Little Birds baby castings – Cast In Time

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When Little Bird was a baby I wanted his hands and feet casts done, I went into Kiddicare in Peterborough and bought the Cast In Time Deluxe casting kit. Cast In Time are a fabulous company that are based in my local area. I was really excited to get the kit home and start making the casts of my 5 week old little man.

We got all our cast right first time and ended up with a beautiful set of my sons hands and feet. Little bird did not mind the casts being done, in fact he slept through it. I painted them up and then the panic set in, I was really worried about sticking them in the frame just in case I did it wrong or made it look messy.


So I rung Rita at Cast In Time and she was fabulous, she asked me to bring the casts and the frame in and she would help me. I was pleased as they are based in Peterborough which is just down the road from me. But even if I wasn’t they have an amazing aftercare scheme set up for people who do struggle or need help and advice. Their whole aim is to make sure you get the perfect casts of your families hands and feet. They truly are there to help and make sure you are happy with your finished frame.


I was really impressed with the aftercare service from Cast In Time and when I took my frame in they advised me that I could do it myself and they would talk me through it, but I was still a little bit worried so I left it there and they put it together for me in my frame. We picked it up a couple of days later. I was really pleased with the final picture, and it now hangs pride of place in my little mans bedroom and I look at it every time I go in there and I can not believe his hands and feet were ever that small.


I enjoyed the whole Cast In Time experience from the moment we bought the kit until the end product was complete. I wanted to share this brilliant product with other Mummies and Daddies. So I contacted them recently and told them about my new venture of blogging and the lovely Rita gave me another kit with extra materials so I could play at home with the family and make some more casts of my childrens hands and feet then post a review for her. I will do another post so you can see how we got on. I am not going to lie, it got a bit messy as the children insisted on helping but I am confident this time that I can stick it altogether at the end by myself. I will finish this one and I will be proud of it, they already look good.

If you would like to visit Cast in time on their Facebook page and even like their page. I know they would really appreciate the support. Also they have given me a fabulous casting kit to give away in a competition, I will be posting this very shortly. So keep your eyes peeled.









Vtech Spin and Discover Ocean Fun

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Vtech Spin & Discover Ocean Fun Description

1-2-3, count the animals with me. Make learning waves with the Spin and Discover Ocean Fun! This fun spinning top will help your baby develop an awareness of cause and effect; push the starfish plunger and watch the animals spin round and round!

3D turtle, dolphin, crab and octopus characters and light-up buttons introduce animals, colours and counting while fun melodies, sounds and phrases encourage discovery and exploration. Also features rolling beads for extra fun.

Key Features

  • Chunky starfish plunger spins the top, plays sounds and voice and speeds up melodies
  • 4 coloured animal buttons – turtle, dolphin, crab and octopus
  • 3 light-up buttons introduce colours
  • Includes 1 sing-along song and 8 melodies
  • 2 modes of play: Learning and Music
  • Introduces animals, colours and counting


Developmental Benefits

Motor Skills – Encourages fine motor skill development.

Sensory Development – A variety of textures, visuals and sounds stimulate sensory development.

Discovery and Exploration – Heightens curiosity and encourages exploration.

Introduces the alphabet – letter sounds and vocabulary.



Boots product – Boots blue step up stool

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I recently received some Boots products through the post to review. We have been using this Boots Essential step up stool in blue for two weeks now, my little man loves it and feels so much safer when his feet touch it when he is sat on the toilet. When we started potty training our little man, it started really well then after a few weeks we realized we had problems with him doing a poo on the toilet. He refused to go and used to bring me a nappy so he could do it in there, I think he was terrified of the toilet. Since having this step he has been pooing on the toilet quite happily as his feet touch the top of the stool when he is sat down, I think it just makes him feel safer.

This stool has moulded knobbly bits on the top for extra grip when standing on it. Its made with lightweight plastic, it comes in three different colours blue, pink or white. The Blue and pink stool are great value for money at £5.10 and the white one is £7.14.














Boots Products – Boots baby melamine plate and cutlery set

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I recently received some Boots products through the post to review. We got the Boots Baby melamine plate and Boots baby cutlery set. Both my children still eat off of this style of plate and they were both really excited and wanted to be the first to use this one. Yes you got it, even my son who’s favourite colour is pink. So obviously he was delighted when this turned up. I have put this plate in the dishwasher a few times now and its fine in there. The children love the funky design, Boots  also do a few other different designs in this style of plate and they are very reasonably priced at £2.49.

My son has been using the cutlery set for his dinner for the last week and he loves them mainly because they have boats on them. They are very well made and easy for him to hold. They are also dishwasher proof and I think they are a good price, they also come in a few different designs. You can buy them from Boots for £2.85




Boots products – Baby bath and toddler mat

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I recently received some Boots products through the post to review. I have been in desperate need of a bath mat for a while now. So when Boots said they would send me one I was over the moon so was my son as he does not like having a bath without one. The bath mat comes well packaged in a plastic tube. The kiddies have had lots of fun playing with the packaging.

We have been using this for one week now and it is a lovely mat it feels squiggy under your feet when you stand on it, and the kids love it. Its well padded and there is plenty of suction pads on the bottom to stick to the bath. It is designed so you can bath two children at the same time, which is exactly what I do. Its perfect. You can buy this from boots for £10.25. Definite value for money. I have been really pleased with this item.







Boots products – Baby wipes

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I recently received some Boots products through the post to review. Being a mum I always carry baby wipes, even though my children are 3 and 5 years old. Since my daughter was born 5 years ago they are the one item I never go without. I have slowly been able to leave the changing bag and nappies at home but I really can not see a day when I leave these at home. I keep them in my handbag, in the car, in a cupboard in my kitchen and in the bathroom. I have always used Boots Baby sensitive wipes, ever since my children were small. They have been the best own brand baby wipes I have found. Some other brands I have used I’ve found to be to dry, or to wet but these are just right for me and my family. We always go for the fragrance free wipes as they are a bit kinder to the skin, with less chemicals.

I think these are the best wipes and I would recommend them to anyone with babies or small children, they are great value for money and you can buy them for just £0.98 for a pack of 72 wipes . Although at the moment they are on offer and you can buy 2 packs for £1.85.


Boots products -Body wash and shampoo review

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I recently received some Boots products through the post to review. We have been using them for one week now and I am really pleased with them. The first product was the Boots Kids Detangling Shampoo, I have been using it on my daughters long hair every night, I normally use Johnson shampoo and conditioner. But with this shampoo I was amazed as we did not need the conditioner, it really did make her hair soft and tangle free. It smells lovely and in my daughters words she said it smells like ‘lollypops’. This is excellent value for money and costs £2.03 for 400mls, it is currently on offer at boots for £1.35. (1/3 off)

Then we tried the Boots Sensitive moisturising head to toe wash, again we normally use Johnsons top to toe wash, so this was a change for us. It smells nice and pours easily in the bottle. It is sensitive as my son reacts with some types of soaps but this one was fine. It made his skin nice and soft, I will definitely use it again. This is excellent value for money as it costs £2.03 for 400mls, and its currently on offer for £1.35.(1/3 off)


Product review – Boots Eye Shampoo Shield

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I was given the opportunity to review the Boots eye shampoo shield. I jumped at the chance as Little Bird has always been hard work at bath/shower time. He has never liked washing his hair and it always ends in tears as he really does not like water on his face. When I saw it I won’t lie I thought “this will never work”.

So at shower time tonight I tried it for the first time. We put the shield on his head, he liked the colour and the design of it and he was excited to jump in the shower, which makes a change as he normally likes his sister to go first, anything to delay him getting in.

So Daddy Bird started washing his hair and I could not believe it, he put the shower on his head and nothing happened. No tears!!! Little Bird then said “its not in my eyes, it works”. We managed to do his whole shower with this shield on and the water just ran off of the sides, not one drop went on his face.

I can honestly say this is the first time I have showered my little man and he has not cried. He loved the shield and asked me if we could keep it. I think you can guess my answer…… “We certainly can keep it.”


The shield doing its job

We love the way the water just runs off of this shield. The camera caught this well.

You can buy this from Boots for £3.59. I think this is really good value for money, and a definite must have in every household.


Click here to see the Boots Eye shampoo shield