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Those moments when you realise you have picked the right person to be around your children

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When I became a single parent I used to worry about finding the right person to be around my children. I never really thought I would ever meet someone else so never really pictured how it would pan out in the future. I feel really lucky having Mr M in my life and around my children, hes a great influence on me and the children. He never fails to make myself or my children laugh or smile and when I sit back and watch him with them I know I picked the right person to be around me and my children.

Gtech Multi Mk.2

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Living in a five bedroom house comes at a cost and I am not talking about money. I am talking about time that I spend cleaning it, because its a big house it means I spend many hours each week cleaning all of our three floors. As soon as I have cleaned the house from top to bottom the children normally follow me around trashing it behind me. When we have all of the children home at a weekend I can spend most of my time when I am not entertaining them picking up and cleaning after them. So image my excitement when I got the opportunity to review the new Gtech Multi, I have been putting it through it paces the last few weeks and here is how I got on.