LEGO CHIMA DVD – The Lion the Crocodile and the power of CHI

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My Little man is mad about Lego, he first discovered it when he was just about to turn 4 years old. We have gone through many of the different ranges starting with Lego City and then moving onto Lego Starwars, Ninjago and now he is bonkers for Lego Chima. We were recently sent a Brand New Lego Chima DVD to review and Little Bird couldn’t wait to put it on.


Prepare to watch the battle of the year with this brand new Lego Chima DVD from Warner Bros. Lego Legends of Chima: The Lion the Crocodile and the power of Chi was released on DVD on the 17th February 2014. This double disc DVD offers over three hours of action packed entertainment with 10 exhilarating episodes that will keep kids and their friends at the edge of their seats this half-term.

There are tales of trouble as the kingdom of CHIMA has become a battle ground for eight animal tribes, best friends that became enemies…

The animals fight for control of a natural resource called CHI, a powerful element that is both a source of life and potential destruction. Only a few brave heroes in CHIMA understand the true nature of CHI, and the possible downfall of CHIMA that will result from its misuse. Animals throughout the kingdom relied on the magical CHI orbs to energize their vehicles, gear and themselves. The orbs were a power source that the Lions had always shared equally with everyone. They played and worked together, cooperated and prospered- until the outbreak of the CHIMA conflicts. As conflict spreads, the fate of the kingdom of CHIMA hangs in the balance.

For a thousand years, animal tribes have ruled the land of CHIMA, their stories, and the stories of those who seek to destroy them, are known as … THE LEGENDS OF CHIMA.

Little Bird has watched this DVD a couple of times now, he absolutely loves it. The thing he likes about it most is seeing the sets and characters that he has built from this range. When he sees something he has built he normally shouts out “I have got that one.” and gets really excited about it. This is a fast moving action packed DVD that all Lego fans will love.

LEGO CHIMA DVD – The Lion the Crocodile and the power of CHI is available from Monday 17th February in most major supermarkets for £7.00.


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