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The Zelfs – Venus Fly Trap Spin Salon

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We were recently introduced to the wonderful world of Zelfs and as they are getting popular, sweeping across the nation my children are enjoying more and more Zelf toys that are slowly hitting the shops. My little Birds recently received the Venus Fly Trap Spin Salon to review and they couldn’t wait to get it out the box and start playing with it.


School reunion

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Last night I attended my first school reunion, its been around 20 years since I left school and I had been looking forward to this evening for weeks. I do see alot of people from my school days regularly around my village but there were some people that were traveling along way to be with us and I couldn’t wait to see them.

DSCN7449I am lucky that I am still in touch with the girls that were my best friends at school (in above photo), we have grown up and been through so much together and still stand strong as school buddies. We have been together through weddings, parties and now we get to enjoy time together with all of our children as they grow up together too. I love that we are still in contact and even though sometimes we can go weeks without seeing each other we are only a phone call away if we ever need each other. 

My Blue Nose Friends Join in and Play Tatty Puppy

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As you all probably know by now Big Bird is mad about anything Tatty Teddy, she received her first Tatty Teddy when she was a baby and then we came across it a few years ago at Dream Toys in London where she was given her first large Tatty Teddy and her collection has grown from there. In July I took Big Bird to London for a Christmas event in a large house and she was overwelmed when she discovered one of the bedrooms had been converted into everything Tatty Tatty. This room was filled to the top with Tatty Teddy toys and she was in her element as she looked through them all. My girl doesn’t miss a trick and she instantly spotted something that was soon to be her best friend ….. Tatty Puppy.


VAX Hard Floor Advance Steam Cleaner S3S

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I have never denied my love for cleaning, its something I love doing and its some thing I do everyday. For years I got on my hands and knees and scrubbed my kitchen floor, then I invested in a floor mop but found that just has much work because of the bending over and pushing hard on the mop trying to bring the floor up sparkly and clean. Then I heard about fantastic new way to clean the floor that involved a steam cleaner.

photovaxI reviewed my first Vax Steam cleaner last year and fell in love with it instantly, I used it every week on my floors and loved how it glided round so easily. It was all going well until a few weeks ago when I tripped over the cable and smashed it, I was gutted!!!!

Little Bird loses his first tooth

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A few weeks ago Little Bird came running into my bedroom saying “Mummy I have a wobbly tooth.” When I took a closer look into his mouth sure enough he had his first wobbly tooth. I remember Big Birds first one, it took months to come out so was expecting the same from Little Bird. I was impressed with how he was dealing with the wobbliness of it all, he is a funny child and some things can really unsettle him but he took it all in his stride and to be honest he didn’t really make a fuss or talk about it.


A new word in my life …. Happy

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There is one word that I have started using a lot recently and that is ….. Happy. I never thought I would say this word or even feel this word again after the six months I have but I was wrong. Happy is a word I use daily to tell family and friends how I am feeling. I have so much in my life to be happy about and I feel really lucky and proud of myself for getting through the last few months and ending up with a smile on my face.

Six months ago my life hit rock bottom and I have crawled my way through to where I am now. I am back on my feet, standing tall, smiling and happy once again. I never thought I would get here but I have. The children are happy, I am happy and the people who are in direct contact with me and my family are all happy and makes me smile.

Cut the Rope – Candy Monster Om Nom

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My children love playing Cut the Rope on the iPad and Kurio, I am amazed just how good they are especially Little Bird who is just 5 years old because he flies through the levels. When he does get stuck I struggle to help him and he gets frustrated with me because I am not very good at it. Its a great game that takes a lot of thinking about how you will get the candy into his mouth without it dropping to the floor.