Show me your snowman …..

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The Bird Family love the snow, as soon as the fluffy white stuff falls out of the sky we have our coats, hats, gloves and wellies at the ready. My love for snow began when I was little and is something that has stayed with me to this day and will never leave me. When the children were really small I would take them outside to play in the snow and after 20-30 minutes they would get cold and want to come in. That was my chance to hand them over to Daddy Bird to take them in to warm them up, I on the other hand would stay outside in the snow on my own until I had had enough. With the children watching me from the window I would build snowmen until the cows come home or the children would ask me to come in! Over the years I have built so many snowmen that I now try to get them bigger and better each year. Last year saw our tallest snowman it measured in at massive 93 inches tall and required a ladder to put the head on.

Over the last two weeks we have had quite a bit of snow, every day we have woken up we have rushed to the window to see if more snow has fallen whilst we were sleeping. Then this morning when we woke up it was like we had jumped forward into summer, the grass was back to being green, the sky was blue and the sun was shining and the snow of the last few weeks looked like a distance memory, well apart from the three piles of snow ice that were left from the three snowmen that we had built.

Now the snow has left us we have really missed it today and it got me thinking about how we can bring snow back. We may not be able to make it snow but we can relive the memories of the last few weeks. I have loved looking at all the snow pictures on blogs, Twitter or Instagram so I have decided to set up a Linky because I want to see your snowman. I would love you to create a post, Linking it to Mummy Bird showing me your snowman/ladies/pets the link up is below. (this is the first Linky I have done so fingers crossed this works). I will comment on every post that joins in. So what are you waiting for? Show me your snowman!!!! (If you didn’t have chance to build a snowman, I would love to see any of your snow photos!!)

Here is the snowman that me and the children built last weekend.




School is out for a Snow Day

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Today when we woke up everywhere was covered in snow, the children were excited because they knew they would get to play in it at some point during the day. I told them they had school today but I would turn the radio on to see if the school was closed. I was trying not to get the children to excited about having the day off until I knew for sure because in the whole time Big Bird has been at school they have not closed it for a snow day.

I kept an eye on Facebook because some of the mums from the school are on there and they were all talking about if the school was open or not. Then at 8.10am we got the news that the school was closed. The children were really excited and couldn’t wait to finish their breakfast and get dressed so they could get out in the snow and play. When we got outside we discovered the snow was to flakey to make a snowman so we had a snowball fight instead. Then we walked around the village before going to my Mums house to pick up a sledge and head for the hills.

After we had finished sledging at the hills we went to the pub for lunch, we took my parents with us and the children really enjoyed themselves. We have been in the snow for most of the day, the children loved it and to be honest so have we. We have made the most of our Snow Day, here are some photos of what we got up to today.

Let the snow day begin

The day started with a snow angel

We all went for a stroll around the village with the sledge

We looked for animal footprints

Our village covered in snow

The children wanted to push me on the sledge

The children crossing a bridge so they could run in the field of fresh snow


The children running in the snow

Then we went to Nanny’s to pick up another sledge and head towards the local hill for some sledging

We then had fun sledging down the hill

Racing down the hill

and the day wouldn’t be complete without a snowball fight with Nanny

Me and the children in the snow

This afternoon I asked the children if they had enjoyed their day or would they have preferred to go to school? they both agreed they had had a really good day in the snow and it was definitely better than school. They will be so disappointed tomorrow if they have to go to school.

Keeping in touch

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This week me and Daddy Bird went away for three nights without the children. Its the first time we have been away from the children in 9 years and we had a lovely time (I will write another post about that later). Whilst we were away we kept in touch with the children as much as we could. We would ring them every morning and then at night we would Face Time them on my phone. Both of the children really missed us so we found Face Time perfect for keeping in touch with them. Every time we spoke to them Big Bird would be quiet when it was time for us to say goodbye, she surprised us with how much she missed us.

We use Face Time quite a lot, Daddy Bird works away from home a few nights a week and its perfect for us to keep in touch with him. When I was little my parents used to go away for a week on their own and my Nan used to come up to look after me and my brothers whilst they were away. They would ring us every night from a phone box and that was the only contact we had with them. This got me thinking just how lucky we are with technology today. My children were able to view lots of photos that we posted on Instagram and Facebook (through my parents accounts) and they could ring us whenever they wanted and then there was Face Time.

It was lovely to see the children on Face Time everyday, the first night at Nannys they had snow so as soon as we rung them Big Bird took the phone into the garden to show us the snowman they had built with Nanny. We also watched Little Bird decorate some cakes for our return and they also got to show us their Homemade Pizza they had made for tea with Nanny one night, it looked lovely and it was great that they could show off what they had done. Face Time is great for bringing you closer together when you are miles away, I do not know where I would be without it now.

As I said earlier we use Face Time when Daddy Bird works away and last March my brother got married in Mexico and thanks to Face Time I was able to watch him get married because my Dad sat and held his phone up for me through out the whole service. Face Time is perfect for bringing families closer together its something we just couldn’t live without.

Centre Parcs here we come!

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Tomorrow me and Daddy Bird are going away for three nights together without the children. It will be the first break we have had in 9 years with no children. I have been busy packing today, its like the whole family are going away because I have had to pack our holiday stuff and also the childrens bits because they are going to Nanny and Grandads house. Big Bird loves going to Nannys house so I knew when we booked it she would be ok and I thought I would have a problem with Little Bird because he is like my little shadow, a proper mum’s boy!

Today whilst I have been packing Big Bird has surprised me with her reaction of us going away, she has followed me around the house and said loads of times that she does not want us to go and even though she loves going to Nannys house she’s been saying she doesn’t want to sleep there. Little Bird on the other hand has been the opposite and said he is looking forward to Nannys house. I really wasn’t prepared for the switch of behaviour from my children.

Tonight when we were having tea Big Bird who is not normally a child that shows alot of affection kept telling me she loved us and was going to miss us, she insisted that I had a bath with her tonight and she talked non stop in the bath about us going away. I think the main thing for her is the location, we are going to Centre Parcs and because the children have been there alot with us they think they are missing out on something. They really won’t be missing out because this break is about me and Daddy Bird relaxing and doing what we want, when we want to. As I said earlier this is the first time in 9 years we will have been on our own for more than one night, its going to be really strange.

Having Big Bird being the way she has today its made me feel a little bit worried about leaving her, we are dropping them off at school in the morning and then my mum will be collecting them both. I now have visions of her being in tears when we leave them. Fingers crossed though they will both be ok. I know once they get to my mums they will be fine and happy to be there. We will really miss them both and I have promised to Facetime them morning and night aswell as post photos on Instagram of what we are doing so Grandad can show them after school. It will be lovely to spend lots of time with just Daddy Bird before he starts work again.

Today Little Bird started swimming lessons

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Tonight Little Bird started swimming lessons. I tried to get him into swimming lessons a few months ago but he really wasn’t ready. After a couple of weeks sitting on the side of the pool I was having flashbacks of the 9 weeks that Big Bird did the same and after talking to him I decided to cancel his lessons. Just before Christmas Little Bird had been asking me if he could start swimming lessons again so I inquired again about signing him up. The pool manager remembered Little Bird and said to bring him down for the last session before Christmas which was a fun session. That turned out to be a fantastic idea because as I left him on poolside and walked to the viewing gallery I was expecting to see him sat on the edge of the pool. I was amazed when I got there to find him in the water laughing, having fun and more importantly take part.

When Little Bird returned from his trial session he was so excited and wanted me to sign him up for classes. I made my way to reception and managed to book him into a class at the same time as Big Bird was in the other swimming pool. This made my day because having them swim at the same time means I only need to be at the local pool for 30 minutes a week.

Tonight Little Bird had his first swimming lesson, I was gutted because they actually started back last week and I didn’t know, I thought their new sessions where starting this week. Little Bird made his way to pool side he was really looking forward to getting in. When I arrived at the viewing gallery he was really enjoying himself and doing everything that was asked of him. When he spotted me in the gallery he started waving and blowing kisses to me this was in between chatting away to one little girl in the pool that he had taken a shine to.

Little Bird is not a fan of getting water on his face but over the last few months we have been encouraging him to pour water on his head and face in the bath and also when we have been swimming. He has slowly been coming round to it but I know he prefers to have his head above water. Tonight in the pool he fell over twice and went under the water, he came up choking and coughing but he seemed ok and didn’t cry. This is complete progress for us, I am so proud of him.

When the lesson finished Little Bird came out of the water shaking because he was so cold and his lips were purple, when he had warmed up he was so excited about his lesson, he really enjoyed it and asked when his next lesson was. I told him it would be next week and he was really disappointed because he wanted to go tomorrow. So unfortunately for him he has to wait another week. But at least he is happy.


A break away without the children

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Since having children I have devoted my life and time to my family, I love them all to bits and its funny how you put your life on hold. When I think back to life without the children it feels like many moons ago and without realising the person you always put first, all of a sudden become the person you put last. Obviously when you have children they are your main priority and without realising the one you love who helped bring these children into the world gets pushed to the back of your attention.

Daddy Bird has worked away a lot over the last few years and at times I have felt like a single parent. Its been hard on us both but we just got on with it, because thats what you do when you are a parent. Daddy Birds contract at work finished on the 31st December and we decided together that he should not renew it this year because its taken him away from the family to much and we have missed him.

Tonight Daddy Bird asked me a question it was ……. “shall we book couple of nights away without the children?” My mum has been telling us to do it for quite some time with the offer of having the children and because Daddy Bird is off of work we decided to try and find something before he finds another job. We had planned on two nights and when we saw the prices of hotels I came up with the idea of Center Parcs.

Within 45minutes of Daddy Bird asking me the question we had booked and paid for a mid week break  (4 nights) at Center Parcs. We are going a week tomorrow and my mum is going to have the children for us, I can’t wait. This will be the first time we have been away from the children for more than one night and I am really looking forward to it. Tonight we have been joking together about not hearing the words “I’m Hungry, I need the toilet, can I have a drink etc” I am not sure we will know what to do with no little people with us, but I promise you we will make the most of it.

Tonight we booked gym sessions and a massage each as a treat whilst we are away. We will enjoy the rest and the peace and quiet but I know I will miss the kids. We are going on the Monday afternoon and will return on the Thursday night, it will be lovely to have some quality time with just my husband. Its been a long time since we have done this, well it was actually our honeymoon when we last went away on our own just the two of us and that was 9 years ago. I am really going to make the most of having him all to myself. Roll on next week!!!


A New Year, A Fresh Start

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A New Year a fresh start indeed.

2012 was not a good year for us, lots of things happened in the family that contributed to it not being a very good year for us. Daddy Bird lost his step father at the beginning of the year, this was a tough couple of months for us as we sat by and watched Daddy Bird run himself into the ground to make sure he was always around to be by his step fathers side. Then trying to pick him up after the passing was very difficult. Then to make matters worse Daddy Birds work seemed to be getting more intense. He was working more hours, doing call out, working weekend, staying up late at night to do projects for work that could only be done in the early hours plus more. Being the closet person to Daddy Bird I could see it was taking its toll and started to hassle him a bit for things to change. I must say I never hassled him once whilst he has worked at his job but when I could see how it was affecting him I felt I had to do something. Whenever we went anywhere Daddy Bird was always on the phone responding to emails, texts and phone calls. In the end it started to take its toll on the family and something had to give.

The last few months the stresses and strains of the job were becoming more and more clearer to me and I knew we had to change something. The children were becoming upset because Daddy was not around much, he would arrive home after I had put them to bed or stay over in a hotel because he was to tired to travel home and I had that moment of cold realisation when one week he was away for the whole week and by the Thursday the children stopped asking me where Daddy was and when would he be home. It was this that hit me like a brick in the face and I knew we had to do something. I felt really sad because the children were beginning to get used to him not being here and it didn’t feel right. When work had calmed down a bit we chatted about it and we both agreed he was doing to much and something had to change.

Over Christmas it was nice to see Daddy Bird relax from work and enjoy being around us but it didn’t last long as he knew he had to return to work on the 31st December. This was the only day he was scheduled to work over the Christmas and New Year period and a few days before he was due to go back I could see a change in him as he was thinking about all the hard work that needed to be done this year. Last Friday evening we sat down and had a chat about it and we decided that he needed some time off. He is a contractor and works for himself and his new contract was due to be signed today but when he went into work yesterday it was to hand in his stuff and return to the family, because we decided it was time that he left.

Yesterday was really hard, Daddy Bird was nervous about telling work and I busied myself all morning waiting for his call to see how he had got on. Luckily work was brilliant with him and understand the pressure its put on us as a family and were happy for him to go. When he walked through the door last night we were both relieved that he now has some time at home with us before he looks for something else. He worked a ridiculous amount of hours last year and is worn out so it time for us to do some stuff together and for Daddy Bird to relax and enjoy some time off. I am hoping he will get back into the garage and find his love and passion once again for building his kit car. He has had it a year now and its been slow progress and the last few months its been neglected so it will be nice for him to get back on it and start building again.

Daddy Bird is also going to join the gym with me, so once we have dropped the children off at school we will make our way to the gym together and enjoy a work out. Hopefully the plan is for us to motivate each other and spend some time together whilst we are at it.

So 2013 really is a fresh start for the Bird Family. Its a nice feeling and we both feel so happy with the decision we have made. Here’s to a fantastic 2013. Happy New Year!!