Overcoming his Fear of Dogs

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One thing in life that terrifies Little Bird is dogs! Whenever he see’s a dog he runs for the hills if he can, if he can’t he will hide behind me until it passes us. My brother has a young chocolate lab and Little Bird is so scared of her because she is very bouncy and likes to jump up at people. She wouldn’t hurt anyone she just loves being fussed, whenever we go to my brothers house they have to put the dog away before we arrive or else Little Bird will not go in.


Last night Little Bird totally shocked me when we went to our local Rugby Club for the evening. This week the rugby club are hosting Beerfestival and many of the volunteers who are helping to set it up are staying over there. When we went to the club last night the children discovered a few dogs that were staying over with their owners. Little Bird totally shocked me when he went up to one of the owners and asked if he could walk their dog.


Firstly I was shocked that he went over and spoke to an adult that he does not know because he finds it difficult to talk to adults he is not familiar with, and secondly I was shocked because he had asked to walk a dog. He wanted to walk Rosie who is a 9 year old chocolate lab. She is a lovely dog, she is very slow and walks in her own time and Little Bird was thriving on walking around the field with her.


Not only did Little Bird walk around for hours with a dog he also got her to sit and he stroked her alot. Little Bird is not good with smells and I was worried that he would be put off by a dogs aroma but he wasn’t. He happily stroked Rosie and he looked so pleased with himself, I loved that he kept calling out to Mr M and shouting “Look what I am doing.” Mr M and myself were shocked to witness it!



Not only did Little Bird walk an older dog, he also walked a puppy boxer dog, however he was abit more careful around the puppy. Benson is very bubbly and has alot of energy to burn, Little Bird was happy to walk him for a while but was a little bit worried at what this young dog would do next. So he was happy to hand Benson over to his sister to walk. I am so proud of my little man, he would not of done this last year!!!

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