The Power of Facebook – There is Two Sides to Every Story!

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Facebook is a pretty amazing platform in the social media world, it’s the one that always crops up first when talking to bloggers, pr companies or any other social media expert. I joined Facebook about 7 years ago just after I had given birth to Little Bird. I found it the perfect place to keep in contact with family and friends and I enjoyed sharing photos and information about life with the children as they grew up.


Facebook became my lifeline as the children’s father worked away a lot and I found myself on it most nights when the children went to bed, it was the ideal place for me to catch up with friends and family. When the children’s father left the first thing I did was block him and his family on Facebook, as I needed to shut down my world so everything I did, did not get back to him.

For the Love of Bingo

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When I was little my parents used to run a weekly bingo session at our local village hall, from such a young age I have attended Bingo, helped out, run raffles, checked winners cards etc so I guess you could say its in my blood. As I have got older I have played Bingo with the children, taken them to their school bingo sessions and also attended our local one at the village hall near my childrens school.

How Much Did you Spend Per Child on Back to School Essentials?

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My children went back to school last week, that 7 weeks few by so quickly I do not know where that time went. As every parent knows you have to be quick with purchasing school uniform. I learnt the hard way 6 years ago when I thought I would leave the back to school shop until the last minute …. the end of August. When I went to the shops to get what I needed they had sold out of everything that I wanted in our school colours and size. I have never made that mistake again and I am pleased to say that now I do the back to school shopping just before the children break up for the Summer holidays.


Our First Bike Ride to School and a Surprise for Little Bird

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On Friday last week I decided to let the children ride their bikes to school for the first time. Its 2.5 miles to their school and they have to cross some major roads that are very busy in the morning as people make their way to work. I have been putting it off for a long time but the children really wanted to do it.


Adding Value to Our Home

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At the beginning of this year Mr M and myself took over my house together, its been an interesting journey living with someone else and I feel very lucky to have found someone who understand me as much as I understand them. We get on really well together and its been nice discovering what works for us as a couple. Living with a man that can do pretty much anything (because that is his job) is perfect, it means I get work done around the house instead of waiting weeks and months. Since we moved in together we have been looking to add value to house and with Mr M being in the building trade it was not long before he was looking around, making plans, and measuring up and presenting me with ideas on how to add value to our property.


Changing The Way We Shop

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Just recently we have been trying to save some money, one of the easiest ways for us to save was by cutting back on our weekly food shop. What we spend weekly has slowly been creeping up and because of that it made us start thinking about Buddy Loans. Majority of the time we are a family of four but when Mr Ms children stay with us we are a family of six, needless to say our food bill has rocketed over the year.