Crocs for all of the Family

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There is nothing my family loves more than wearing a new pair of shoes or boots, especially Big Bird she is a very independent 10 years old who loves fashion and picking her own clothes and shoes. I like seeing her dress herself, she has a good eye for what looks good on her. Two weeks ago my family received a very welcomed parcel from Crocs. I did not know what was coming, I just knew that they would definitely fit the children, Mr M and myself.

Back to School with Matalan

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I know what your thinking …. this post is abit early the children have only just broken up for the summer school holidays. Believe me its not to early, the shops are stocking school uniform now, ready for September and as I learnt a few years ago you need to buy it now. A few years ago I thought I had loads of time to buy school uniform and left it to the last few weeks of the Summer holidays. Needless to say I soon discovered everything I wanted in the sizes I needed had gone. It was at that moment I vowed to buy my school uniform just before my children broke up for school, then I knew I was guaranteed to get everything I wanted.


Minion Stompeez

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Its that time of year again ….. you know the one I am talking about, the time when Minions take over the world. The Minion Movie is about to hit our screen and we have noticed there is some amazing Minion products on the market to help promote the film. We recently came across Minion Stompeez and the children went crazy for them!! We were lucky enough to be sent two pairs of Minion Stompeez to review and the children couldn’t wait to try them out.

Frozen Magic Snow Sleeve and Deluxe Elsa Costume

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When Frozen landed on our screens in December 2013 the children were desperate to go and see it. Mr M and myself took all of the children to the cinema to see it and I am glad we did. Watching Frozen on the big screen was one of our highlights of 2013. We love Frozen because it captures the children from the off and the humour in it is something to keep us older ones gripped throughout.


Hooded Owls have bath time wrapped up

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I don’t know about you but I love nothing more than a nice thick fluffy warm towel when I get out of the bath, because there really is nothing quite like the comfort and smell of a fresh quality towel to wrap around your clean body. When the children were tiny I loved wrapping them up in a fluffy towel after their bath, I used to enjoy sitting with them snuggling, until they had dried off.


Our Pyjama Party with House of Fraser

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A few weeks ago I had a lovely email drop into my inbox asking if the children would like to take part in a Pyjama Party with The House of Fraser. All the children had to do was pick a film of their choice and a pair of pyjamas each from the House of Fraser website and they could join in. The children could not wait to sit down and have a look at what was on offer. I knew straight away which pair of pyjamas Little Bird would pick and I was not wrong.


Zaggora HotPants

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When Little Bird started school last year I needed to find something to fill my time whilst he was at school. This was my time to do something for myself for once so I decided to get motivated and join the gym. It started off really well, I was going regularly and I was beginning to love it. At the beginning of this year my personal life circumstances changed and the gym went on the back burner temporarily and I needed something to get me back down there, focused and working hard again.

Next Summer Clothing

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Last month I attended the Next Go Wild Blogging event at London Zoo, me and the children are really big fans of Next and spend alot of money in there over the year. The childrens clothing is beautiful and if we are ever going someone special like a Wedding, Christening, Birthday Party etc I always know I will find something beautiful and trendy for the children to wear in Next.

When we were at London Zoo for the blogging event it gave us the opportunity to get up close and personal with the new range of Summer clothes. Little Bird was happy to go off and play but Big Bird was more excited about looking at the clothes. She is a girl after my own heart and knows what she wants to be seen wearing, and quite happily picks out what she likes best. Luckily we are on the same wave length but I have been know to buy something then get it home and she will refuse to wear it. So I return it to the shop where she can pick something else. As soon as Big Bird started looking at the clothes she found a dress straighaway that she liked. It was beautiful and I fell in love with it too.

Big Bird with her favourite dress from Next Go Wild

When we got home I was asked if I would like to review an item each for the children. I didn’t even have to ask what they would choose because Big Bird kept looking at the above photo on my phone saying she loved this dress, and Little Bird wanted a jumper with a Monkey on it. It was simple.

The dress that Big Bird picked was from the Cuba range, it is the Navy Striped Prom Dress priced £24.99. It comes in sizes 3-10 years of age and is simply beautiful. You can feel the material of this dress is pure quality, the detail and pattern are lovely and bring this dress together beautifully. Underneath the dress you will see it has a under skirt with another layer of netting, this makes the dress fill out at the bottom giving it a lovely shape. Big Bird loves spinning around in this dress and watching it fly out at the sides.

Big Bird loves a dress with a belt and as this one comes with a bright pink she was really impressed with it. I love the matching pink bow on the dress and the Cuba pattern its simply beautiful. Big Bird is planning on wearing this dress at the weekend for Isla’s Christening and 1st Birthday party, she can’t wait to wear it.

Little Bird is what I say to him as ‘a dude with attitude’  and Next go above and beyond to help keep him styled and cool all year round. As I said earlier Little Bird was desperate for a top with a monkey on it so I had a look and this was what I found.

When I showed it to Little Bird he loved it, its the Blue Monkey Crew Neck Sweat Top and comes in sizes 3-16 years of age and is priced between £13.00 – £18.00 depending on what size you order. When it arrived Little Bird couldn’t wait to try it on, its lovely and warm as is super soft thanks to the fleece lining underneath. Its really comfortable to wear and he didn’t want to take it off. I think you will agree he looks a little dude.

There are lots of different styles that are new to the rails at Next, you will not be disappointed with the vibrant colours and punchy prints. There are lots of different styles there really is something for everyone. Children are in for a real treat this summer with the new clothes that are out now. Make sure you pop into your local Next store or even online to see whats on offer.

Boys Sandals from Clarks

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I remember when Big Bird turned one and we were ready to get her her first pair of proper shoes. There was only one place we wanted to go, one place that we would trust with my little girls feet and that was Clarks.

Since then we have been regular customers at Clarks and have always bought both of the childrens shoes there happy in the knowledge that we are getting the best fitting shoes for our childrens feet.

We were recently offered the chance to review a pair of boys sandals from Clarks, so I sat down with Little Bird and we picked a pair together. We chose the StompCove Inf sandals, Little Bird loved them instantly especially when he realised they were dinosaur themed.

The StompCove Inf sandals are perfect for Summer because Little Bird is not keen on the usual summer strappy sandals, but these ones are designed to look more like a shoe/trainer. So he is wearing sandals without even realising. On the top of the sandal there is two elastic bungees that hold the sandal together. They make the sandal breathable for little feet. Around the sandal there is dinosaur scales and on the bottom at the front there is a blue dinosaur and at the back there is a dinosaur footprint. These will definitely appeal to little boys.

Little Bird loves the StompCove Inf sandals, they are light and really comfortable. We would definitely recommend these shoes as a must have in your wardrobe this Summer.