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Hands up if your a chocoholic ……. oooh that will be me then!!! We recently got the chance to review Cadbury World in Bournville from Superbreak and I was so excited its somewhere I have always wanted to go but I was waiting until the children were old enough to really enjoy it.

Last weekend me and the children jumped in the car with my Mum and Dad and made our way to Birmingham. Like me my Mum is also mad about chocolate and its somewhere she has always wanted to visit too, so she was keen to join us. We arrived around lunch time and we were booked into the Cadbury tour at 3.10pm. The children were super excited and couldn’t wait to look around.

When we arrived we checked in and picked up our tickets before heading back outside to watch the entertainment and for the children to play in the big park. It was a beautiful day so we sat outside in the sun and enjoyed an ice cream before exploring all the facilities.

Firstly we visited the Essence, this is where you hear the story of how the chocolate is made and melted down. It was a short film clip in a dark room and then the lights began to flash and another room opened up, there were holograms on the stage as the story continued. The children loved the hologram effect it looked amazing then another mysterious room opened up where we were able to sample some runny Cadburys chocolate with sweets of our choice.

We then headed over to the Cadburys tour. I think the story on the tour is aimed more for adults, the children lost interest very quickly but loved looking around at everything chocolatey. We were all given three bars of chocolate on the tour which the children tucked into on the way round. The smell of the factory where the chocolate it made was lovely, I could have sat in there all day. In the factory we got write our names in runny chocolate and once we were finished we were handed another pot of runny chocolate to enjoy.

There is a ride on the Cadbury tour but the queue was to long so we didn’t wait to go on it, other families came out saying it was really nice. The tour of Cadburys World was very interesting, but as I said earlier the story is more for the adults but there is lots to keep the children busy on the way round. There are interactive games for the children to enjoy and lots of informative facts about Cadburys.

I was surprised how everything was run by machines and there were not many people working there. But I guess that’s how the world is going, everything is about machines these days. I personally think it would have been nice to have more samples of chocolate to take home, but I am a chocoholic so I guess the more choccy the better. We all enjoyed our trip to Cadburys World, it took approx 3 hours to do everything and we left happy and full of Cadburys Chocolate. So a good day out in our eyes!!

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  • Dawn mummyslittlepeeps


    This is somewhere that i have always wanted to go. I think you would have to pull me out of the shop though. Looks like you had a fun day


  • Mummy Vs Work


    Daddy Vs Work took us for valentines day back in 2011 and both mine were so small they didn’t really get it but they were currently rebuilding outside at the time so I’d love to go back.

    Like you though I felt like there wasn’t enough chocolate given out on the way round!


  • nikki lane


    Haven’t been here for about 12 years when we took my niece, sounds much more interesting than it was then. Have to book a visit in with my boys now! :)


  • Alison Turnnidge


    Mmmm Chocolate, now that’s what I call a great day out. I’m not sure who would enjoy it more, my girls or myself. Looks like you had a fab time


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