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I don’t know about you but my favourite game show on the television when I was younger used to be Catch Phrase, I would love staying up on a Sunday night watching Roy Walker hosting the game. I would sit with my parents shouting out the answers at the TV as we watched Mr Chips recreated different phrases that we use everyday in our lives.

catchphraseImagine how excited we were when we were sent the Classic Catch Phrase board game from Ideal to review. This game is for children aged 8 years old + and has to be played in teams and requires one person to be the host. Its a fantastic game for big families or groups of friends. I have enjoyed playing this game with the children and with friends.

Classic Catch Phrase comes with:Catchphrase1

  • a game board with 16 removeable windows
  • large game cards
  • money
  • 450 catch phrase cards
  • timer
  • game instructions

We have had many laughs with this game and its proved to be one of mine and the childrens favourite games, I love that whoever plays the part of the host always slips into Roy Walker mode and uses the catchy Catch Phrase line of “Say what you see.”

This game basically works like it does when its on television, you work in teams to solve the well know phrases and then you steal control of the leader board to discover a hidden picture. Your playing for money and the team with the most money wins, it couldn’t be simpler.

catchphrase2We have played this game the normal way but the children love just working their way through the game cards to see who can win the most cards. They are getting used to the idea of the game now and even Little Bird who is to young to play this game does manage to join in and win some cards. Its still a great family game and we love playing it, we would recommend this as a good team/family game.

If you would like to purchase Classic Catch Phrase from Ideal you will be looking to pay around £18.00, prices may vary depending on where you shop.


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