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Trampoline, Hospital and Splint

Written by mummybird. Posted in The Birds

This blog post is about the following three words …. Tramopline, Hospital and Splint, funnily enough in that exact order!!

On Wednesday morning I had a phone call from the school at 10am asking me if I could pick up Big Bird and take her to the hospital for a scan on her arm. Being the Primary carer of the children and not expecting her father to return home from work, I finished work early and picked her up from school.

I spoke to a teacher when I arrived at the school and asked her what Big Bird had done, she told me that Big Bird had been on the trampoline at home before school and landed funny on her wrist. I questioned Big Bird when she got in the car and asked her why she had not told me before school that she had hurt herself. Shes not an attention seeking child and told me she didn’t think to tell me and thought it would get better, hence why she kept it to herself!