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When the Frozen film first came out Mr M and myself took all of the children to the cinema to watch it. It was a film that we all throughly enjoyed, the magic of the film on the big screen couldn’t help but melt all of our hearts. When it came out on DVD we purchased it and its one film that the children have watched over and over again. We love the humour in the film its for both children and adults, it has to be one of my favourite childrens films.

Frozen, Sing-a-long Elsa, disneyThis week Big Bird was sent a Frozen Sing-A-Long Elsa to review and we both could not wait to see what she could do. I had seen the Sing-A-Long Elsa on the television and I had high expectations of this toy and was hoping it would live up to what I was expecting.

Sing-a-long Elsa, Frozen, Disney

I am going to jump straight in and tell you what I think ….. Sing-a-Long Elsa is incredible, she is a beautiful doll that children are going to love. Elsa’s dress is beautiful and lights up along with her neckless when she sings. Her long beautiful hair is done in the famous side plait that Elsa wears in the film and she comes with a microphone so you can sing along with her. There are two setting on Elsa, the first one is where she sings Let it Go to you but you can join in with her if you want to. The second setting you can do a duo with her. The duo is my favourite, we were sent the words to Let it Go and me and Big Bird had a really good laugh singing with Elsa.

disney, frozen, Elsa, sing-a-long

When you duo with Elsa she plays just the music and you sing into the microphone but when you hold the microphone to her mouth she picks up where you left off. Then when your ready you can take the microphone away from her and you can carry on singing yourself. The Let it Go song that you sing if the full length song from the Frozen film. Its so clever and a great idea for a toy, I had a go first with this doll and the look on the childrens face was a picture, it was pure embarrassment of watching their mum sing along with a doll.

Disney, Frozen, Sing along Elsa

Big Bird couldn’t wait to have a go and loves singing along with Elsa. I have found her many times just sitting and singing in her bedroom with her. Its great that Elsa sings the whole Let It Go song and her dress and brooch light up brighter than we thought it would, we think this will be really popular especially with Christmas approaching. We have had many toys in our time but I have to admit this is one of my favourites and I think this is worth every penny at £39.99, I would of expected it to be more money!

Here is a film clip of Big Bird singing, she is really good …… enjoy!

If you would like to purchase the Disney Frozen Sing-A-Long Elsa you will be looking to pay around £39.99 prices may vary depending on where you shop.



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