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On Sunday we went to Legoland for the day, we went to see the hugely popular Pirates Landing to see the re-vamp of it to become the New Pirate Shores. The opening of the New Pirate Shores was not fully ready but we did get to enjoy the themed features on the Pirate Falls Treasure Quest log Flume which was amazing. We arrived at 8.30am in the morning and had the whole of Legoland to ourselves for an hour and a half before the public came in. We jumped on as many rides as we could and made the most of it whilst it was quiet. By 10am the park slowly began to fill up with adults and children all looking for a fun day out.


We were lucky as the sun beamed down on us all day and we got to enjoy the weather as well as what Legoland had to offer us. We had VIP passes which meant we got to jump the queues and get straight onto every ride, this was definitely the highlight to our day. You know what its like when you have small children and long queues its hard to explain to them that they have to wait. Some of the queues were an hour long but we were lucky to get straight on each ride, I would definitely say its worth paying the extra money for the fast track tickets otherwise you could spend alot of your day queuing.

DSCN9311The children loved Legoland, Little Bird kept telling me it was his dream place all day, although I already knew that because he is mad about Lego. Then to top it all off Little Bird met two pirates, it was the first time Mr M had been to Legoland with his children and I was pleased that they loved it just as much as we did. The children got to have fun in the Duplo Valley waterpark, the sun was shining so we let them go in after lunch when the day was at its warmest, the water was cold but the children didn’t mind as they splashed around and had fun.

LegoloandcharactersI wonder how many Lego bricks are used inside Legoland, there must be millions and millions of them. Its funny because no matter how many you see you never get bored of them. The children love looking at all the Lego characters that are scattered around the park, they are so well made, brightly coloured and full of character.

We went on lots of rides and we even discovered things that we missed on our previous visit. I love that there is so much to look at ,you will never tire of looking around Legoland.

LegolandridesThe children enjoyed many rides on Sunday, Little Bird was over the moon when he finally got to drive around the Legoland village in a REAL Lego car. Last year he had to miss out on that ride because he was to young and he was so upset, so this year now he was old enough he did nothing but smile all the way around. My favourite ride was the fire station rescue, we couldn’t wait to race Mr M and his children to put the fire out. It was a race between five families and we were up for the challenge, Mr M won our group race only because he had a head start …. a cheating head start but the Bird family came in second place.

LegolandRides1We all had a brilliant day at Legoland Windsor, we can’t wait to go back.



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