Wasgij Puzzle App Pro Package

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Have you heard about the new Wasgij Puzzle App Pro Package that is out now to buy? If you love a brainteaser and enjoy doing puzzles?  You are going to love this.

The Wasgij Puzzle App is now available to download on iOS and Android devices, allowing jigsaw fans to piece together their favourite Wasgij puzzles wherever they are. Fans can enjoy puzzling digitally and can choose from the range of pieces available from 54 pieces, up to 504 pieces. With the brand new Puzzle Pro Package users can challenge themselves and enjoy much larger puzzles of 750 and 1,000 pieces with rotating pieces.

Wasgij Puzzle

Woolly and Tig App

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The first official App from the hit Cbeebies show Woolly and Tig show is now here, children can have their very own interactive Woolly to play with. For those of you that do not know Woolly is a young child’s loving friend who is there to help, entertain and involve them in hours of fun, games, laughter and learning. Woolly will respond directly to a child’s touch and speak to them. Tickle him and he’ll laugh, hug him and he’ll love them back, stroke him and he’ll sleep.

Woolly makes everyday activities fun. Getting Woolly dressed, cleaning Woolly’s teeth or washing Woolly’s face is fun for children too. Woolly helps children learn with his hilarious jump and count as he interacts and shouts out numbers, he also loves to play in the sun, in the rain and in the snow. Whatever the weather Woolly will help children make the most of outdoor play.


My Blue Nose Friends App

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In April 2013 the creators of Me to You and Tatty Teddy & My Blue Nose Friends, Carte Blanche launched their first app, opening the door to an interactive world of Blue Nose Adventures with an exciting new Blue Nose Friends – Tatty Puppy app. Children from 4-8 years old will love playing with their favourite Blue Nose Friends, Binky the Panda, Passion the Lovebug, Blossom the Rabbit, Cottonsocks the Sheep, Peanuts’ the Hamster and Coco the Monkey, plus special appearances from other new friends.

The free app features a fun mini-game, Peanuts’ Biscuit Bake, which is set in Peanuts’ kitchen. Children will enjoy rolling dough and cutting biscuits into the shape of their favourite Blue Nose Friends. Peanuts puts the biscuits in the oven to bake and children can decorate them with brightly coloured icing, plenty of sprinkles and yummy sweets. Once the biscuits are ready, children can take pictures of their creations and send to their best friends.

The extended version of The Blue Nose Friends – Tatty Puppy App (RRP £1.99) comprises six games, Blossom’s Skip & Jump, Coco’s Beach Band, Passion’s Magical Garden, Cottonsocks’ Card Match, Binky’s Hide ‘n’ Seek and Peanuts’ Biscuit Bake.

  • Blossom’s Skip & Jump is set in a magical woodland. Children tap on the screen to get Blossom to jump over the skipping rope as many times as possible. To earn more points players can make Blossom jump extra high by twirling and summersaulting into the air and retrieving bonus fruit and vegetables.
  • Coco’s Beach Band has seven different instruments that can be shared between the five cute beach characters to create musical harmonies.
  • Passion’s Magical Garden is really bright and colourful! Using colour variations, children can create their own fun and unusual flowers like kissing flowers, chiming bluebells and sweetie flowers.
  • Cottonsocks’ Card Match is a memory game based around matching pairs. Children can play this game themselves or against their friends to see who can match the most of the Blue Nose Friends character car.
  • Binky’s Hide ‘n’ Seek. Binky hides in the magical virtual world and children can tilt and move their device to find him and earn puzzle pieces.

Tatty Puppy introduces the games and then leads players on a magical adventure through Tatty Teddy’s blue wardrobe. In the wardrobe are enchanted doors which open on to different games. Players can also watch story animations by unlocking pieces of a jigsaw puzzle during each game. Both versions of the app feature recognisable voices from the interactive Tatty Teddy & My Blue Nose Friends plush toys and encourage creativity, musicality, numeracy and memory skills.

Big Bird absolutely loves this app, she is mad about Tatty Teddies and her favourite game is the skipping games. She loves playing it with Blossom who is her favourite character.

The Tatty Teddy Blue Nose friends App is available on iOS from the 25th April and android from May. Free mini-game or full version £1.99.



Guess with Jess App

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Yesterday saw the launch of a New App from interactive games publisher P2 Games, they are pleased to announce the first ever Guess with Jess App and its available now on the App Store. Packed with ten activities and ‘Big Questions’ for curious pre-schoolers, Guess with Jess mixes learning with fun to entertain and educate on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

Jess, Postman Pat’s black and white cat, loves to ask questions about the world around him with his friends from Greendale Farm, including Horace the frog, Mimi the rabbit and Willow the pony. Now young fans can join Jess and his farmyard friends as they discover that finding the answers to questions can be fun.

With three difficulty settings and Jess on hand to help guide them through challenges, the Guess with Jess App enables children to play and learn without the need for parental assistance.

Activities include:

  • Painting,
  • Dot-To-Dot,
  • Music,
  • Spot The Difference,
  • Jigsaw,
  • Hide ‘N’ Seek
  • Guess It.
  • Plus kids can help Jess discover the answers to some Big Questions like ‘Why do spiders build webs?’, ‘What do ladybirds eat?’ and ‘How do beans grow?’.

The Guess with Jess App is now available for £1.99 from the App Store on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

Fireman Sam App

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Inspired by the popular TV show, this first ever Fireman Sam app features 5 interactive games, plus special reward sticker book. Young fans can learn with Fireman Sam and the rest of the Pontypandy Fire Crew as they take on the role of a fire cadet in training. They can earn an ‘Honorary Junior Fire Fighter’ certificate before putting their skills to the test and helping out Fireman Sam in some action-packed emergencies. Playable on iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and featuring the characters plus all the familiar music and sound effects from the TV show – Fireman Sam Junior Cadet is a must have app that is sure to entertain and delight all Fireman Sam fans.

Games include:

  • HOSE PRACTICE – Learn how to use the hose with Elvis by filling buckets with water. This activity can also be played against the clock, which provides an extra challenge.
  • HIDE ‘N’ SEEK – Norman is up to his old tricks and has hidden lots of objects around the fire station. Help Fireman Sam to find them but watch out for Norman.
  • LOAD JUPITER – Fireman Sam needs your help to load Jupiter. Find the correct items by matching the shadows. This activity can also be played as a memory game, which provides a challenge for older players.
  • SKY HIGH RESCUE – Oh dear the cats have escaped and Fireman Sam needs some help catching them. A great chance to practice rescuing skills.
  • FIRE FIGHTER – Finally – a call out to the first fire! Use hose targeting skills to put out all the fires.

Plus special STICKER ALBUM – Collect virtual stickers along the way and decorate a Sticker Album with many different Fireman Sam items and characters.

The Fireman Sam App is now available for £1.99 from the App Store on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

We Love Tracy Beaker App

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Introducing the First Official Tracy Beaker App called We Love Tracy Beaker. This super girly app was released in London on the 21st November 2011. Leading interactive games publisher P2 Games is very proud of the first Tracy Beaker mobile app.

We love Tracy Beaker is now available to download for the ipday, iphone and ipod from the App Store. The app includes a totally fantastic Planner, Calendar and Address Book, plus an amazing 7 great mini games and activities, all in one super cool app.

This app is guaranteed to entertain your little Tracy Beaker fan for hours. It’s designed so you can store secret information away, set an important date in the daily planner, test your Tracy Beaker knowledge, doodle your daydreams and even ask Tracy anything you want. Its the perfect place to keep your personal notes and have super brilliant fun.

Based on the original quirky characters created by Jacqueline Wilson and the distinctive colourful artwork by Nick Sharratt, this app gives existing fans unlimited access to exciting new interactive content, and is sure to delight new fans who can engage with this much loved character in her brand new digital world.

Activities include:

  • Tracy’s Makeover- Create your own Avatar. Change face shape, hair style and colour and do its make-up.
  • Tracy’s Word Search Game – Find the list of fun words hidden in a grid of letters before time runs out.
  • Tracy’s Daydream Doodles Activity – Create fun scenes with funky icons onto a range of backgrounds, save your doodles and view them anytime.
  • Tracy’s Trivia Quiz – Have fun with Tracy in this quiz that has hundreds of multiple choice trivia questions. Why not make up your own questions and answers too.
  • Tracy’s Match 3 Games – Try matching fun shapes in rows or columns and score as many points as you can in 60 seconds
  • Tracy’s Scratchies – Scratch off 3 matching symbols from the interactive scratch card and it could unlock an exclusive feature in any other Tracy Beaker game or activity. Play every day to unlock new hidden fun.
  • Tracy’s Magic Orb – For some enchanting fun why not ask Tracy a question and she will reveal her answer when you shake the magic orb.


The We Love Tracy Beaker App is now available for £1.99 from the App Store on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.


My 1st JCB App for the iphone

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This was the second app I purchased this weekend for the children, they were getting bored with the ones on my iphone so I decided to get some new ones and thought I would share the best with you. This is My 1st JCB app, it was launched on 24th August 2011. This is the first ever app for the popular boys construction brand My 1st JCB.

The My 1st JCB App offers children aged 1-5 years old interactive early learning fun with their favourite JCB characters. They can enjoy playing with all ten characters from the My 1st JCB team including Joey JCB, Marty Mixer and Doug Dumptruck. Young players can choose from a selection of nine creative and colourful mini-games and activities. Each mini-game has been designed so that it’s easy to learn and fun to play. Children can pick up and play without the need for parental assistance and if they get stuck, Joey JCB is on hand to help guide them through.


Players can choose from the following collection of action-packed activities:

• Painting: Get creative and colour-in the My 1st JCB characters!
• Memory: Find the matching characters in this pair’s memory game.
• Matching: Match the JCB character to the right silhouette.
• Sorting: Help tidy up all the vehicle parts and clean up the mess!
• Dot to Dot: Join the dots to find your favourite characters!
• Jigsaws: Help to fix the jigsaw puzzles.
• Racing: Avoid obstacles and opponents to win the race! Choose from Joey JCB, Marty Mixer and Doug Dumptruck to be your racing partner.
• Create: Choose different vehicle parts to build a My 1st JCB character or create a totally new one!
• Action: Choose the right character with the correct set of skills to finish the jobs!

The My 1st JCB App is available for £1.99 from the App Store on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, again this is a very fun and educational game for little ones, my son has really enjoyed playing with this and he would recommend it to other children, especially little boys who love diggers and dump trucks etc.


Postman Pat Special Delivery Service App for the iphone

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I purchased this at the weekend for the children and they love it. So I thought I would share it with you all. Its the new Postman Pat Special Delivery Service App for the iphone it was launched on 6th September 2011. Interactive games publisher, P2 Games, have made Postman Pat Special Delivery Service App for iPad, iPhone or iPod touch is now available on the App Store. Postman Pat has delivered enchanting entertainment to young children around the world for three incredible decades. In this new app, launched to coincide with Postman Pat’s 30th Birthday celebrations, Postman Pat delivers more than ever.

The Postman Pat App offers young fans games that deliver interactive early learning fun with their everyday hero, Pat. There are eight action-packed games to choose from plus a special bonus game where players can make pictures and fix puzzles from stamps collected during game-play. Perfect for young players, each game has been designed so that it is easy to learn and fun to play without the need of parental assistance.



Games include:

Helicopter Game: Help Postman Pat deliver the airmail. Which house does each of the parcels belong to?
Thompson Farm: Help Alf round up the animals into the right pens. Touch each animal and move them to the pen with the matching picture as quickly as possible.
Post Office Sorting Game: Help Pat sort the letters and parcels into the correct sorting bins.
Train Game: Help Ajay direct the trains. Look for the colored lights on the signal posts then touch the junctions to change the direction of the arrow points.
Whose Who?: Can you guess who each parcel belongs to? Touch each parcel and drag it to the correct person.
Garage Game: Pat’s van needs some repairs. Can you find the right tool for the job?
Gift Giving Game: It’s party time at Postman Pat’s house and there’s a sack full of presents to give out! Make sure each child gets the present they want before time runs out.
Post Box Run: It’s time to collect the mail. Use your finger to guide Postman Pat’s Van to each Post Box in the correct order so all the mail can be collected before time runs out.
Bonus Game: Postman Pat’s House: Fix the puzzles with all the stamps that you have collected throughout all of the other games!

The Postman Pat Special Delivery Service App is now available for £1.99 from the App Store on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, why not treat your children today. My children have really enjoyed jumping into Pat’s world, it really is a great and educational game for little ones.