What we have been waiting for …..

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At the beginning of December last year we had our appointment at the hospital to find out where Little Bird sits on the ASD scale. It had been a long wait to get this appointment but after 2 years we were pleased it was finally here. The hospital met Little Bird for a 45 minute assessment where he was asked questions whilst they played with him. I do not really know what happened in that room as Little Bird did not talk about it afterwards but he came out happy and was not phased by the meeting at all.

A week later I went back to the hospital for an intense meeting to talk about my boy. I was at the hospital for about 4 hours and I was surprised to learn when I arrived that before I left that day I would have a diagnosis.

Overcoming his Fear of Dogs

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One thing in life that terrifies Little Bird is dogs! Whenever he see’s a dog he runs for the hills if he can, if he can’t he will hide behind me until it passes us. My brother has a young chocolate lab and Little Bird is so scared of her because she is very bouncy and likes to jump up at people. She wouldn’t hurt anyone she just loves being fussed, whenever we go to my brothers house they have to put the dog away before we arrive or else Little Bird will not go in.


Missing You

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On Sunday Big Bird went to Norfolk with my parents for the night, in the morning she was going to be dropped off at Kingswood at Overstrand Hall where she was meeting up with her class for her school trip. Big Bird is not a fan of going on a coach hence why we got her there our own way. The children were due to spend the weekend with their father but I picked Big Bird up at 10am Sunday morning so she could get on the road with my parents. That left Little Bird to have his father to himself for the rest of the day. When Little Bird returned home on Sunday night he was so upset because his sister was not here.

Life with ASD

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Last week I met a mother at the park who’s little boy was about the same age as Little Bird and was diagnosed with Aspergers last September. We got talking about Aspergers and the appointments we are both waiting for and I was shocked to find out that like us the mother I was talking to had their first appointment when we did last February. We were both told we would be seen 6 months later for a full diagnoses, she had her sons appointment in September last year and we are still waiting.

On Tuesday I rung up for the fifth time to chase our appointment and I was told the same thing they always tell me. We are on the list and they do not know when it will be, I told them I was sent a complaint form in December last year but didn’t do anything with it as I didn’t want to complain I just want this appointment to come through. The lady on the phone told me to complain she said they rely on complaints to make things start moving so I rung up and logged my compliant. I now have someone going off to look into our appointment and then they will give me a call back.

Little Bird Working Hard at School

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Last week we attended parents evening for the children and I am pleased to say that Big Bird has settled in really well to Year 5 and Little Bird has adjusted and settled in really well to Year 2. Last year was a tough school year for Little Bird, we were told by the hospital that he was somewhere on the scale for ASD and have been waiting for our follow up appointment ever since. We were given no help or support just told to wait for a appointment which should be in about 6 months , its now 12 months on and all they can tell me is we are on a waiting list but it looks like it will not be before September this year.

The school took the news well and worked hard to get the best out of Little Bird. I can not fault his teacher last year, she tried really hard with him and he really enjoyed being in her class. She kept me in the loop at all times with what they were doing with Little Bird at school so I knew exactly what was going on. Miss I worked hard with Little Bird but looking back it was a really hard year for him and me.

Trying a New Way to Shop

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Picture this ……. The cupboards are empty, you need to get to the supermarket but you have to take the children with you. Like most parents I dread the moment I have to tell the children we need to go to the supermarket. Little Bird has never liked shopping, as soon as I mention going to the shops he has a meltdown and I end up getting stressed out before I have even got to the door. Walking around a shop with him is a nightmare, he doesn’t look where he’s going, bumps into people, ignores me, and has to touch everything he sees. I recently had a meeting at school with a Little Birds teacher and she suggested I try a new way to shop with him, so I waited until the end of last week to try out the method the school suggested.