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Teach your children to do housework

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Teaching your children to help with the housework rather than simply creating the mess is beneficial to both you and your child. It teaches children lifelong domestic skills and respect for their surroundings – both of which is really important.

It was found by More Than that on average, children cost parents £2,000 per year until the age of ten due to their love of damaging the house. The research found that four in ten parents had found writing and scribbles on their walls and 15% had a window smashed at some point by their children. All damages caused by children are extremely expensive – by teaching your children to do housework and chores, you will also be teaching them to love and respect their home.

Lego Hero Factory 44029 Queen Beast Vs Furno, Evo & Stormer

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This week Little Bird has been getting to grips with the Lego Hero Factory range, as we were sent the Lego Hero Factory 44029 Queen Beast Vs Furno, Evo & Stormer set to review as part of the Lego Blogger team. Little Bird can build any Lego set in no time at all, he is super quick and really loses himself when he has a Lego set to build. Nothing gets in his way or between him and the Lego when he is concentration on what he is doing.


Weekend of pain

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Well its Sunday night and it looks like we got through the weekend of pain. Mr M had his Gall Bladder removed in hospital on Friday morning, we knew we were in for a rough ride I just did not realise he would be as poorly as he has been. He was in surgery for around an hour and a half and I was on the phone every couple of hours to check he was ok. At 12pm the hospital told me the operation went well and he was in recovery and to call back an hour later.

Half an hour later I had a text pop up on my phone from Mr M saying he was out of surgery, in a lot of pain and not with it. It was lovely to hear from him but it was another few hours before I was allowed to collect him. Mr M took a while to come round from the anaesthetic, the hospital told me that he was not meeting the criteria to leave but as soon as he was they would allow me to take him home.

Later that afternoon I was told I could pick him up and I couldn’t wait to get there. I got to the hospital were I was greeted by a male nurse escorting Mr M out to me. My first thoughts was ‘god he looked poorly.’ I could see he was in a lot of pain so I took his bags and we slowly walked back to the car.