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Last weekend my parents, the children and myself headed to Legoland Windsor for the grand opening of their Duplo Valley Splash and Play area. We have never been to Legoland before but it was on my list of places to go with the children this year. Both of my children are mad about Lego especially Little Bird, its all he plays with and talks about he is a true Lego Fan and I knew Legoland would be his dream place to visit.

We arrived early and reported to guest services where we were met with VIP guest passes, a car park ticket, a goodie bag each for the children and £30 Lego Loot money to spend inside Legoland on either toys for food. I was well prepared and took a picnic with us so split the money between the children so they could buy something each from the shop. Firstly we made our way round to Duplo Valley Splash and Play area and was on the other side of Legoland. It was on the walk over to Duplo Valley when I realised just how big Legoland actually was. I had no idea it was as big as it actually is and we couldn’t wait to explore.


When we got to Duplo Valley it was lovely to meet up with all the other bloggers who were there and to my surprise Natasha Hamilton from Atomic Kitten was there to officially open Duplo Valley. Natasha was a good sport and allowed the staff to pour a massive Lego bucket of water all over her, there was so much water that you couldn’t actually see her in the photo.

Once Duplo Valley was open the children really enjoyed playing in the water, thankfully it was a lovely sunny morning so they didn’t mind getting wet. The water park is set out really well, there is lots for the children to interact with and on a warm day this is a must have place to go and cool off. Its been really well thought out and with its bright bold colours children will love it.

Once we had finished at Duplo Valley we were free to explore the rest of Legoland and the kids couldn’t wait to get started. We were very lucky to have VIP passes which meant we were able to jump the queues using the Quo-bots system which I now absolutely love and would definitely do that again.

There were loads of rides that the children could go on, although most of them they did need to be accompanied by an adult. Big Bird is 7 years old and I felt they were abit strict with her age on some rides. Like the childrens roller coaster, she normally does these on her own but I was forced to go on with her. Its the first time I have been on a childrens roller coaster because normally their father does that job but because he wasn’t there it was my job. I did the ride, I wouldn’t say I enjoyed it, if you would have seen me I covered my head throughout the whole ride so I couldn’t see. Big Bird on the other hand loved it, she put her hands in the air and screamed with joy all the way around, and when we stopped she asked if we could go on again, to which I replied “no.” I think she could have done alot of the rides by herself with no problem at all.

There are lots of rides suitable for little ones but I did notice that for really small children you would struggle to get them on alot of the rides even if they were accompanied by an adult, so I would recommend waiting and going when your children are that little bit older like mine. I think mine were the perfect age to enjoy Legoland, they are 4 and 7 years old.

My favourite part of Legoland was walking around the Miniture buildings, they were simply amazing. I can’t believe how well they have been built, the children love London and their favourite bit was looking around a miniature London scene. There is everything from Tower Bridge to the Underground, Little Bird loved watching the trains going around the track. I can’t believe they are all made so well and all out of Lego.

We had the most amazing day out at Legoland Windsor, I would definitely recommend you go there. The children said it was the best day out they have ever had and I have to agree, it was right up there as one of my favorite days too. When we walked through the front door the children were worn out and Big Bird burst into tears and said “I’ve had the best day today, I just don’t want it to end.” Bless her. I don’t like going to the same place twice with the children but this is one place I definitely think we will go to again because there is so much to do, and we didn’t get time to see everything even though we were there all day.

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  • Keri Jones


    Ahhh sounds like you had a great time! It looks absolutely amazing. I really want to go but we will have to wait a bit longer to get our money’s worth I think :)


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