New My Blue Nose Friends Characters

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We are big fans of My Blue Nose Friends toys in our house. Big Bird has been collecting them since since she was 5 years old where she discovered them at a toy fair. She has everything from the small little hard character playsets to the big and small soft cuddly teddies. She loves the soft teddies best and sleeps with them most nights. Her collection started with her favourite animal which is a monkey, Little Bird bought it for her birthday and it grew from there.


Frozen Magic Snow Sleeve and Deluxe Elsa Costume

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When Frozen landed on our screens in December 2013 the children were desperate to go and see it. Mr M and myself took all of the children to the cinema to see it and I am glad we did. Watching Frozen on the big screen was one of our highlights of 2013. We love Frozen because it captures the children from the off and the humour in it is something to keep us older ones gripped throughout.


Orbeez Hand Spa

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Big Bird is a typical little lady that loves everything girly, she really enjoys me doing her nails and hair especially if I am trying out something new and different. Just recently we found a set of crimpers in the cupboard that I think dated back to the 1980’s so we crimped Big Birds hair for school, all of her friends loved it and she kept it in all of last week. Big Bird takes after me for enjoying pamper sessions so when we got the chance to review the Orbeez Hand Spa we both jumped at the chance to try it out.



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Have you ever been out with your children to a soft play area, ten pin bowling, fairground and seen the lovely bright coloured ice slushy drinks? If your children are anything like mine then you will know what I am talking about, my two love them, once they see them they do not stop asking for one. I am always put off of them because of the price as the normally come in at around £2-£3 pounds and I begrudge paying that for a drink, I am also put off by the amount of sugar and food colouring that goes into them. I am pleased to tell you that you don’t have to put up with all that asking anymore because there is an amazing drinks container that makes those drinks for you its called ….. ChillFactor.

Xeno Pacific Blue

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One toy Little Bird really wanted last Christmas but Santa did not get was Xeno. I first came across Xeno at Dream Toys in London at the end of  last year. When I first saw them I thought …. ewwww! I was instantly drawn to the long green snot that was hanging from his nose and knowing that Little Bird was a child thats grown up since he came off Baby Formula replused by anything green around anyones nose I was slightly surprised when this appeared on his Christmas list. When Little Bird went on his first school trip he had to move seats because one of the children had dry snot around his nose and it made Little Bird feel sick so I thought there was no way he would like this toy. I asked at Dream Toys if I could cut the snot off and was told no because it was one of the sensors that activates this toy.


Lego Hero Factory 44029 Queen Beast Vs Furno, Evo & Stormer

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This week Little Bird has been getting to grips with the Lego Hero Factory range, as we were sent the Lego Hero Factory 44029 Queen Beast Vs Furno, Evo & Stormer set to review as part of the Lego Blogger team. Little Bird can build any Lego set in no time at all, he is super quick and really loses himself when he has a Lego set to build. Nothing gets in his way or between him and the Lego when he is concentration on what he is doing.


LEGO Disney Princess 41055 – Cinderella’s Romantic Castle

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“When I grow up Mummy I want to be a Princess.” These were the words that my little girl came out with when she was two and a half years old. Big Bird is mad about everything Disney, especially Disney Princess so imagine how excited she was when she found out there is a Lego Disney Princess range out in the shops to buy. Being part of the Lego blogger programme is a job that my children love. Majority of products we are asked to review are aimed at boys ….. but not this one. Its definitely one for girls.