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Mummy Bird V Wolfie

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On Thursday night me and Mr M attended the Deeping Beerfest VIP night, we have both helped set up Beerfest all week so it was nice to see all the hard work come together. Every year the World Champion Darts Player Martin ‘Wolfie’ Adams has a stand where you can challenge him to a game of darts. I have always wanted to play him but it was always to busy and I never got the opportunity to do it. On Thursday night at the end of the evening I took my chance as the crowds left and took on the mighty Wolfie!!


The Wonderful World of …. Rubik

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Do you remember playing with your first Rubik Cube?? I know I do, it was when I was a child and I received one for my birthday. I was obsessed with trying to crack the Rubiks code to get all the right colours on each side of the cube. I spent hours trying to crack it then hey presto I had worked it out. Unfortunately the way I discovered was not the way you were meant to do it. One night I realised that if I was careful I could peel the stickers off and put them all in the right places, ok yes I cheated but I was a kid. So imagine how excited me and the children were when we received a selection of Rubiks toys to review in the post.