Lego Have Fathers Day Wrapped Up

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Fed up of the normal mugs, picture frames, “Worlds best Father” teddies that are about for Fathers Day?? Why not treat the man in your childrens life to something special this Fathers Day. Lego have a fantastic range of products that are aimed at everyone especially the dads. Mr M spends lots of time building Lego sets with Little Bird and he has a list of man Lego Sets that he would like to build.

I asked Little Bird to pick a couple of Lego sets that he thought Dads would like this Fathers Day. I think his decision was based a little bit on what he liked and also what he would like to build with Mr M who is the daily father figure in his life.


Lego: The Angry Birds Movie 75826 – King Pigs Castle

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Both of my children have been big fans of the Angry Birds game for a very long time, we love it at Christmas when they bring out the Angry Birds Seasons and we look forward to our daily countdown game. A few months ago the children were excited to see a trailer for the new Angry Birds Movie that is out at the cinema now and Little Bird was even more excited when he heard that the Angry Bird range had arrived at Lego.


Gtech Cordless Lawn Mower

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You know Summer is on its way when the grass in your garden is up to your knees and you have to blow the cobwebs off your lawnmower and put it into action. I was late cutting my grass last year and decided this year I was going to be on top of it early. The weather this year has been strange to say the least. We had daffodiles popping up in January and everything seemed to peek early. Our grass has got a mind of its own and decided in February to have a spurt on and start growing. You know what its like once you have made that first cut, it just doesn’t stop after that.


Gtech Multi Mk.2

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Living in a five bedroom house comes at a cost and I am not talking about money. I am talking about time that I spend cleaning it, because its a big house it means I spend many hours each week cleaning all of our three floors. As soon as I have cleaned the house from top to bottom the children normally follow me around trashing it behind me. When we have all of the children home at a weekend I can spend most of my time when I am not entertaining them picking up and cleaning after them. So image my excitement when I got the opportunity to review the new Gtech Multi, I have been putting it through it paces the last few weeks and here is how I got on.


My Fabulous Bubble Bum Giveaway **ENDED**

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We have been a big fan of the Bubble Bum booster car seats since the day they were launched. In the past I have lent my Bubble Bum to other parents at our school when they have needed it for holidays because they fit perfect in between two toddler car seats. I always keep one in the boot of my car just in case I need an extra seat for my nieces and nephews or the childrens friends when they come home from school for tea with us.


Nothing Says Easter more than a Lovely Half Leg of New Zealand Lamb

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Nothing quite says Easter more than a Lovely Half Leg of New Zealand Lamb. The children think Easter is about eggs, chocolate, bunnies and chicks but for adults or should I say for me and Mr M Easter is more about a lovely roast dinner. I was given a fantastic opportunity to cook an Easter Roast Lamb dinner following a recipe and then sharing it with my readers so here goes.


Zoingo Boingo

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When I was offered the opportunity to review the Zoingo Boingo we literally jumped at the chance. Instantly memories from my childhood came flooding back to me of when I was little bouncing around the park on my Pogo Ball it was called back in my day. The Zoingo Boingo is like the old Pogo balls but it has a stretchy attachment and handle. Its definitely a new way to have fun and keep fit at the same time.