National Motor Museum at Beaulieu

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Three weeks ago The Bird Family visited National Motor Museum at Beaulieu, Hampshire. The National Motor Museum is one of South England’s top days out for families and is set in the heart of the New Forest National Park. It is guaranteed to be a  great family day out with lots for everyone to enjoy including the Palace House, home of the Montagu family, Historic Beaulieu Abbey, James Bond Exhibition and The World of Top Gear.






There is lots to do at The National Museum and we started where I think most men would like to start and that was The World of Top Gear. My husband could not wait to have a look at the cars that have been on Top Gear show on BBC2, it was really good to see them all. Even I enjoyed it and I do not watch Top Gear, but I must have caught snippets of the programme whilst hubby was watching it as I did actually recognize quite a few of the cars. The children enjoyed this part of the day and asked lots of questions about the cars.

There were a few cars from Top Gear that were inside and they had tv screens playing the Top Gear episode that the car you were looking at was on. They had a car set up in a car wash and the children could press the button and the spinning brushes would start up and turn around. Little Bird stood there and kept pressing the button constantly, he enjoyed it.


Here is a few more photos taken at The World of Top Gear

[nggallery id=15]


We then had a look at the James Bond Experience this was an exhibition of genuine James Bond vehicles and props from the movies. We got up close to the tools of the trade for 007’s secret world they had some genuine artefacts you will remember from many of the films including Jaw’s shirt. Daddy Bird loved the vehicles from the James Bond Experience, they each had a board in front of them telling you a bit of information about them. The children made us laugh as they kept asking us why the memorabilia was put into glass cabinets. There was a book signed by Sean Connery and they couldn’t understand why they couldn’t touch it. Below is a few photo’s I took in there.

[nggallery id=16]

After James Bond we made our way to The National Motor Museum, this was a massive area that housed a collection of over 250 automobiles and motorcycles and telling the story of motoring on the roads of Britain from the beginning of motoring to the present day. The National Motor Museum appeals to all age groups, we saw a couple of older people there that were showing their Grandchildren around. They were loving telling them the stories of back in the day when they used to use some of the old vehicles. It was lovely to see the older generation enjoying this as much as we did.

Big Bird was really excited to see the ‘Flying’ Ford Anglia from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets which was once owned by Aurther Weasley, she spotted it straight away. There were also some other cars that had been on television or in films. It was really nice to be able to get up close to them. We saw Del Boy from Only Fools and Horse’s little Yellow Robin Reliant. Little Bird spotted Mr Beans Little Yellow Mini.



We also came across the car from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang which was amazing, Big Bird liked it because it was so shiny, you could see the reflection of your face on the side of it. Another amazing car we saw was the one that was in the movie Back to the Future, the doors were up on it, it looked fantastic inside. We really did see lots of different vehicles here it really is worth a trip if you like cars, you will not be disappointed.

There is lots to see once you get into Beaulieu its not all about vehicles. They have an outside area to have a picnic but as it started to rain around lunch time we had our picnic in an under cover area provided. It was lovely and by the time we had finished the rain had stopped. We had a walk around the lovely gardens and grounds of the Palace House it was beautiful and the walkways overlook the Beaulieu River. We had a look around the Palace House and Beaulieu Abbey, I took the children on the Monorail that runs around the whole of the attractions so you can see everything from up high we all loved it, we kept shouting down to Daddy Bird who was trying to keep up with us from the ground. If you are thinking of going make sure you set aside a whole day as there is so much to see and do there. Its very child friendly and there are plenty of toilets and refreshment areas scattered about. Perfect day out for the family.



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  • Katherine A


    This looks a fantastic day out. We’re on the East coast and I haven’t heard of this museum. My 4 boys would love it. I especially like the pic with Stig – if only he had been there in person you could have taken the helmet off!


  • Kara Guppy


    I keep trying to influence hubby to visit but he isn’t into cars. I think the boys will love it so I will show him this post and see what he says!!


  • Sandy Hill


    It might be worth the trip, even from here! Will keep it in mind for next time we’re a bit further south :-)


  • olivia kirby


    My son has been here with my parents, it looks great, and he’s desperate to return so may make a visit. My son met the Stig today!


  • Kate Strickland


    We used to live near this museum. I love the picture of the Stig!


  • Karen Railton


    This is worth a visit as there are always things going on and my son loves it there :)


  • Claire Louise


    Little man would kill for a day out here:) x


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