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On Sunday Big Bird went to Norfolk with my parents for the night, in the morning she was going to be dropped off at Kingswood at Overstrand Hall where she was meeting up with her class for her school trip. Big Bird is not a fan of going on a coach hence why we got her there our own way. The children were due to spend the weekend with their father but I picked Big Bird up at 10am Sunday morning so she could get on the road with my parents. That left Little Bird to have his father to himself for the rest of the day. When Little Bird returned home on Sunday night he was so upset because his sister was not here.

I know Little Bird does not like change so we kept him in the loop at all times about the count down to Big Birds trip. When he walked in on Sunday night he sat on the sofa and cried. I gave him a cuddle and asked him what was wrong, thinking he was missing his father but no he said “I miss Big Bird.” With tears streaming down his face I tried to get him to laugh and be happy but it was not working.

I had made a roast dinner for tea and when it was ready I called Little Bird in, he wondered in quietly and sat at the table he looked at the three places that were set and put his head on the table. I jollied him along trying to get him to eat his dinner and he said ” I don’t like it when Big Bird is not here, it doesn’t feel like home.” Bless him.

With treats after dinner and bedtime stories with both myself and Mr M we tried to pull out all the stops to cheer him up, but he was still so sad. On Monday morning he woke up and did not want to go to school. Big Bird was still with my parents at this point so I told Little Bird he could Facetime his sister once he was ready for school. I think its actually the fastest I have seen him get ready for school.

Little Bird took my phone and dialled his sister, he was so excited to see her face when it came onto the screen he couldn’t stop smiling. They chatted for 10 minutes and then we had to get to school, when we got to school I took Little Bird into the classroom and explained to the teacher that he was missing his sister. Little Birds teacher is amazing and has a fantastic understanding of him and his needs. We stood watching him for a few minutes, and bless his heart he was walking around the classroom looking really sad. Mrs J turned around and said to me “Oh bless him he looks lost!” and he did. I gave him a kiss and left, I knew she would pick him up after I left.

When I picked Little Bird up from school I asked him how his day had been, he replied with ” you don’t want to know.” I said “yes I do, that is why I asked.” He said “I missed Big Bird.” The teacher had told me he had asked during the day if he could see her. I was shocked just how much this boy was missing his sister.

It is the first time Little Bird has really missed his sister, he does not like change and it has stirred up a few emotions in him including him asking me if his father can come back and live with us. I told him that would not happen, but he said “you like dad, he makes you laugh. I just want him to live in the same house as us.” I tried to explain as well as I could that me and his dad do like each other and we do get on but we can not live together because we do not feel the same about each other anymore.

He has been totally thrown off path this week and I have tried my hardest to explain to him that his father and myself are friends and that is how it will stay. I do feel sorry for Little Bird because he was only 4 years old when his father left and I hate the fact that he will grow up with no memories of his parents being together because he was to young to remember.

Big Bird will be home this afternoon and I know Little Bird will be really excited to see her because it was the first thing he said to me this morning when he got up. Hopefully our house will feel like home again tonight for him when we are all back under one roof!!

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