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Last Saturday the children, myself and my parents went to Legoland Windsor for the opening of the New Lego Friends area …. Heartlake City. The children knew about this event about 6 weeks before we went and they were so excited they had been counting down the days. When we arrived we were given VIP passes which allowed us to go straight onto the rides without queuing, using the Q-Bot system which is absolutely fantastic. The children were given a goody bag each and a Legoland hat to wear, which was ideal because I had forgotten their hats and it turned out to be a really hot sunny day.

Legoland windsor, Heartlake City, Lego friends

The New Heartlake City area is lovely, its just like stepping into the Lego Friends world. There is a new ride at Mia’s Riding school which is abit like a pirate ship type ride but it spins at the same time, I am a chicken when it comes to rides so I gave this one a miss but I did speak to others who went on it and they really enjoyed it. Its quite a good idea because you get to sit on a Lego Friends horse for the ride and it sways from side to side then once it gets going it spins too!!

legoland, windsor, heartlake city

Legoland, windsor, heartlake city

Around the Heartlake City area you will see all the Lego Friends girls made out of Lego Bricks, I love these and the children enjoyed spotting them so I could take a photo of them with each one. The Heartlake City area is in part of the existing Legoland buildings but they have all been revamped into this funky and cool girly world.


Big Bird really enjoyed this area, she spotted all of the Lego Friends girls and also some other of the Lego animals like a rabbit, a dogs and even the cat there really was alot to look at. In the Heartlake City area there is a live show on at different times of the day. The Lego Friends live show was really good, the girls danced, sung, and rode on purple jet ski’s which as you can imagine is like a girls dream. The set for the show was vibrant and fresh, this has given the Lego Friends fans something to talk about.


Friends to the Rescue Live show

Legoland, windsor, heartlake city

The revamped area is lovely and a welcomed improvement at Legoland Windsor, I love the colour of the buildings they are all pastel colours with the added extra of bright pink and purple. Below is a picture of Big Bird outside the Heartlake Shopping Mall, we went in and bought a Lego set for Little Birds birthday. The service in the shop was amazing, we bought what we wanted and they took our items to a shop near the Legoland exit so we did not have to carry it around all day. They gave us a collection voucher to pick it up before we left. Excellent service!!

Legoland, windsor, heartlake city

Legoland, windsor, heartlake city

Legoland, windsor, heartlake city

Olivia’s House was really nice inside, there was an area to sit and relax and watch Lego TV, there was a kitchen with digital interactive screens where children could bake cakes and wash up, there was a duplo brick play area. Little Bird loved the area where you could build models and then put them on the shelf so others could see them. My particular favourite was the Lego wall, mainly because it was like the Lego wall we have built in Little Birds bedroom. I would love to think Legoland got this idea from me, but I doubt it. It was almost exactly the same as ours except ours is bigger!! It is put there so children can write their names in Lego on the wall and leave it for others to see.


Also inside Olivias House there is an interactive mirror that the children and myself enjoyed playing with, it dressed you up and you could move things around its a very clever idea. Big Birds favourite part of Olivias House was the Lego Friends mini world, it was incredible and hours of building must have gone into it. It was a completed girly world where you could press buttons and switch lights on and off!


The children, myself and my parents had a fantastic day out at Legoland, we were there for 8 hours and when we left we were exhausted. The children were so hyped up and full of stories about their day out, they loved it . We think the new Heartlake City area is a welcomed extra to Legoland, its clean, bright and really girly. We spoke to alot of staff during our stay at Legoland and they were all so friendly, helpful and brilliant with the children.

Our favourite person was the man who run the Lego Fire Rescue Challeng ride, we had some really good banter with him and he was excellent with the children. (My view of this man was not at all swayed but the fact that he helped me and Little Bird win the Fire rescue ride challenge!)

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