Mario Tennis Ultra Smash on the Wii U

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We have always been a family that are big fans of the Mario games, it started for me when I was 14 years old and I discovered Super Mario on the Super Nintendo, I spent hours of my life on this platform Mario game collecting the coins and whizzing through the levels to defeat the bad guys!! It was a game I loved played with my friends and I guess it never left me because now I love playing Mario games with the children.


How do your Children Countdown to Christmas?

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How do your children count down to Christmas??? 4 years ago myself and the childrens father brought the children a beautiful wooden advent calendar each from John Lewis that you can fill up yourself with small gifts, toys, or chocolates every year. We paid £40.00 each for the wooden calendars and 4 years on they are still going strong and we are still using them.


5 Years On and Still in Love with My House!

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This week marked a very special occasion for me, that occasion would be … me and the children have been in our house for 5 years. I can’t believe it, time really does fly when your having fun. Its been a roller coaster 5 years and like most homes our walls could tell you alot of stories if only they could talk. Our home has been our base camp through all of our highs, lows, holidays, birthday, illnesses and watching the children grow up.



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This month saw me take part in the #AutumnTimeSurpriseProject for the first time. I have seen other bloggers participating over the years and decided to join in this year. I love this project its run by the lovely Lucy at Capturebylucy she has worked really hard to set this up and then making sure everyone is paired up correctly. I got my partner and couldn’t wait to start shopping.


Halloween 2015

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The children really enjoyed Halloween this year, we started off our spooky celebrations by carving pumpkins the day before Halloween. Little Bird did his usual of letting me cut the top off of his pumpkin and then walking in and saying he did not like the smell of it, he then left the room gagging until I had gutted it for him. I called him back in as it was ready to carve. The children then searched the internet for designs and came up with what they wanted to do. Little Bird chose to do a funny face which was simple to do and Big Bird chose a harder design that was a owl.