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Pick your own Strawberries

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Today we took the children to our local pick your own strawberries field. We have talked about doing this every year but we have never got round to doing it, well that’s until today. The children were so excited when we told them what we was going to do. I hyped it up to a amazing treasure hunt, but instead of treasure we would be looking for strawberries. Little Birds comments were “or we could look for chocolate coins like on Peppa Pig” Bless him, he loves Peppa Pig.

We all jumped into the car and headed towards Spalding in Lincolnshire. The children kept asking us every couple of minutes “are we there yet?” They really were looking forward to it. We arrived and collected our baskets and went out in the field. The kiddies ran off and decided to see who could find the biggest strawberry. Lots of strawberries were consumed on the way round by all of us. We had a lovely time, we will definitely go again ……… probably next weekend.

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We will be eating strawberries for the next few days, my favourite being Eton Mess, I stocked up on double cream today so I’m happy. The kids have plenty of ice cream in the freezer so they are happy, and hubby likes them in a fruit salad. The Bird family is Happy.




Mummy Mission part 2

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I had an Email today from Councillor Peter Hiller informing me  that Penalty dog signs are going to be put up on Monday next week. I was really pleased with this. I asked about the dog bins and he said that they will take longer to sort out, but he did assure me that they would go up, he was waiting for a plan of where they need placing. To be honest I don’t know why he needs a plan, I could tell him where they need to go. So it looks like I will have to keep chasing him.

On Monday this week my hubby came with me to the nursery for the first time and he couldn’t believe the mess. After Councillor Peter Hiller contacted me saying we can do all this work but we can’t make people pick up there dog mess, me and hubby put our heads together and came up with what we thought was a brilliant idea.

We thought that we could get the children in the school to design posters (with the message of pick up after your dogs), and then we would pay for the best ones to be made into waterproof boards. Well the next day Mrs Moss the Headmistress of the primary school got Year 1 and 2 to design posters for me. I was chuffed to bits with what they came up with. The idea behind my madness was that hopefully people would see the children’s pictures and handwriting and maybe think “actually children do walk down here and kind of guilt trip them into picking it up.

Well when it came to judging the pictures we picked out 13 of the best posters and we are giving each child a prize. (I know 13 sounds a lot but we do have a long alleyway to put them up in.) Each child gets to pick a book out of the school book club and me and my hubby will pay the bill at the end of the picking session. The photo above was my favourite poster, I can’t wait to see if these have an effect on the dog walkers. Fingers crossed.

One of the Pupils from Year 2 made this one

Year 1 this is Big Birds poster.


I like Big Birds poster she was the only one who wrote something about the children. I was really proud of her as this was the message I was trying to get over, and I didn’t even prep her. Bless her x









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Happy Faces at Glinton

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I thought I would do a post about Happy Faces at Glinton, its where the Crown Pub used to be and its absolutely lovely. I discovered it about 4 weeks ago and I take Little Bird there on a Wednesday morning he loves it, when its time to leave it always ends in moans or even tears as he wants to stay. Claire who runs it is fantastic with the children, she’s so bubbly and full of energy and excitement, and the children seem to bounce off of her enthusiasm.

When I first arrived to look round, I just called in when I was passing, I was only expecting to pick up a leaflet and then to ring and book a place. But Claire showed me around and said I could have a free session now to see if both Little Bird and myself enjoyed it. On this particular day Little Bird was really well behaved and after I told Claire that he doesn’t like singing, he proved me wrong by not only singing, he got up and was dancing in the middle of the circle of mummies and children, I was amazed. When time come to leave, he cried and I had a struggle to get his shoes on and get him out of the door.

The structure of the group is really good, the children play for the first 45mins to 55mins, then Claire clears the back room and the children all sit and sing and dance to some songs (not to many, but just enough to keep them engaged with the music), then the children have a snack and a drink, then Claire finishes off with bubbles. We are four weeks in now and Little Bird is adapting to the structure and seems to know what we are doing next.


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Last week was Half Term and I booked Big Bird into Happy Faces with us and she loved it. I have added some photos below of last week and the children playing there. Claire opened the outside area last week its really lovely. She had lots of water and sand toys out. Also she has her pet guinea pigs there for the children to feed and pet (with her supervision). Big Bird really enjoyed stroking them as we have no pets at home, but that’s another story…….

Me and the children can recommend Happy Faces to anyone with children up to the age of about 7-8yrs old. We told my sister-in-law about it and she now brings her two children to the same class as us. So now Little Bird has his two favourite cousins there to play with, and he loves going with them. See you next week Sis xxxxxx


Happy 3rd birthday Little Bird

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Little Bird

Today was Little Birds third Birthday, the day started with him opening his presents and cards. He had some lovely presents and was spoilt by our wonderful family and friends. We bought him a Didicar, which he absolutely loves. We just hope the weather picks up so he can get outside to ride it. We had to drop Big Bird off at school then the fun started. We took Little Bird to Sundownadventure near Lincoln. We had a lovely day and as much as we missed Big Bird it was lovely to have Little Bird all to ourselves. Its the first time in 3 years that we have had him on his own and he really enjoyed the attention he got from both hubby and myself. We really should try to do this more often.


We looked round all the lovely little houses and went on all the rides, Little Bird was exhausted by the end of the day and fell asleep in the car on the way home. In our house when its someones birthday they get to pick what we have for tea. Well Little Bird picked……wait for it Pizza. He loves pizza and pasta together, so that’s what my little dude got. We then sung happy birthday to him, then it was pretty much time to go to bed. My boy enjoyed some of his new story books at bedtime and he went to sleep happy. Little Bird had a lovely day, thank you to everyone that sent him messages, cards and presents.


Little Birds Birthday day out

Sundown Adventure for Little Birds Birthday

3 years ago today I was in labour

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6th June 2008 the day my labour started

Can’t believe how time flies, but 3 years ago today I was in labour with Little Bird, out of my two babies he was the hardest birth and at the end of my pregnancy he gave me loads to worry about. I ended up giving birth to him on the 7th June 2008 at 4.15pm.

My perfect little man arrived in a whirlwind and has pretty much kept me on my toes ever since. I feel so sad today that this is his last day of being a 2 years old. I wish I could freeze time and keep him little forever. I have spent tonight decorating the house for my little man, so when he wake up in the morning he feels special. I have put balloons and banners everywhere he will love it, I can’t wait to see his little face in the morning. Happy Birthday Little Bird xxxx

Mummy on a mission…….Part 1

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My mission is trying to clean up the alleyway to my sons nursery. It all started on the 24th May 2011, I picked Little Bird up from nursery and when we leave I always carry him down the alleyway to the car because the alley is full of dog mess, on this particular day I had to let Little Bird walk as he had made me something out of junk modeling that was quite big. So this was the first time he had walked down the alleyway.

Well when we got home I discovered he had walking in dog mess and unfortunately it went all over my brand new carpets in my house. I was mortified to say the least. This was the moment my mission began. My first stop was the Environment agency, they didn’t want to know. Next stop was Peterborough City Council, I logged a call requesting what I wanted 1. The alley to be cleaned up, 2. Put up dog toilet bins 3. Put up dog foul penalty signs 4. Resurface the alleyway.


Northborough School and Pre school alleyway


Personally I thought this was a reasonable request but I have a fight on my hands to get this issue sorted. Two local police officers have looked at the alley and thought is was disgusting. They gave me some good places to start and are trying to help me as much as they can. This was when I had the idea to contact the Evening Telegraph newspaper and luckily they wanted to run the story for me. Then I got in contact with the local Councillor for Northborough, Peter Hiller, he has had the alleyway assessed by the local resident committee and I found out today that he is expecting their report by the end of this week. I was told that bins and signs will be put up very soon, also the alley is due to be cleaned by the council. So I have done ok so far, 3 out of 4 isn’t bad. Now I have the hard job of trying to get the alley resurfaced but I am pushing it with Councillor Peter Hiller who also told me today that he is going to try and get it approved for next years budget. So I am afraid I will have to keep chasing this until its done.

I really don’t like the thought of Little Bird and his friends going into Nursery everyday and playing on the floor with the toys when there is dog mess that has been walked in by the children. The staff tell me on a regular basis that they have to clean dog mess from somewhere on the nursery grounds, whether it has been walked in on shoes or whether it has been wiped up the nursery fence by children who are on there way to school and smear it up the fence to get it off their shoes before going into the primary school. The staff also told me they nicknamed the alleyway as “Dog Poo Alley’………………..I will sort this out, I’ll keep you posted.


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Let the Blogging commence………

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Hello everyone I am new to this blogging malarkey, but really looking forward to posting. I hope you enjoy my blog, it will be about me, my family and what happens in ‘The Bird Family world”. I will start today by telling you that I am a Mummy to two beautiful children, they will be named in my blog as “Big Bird” this is my daughter and she is 5 years old, and “Little Bird” this is my son who will be 3 years old in two days time.