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Staying Social, Even With Kids

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As any parent will likely attest to, having children is one of life’s most amazing journeys, the raising of little ones being a captivating and utterly rewarding experience. Unfortunately though, trying to maintain any form of social life that one may have led prior to having kids is quite a difficult thing to do. Indeed, young children do require a lot of attention, but there are a few ways you can address any imbalances between your social and family-oriented lives.


Am I wrong?

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I have been thinking about writing this post for quite sometime now, I know its going to be a touchy subject for some of my readers but I think most of my readers will agree with me and my opinions on this matter. I decided to write this post after going out last night and witnessing something that I can only describe as disgusting!

For the last few months I have been witnessing a set of parents dragging their 5 year old child down our local pub and keeping their child there until really late, until they have finished drinking. They are a well know couple in our area and I can not express how sad I feel for their child. Last night I was shocked and appalled by this childs parents behaviour that I felt I needed to have my say!!

Designing and Making a Lego Wall

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At the end of last year Mr M and myself decided that we wanted to make something special and unusal for Little Birds bedroom. There was only one theme we wanted and that was … Lego because my boy is mad about Lego. We searched the internet for ideas of something different involving Lego and then the project we embarked on was born!!


We came across a photo of Dulpo bricks on a wall in a childs bedroom, where you could build small items on the wall and we thought it was a brilliant idea. We then decided that we were going to build Little Bird his very own Lego wall. The only downside to this project was the size of Little Birds bedroom, it is really big and to cover a whole wall would of cost us a small fortune. So we decided to design a Lego board that goes onto his bedroom wall but can be removed easily and put onto the floor so he can build Lego on it flat on the floor. Ideas went around our heads for weeks as we worked out the best way to make this, we then got all the materials we needed and project Lego Wall was ready to go.