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Pain, Laughter and Affection

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Pain …. Three weeks ago Mr M hurt his knee and has been in alot of pain with it, he’s had to use his crutches to help him get around because walking has been a real struggle for him and whenever he gets time (which isn’t often for a man that can’t sit still) he sits down and ices his knee. It’s been hard watching him in so much pain, so when I have been around him I have tried my hardest to do everything I can for him whilst he rests. I just wish I could help him more and take the pain away for him.


The children go to the Opticians

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Today the children went to the opticians to have their eyes tested. Big Bird went in first and although she is desperate for glasses she does not need them and was told she has perfect vision. Little Bird was next up and on his last appointment we discovered he needed glasses. He has been wearing them on and off for six months now and I was convinced there would be signs of improvement this time. So I was surprised when they told me that he needed a stronger prescription and we needed to pick him some new glasses.


PS3 game fail – Can anyone help me?

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Can anyone help me please I am desperate?  Little Bird got the Lego Indiana Jones 2 PS3 game for Easter and he has put alot of time and effort into it. Hes worked hard to earn Lego money and hes purchased vehicles along the way, hes worked out major paths and routes that has enabled him to complete 21% of this game.


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When I was growing up my parents used to run two of our local bingo groups. As a little girl I used to help my parents out by running up and down the hall getting the winning books, reading the winning numbers to my Dad (who was the bingo caller) to check and then returning the books with their winnings to the rightful owner. At half time I would mingle with the people, deliver drinks and help sell raffle tickets.

Bingo is a game that has never left me, I now enjoy playing it with Big Bird at our local village hall its been really good for her because it has helped her with her numbers. You never lose that buzz like when you are waiting for that last number to be called, I still get it to this day and love that feeling.