beginning to love it. At the beginning of this year my personal life circumstances changed and the gym went on the back burner temporarily and I needed something to get me back down there, focused and working hard again.