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Lego is more than just lovely bright colourful bricks to us, Lego has been a massive part of our family life for the last four and a half years. Little Bird discovered Lego just before he turned 4 years old and I was soon to discover that it was going to be a lifeline for my son. When Little Bird turned 4 years old he was building Lego sets designed for children up to the age of 8 years old all on his own.


It didn’t take me long to release there was something special about my boy and their was something truly amazing between him and Lego bricks. After a long fight with hospitals and doctors we finally got a diagnosis two months ago that Little Bird has Aspergers Syndrome and high functioning autism. Every appointment we have had with the specialists and doctors we were quizzed about what he loves doing the most, every time we were asked that question and we would always reply with Lego!

Little Bird has never been good with communicating with other adults or children. One thing he was good with was building Lego sets, he has spent hours upon hours sitting still and building Lego sets and I was soon to learn that Lego is so much more than a toy for him. We soon learnt that if Little Bird started a Lego set he had to finish it, there was no point trying to stop him in mid flow because it would cause him frustration being pulled away which evidently ended up in him having a melt down. So whenever he started a set I had to make sure we had nothing on that would interrupt his building.

When he was 4 years old he started building the larger sets I would sit next to him to make sure he did not go wrong but it was a waste of my time, my boy just got it and managed to follow all of the instruction manuals from the off. I soon realised that I didn’t need to sit with him and that he was happy to build on his own. Little Bird has made hardly any mistakes whilst building and following the manual, if he does make the odd mistake he has always been able to work out himself where he went wrong.

Little Bird has been a lover of Lego for many years now, Lego is not only a building toy for him its something he can get stuck into and give it his all. For a child that does not communicate well with others Lego has given him a voice. If I see him uncomfortable in a situation with another person when we are out and about I would always get Little Bird onto the topic of Lego it always breaks the situation he is stuck in and gives him a reason to talk to someone. It seems the only subject that would help him to find his voice, only thing is once you start him talking about it it is hard to end the conversation, he could literally talk for hours about what he has build and who is his favourite Lego characters.

A couple of weeks ago I asked Little Bird to build me something special out of his Lego Bricks, I wanted to think about who has inspired him and build it. He has recently been following Tim Peaks in space on Facebook so he decided he was going to build a space rocket just like the one Tim went to space in. My little Lego Builder set to work and came up with this all by himself, I was so proud of him.


Little Bird struggled to build the afterburners on his rocket but he did not give up, building a Lego item is not easy without a manual it takes alot more work and serious concentration and he got there. I was really impressed with his rocket, with the added features of windows and doors and he dug deep to find two spaceman. The spacemen we have are actually vintage characters his father gave them to him when he went through the loft a few years ago and found all his old Lego from when he was a child.


Little Bird enjoyed putting his flames together at the bottom of the rocket to create life like flames from launch day. Little Bird was so pleased with his rocket that he took it into school to show his teacher and they asked him to do a presentation to the rest of his class.


We wonder if this is the first time Lego has been into space, orbitting our wonderful planet!!! Little Bird is always building something out of Lego …… I wonder what my Lego genius will build tomorrow?!

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