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Last Friday the Bird family jumped into the car and headed off in the search for snow. As the weather was sunny and bright outside there was only one place we were going to find it and that was in Milton Keynes, Snozone. Its somewhere we have always wanted to take the children to do some Tobogganing with the aim to encourage them to start skiing because we are keen to take them on a skiing holiday next year.

The children were really excited on the way to Milton Keynes but didn’t really know what to expect, we have never been to an indoor skiing center before so we were really looking forward to seeing what it would be like. We were booked into the 12pm Tobogganing session and had to arrive 30 minutes before the session started so that we could get kitted up and ready to go out onto the snow. Snozone can be found inside Xscape in Milton Keynes. Xscape is the ultimate entertainment destination offering a unique combination of extreme sports and leisure activities for all ages, where you can play, eat and shop all in one place.

When we walked into the main area where the snow was the children ran straight over to the viewing area window and said “awesome!” (which is one of their favourite words at the minute) and from that moment I knew the Snozone was going to be a big hit with them. I absolutely love the snow so I was really looking forward to getting out on it. We headed over to the skiing area and found helmets to fit the children to keep their heads safe and then we all wrapped up warm before we headed out with the instructor onto the snow.

Big Bird is a dare devil, she loves anything fast and scary I guess you can say she is a bit of a thrill seeker, she gets that from her father. Little Bird is more like me and is wary of new things he takes a while to get used to them especially when speed is concerned so I was looking forward to seeing how he would get on in this environment. When we walked out onto the snow I was expecting it to be cold but I was surprised just how cold it was. I love the cold and found its sharp snap lovely to walk into. The instructor gave us our instructions at the bottom of the slope and then we were told to pick up a Toboggan and follow him to the top of the slope.

Daddy Bird went up first with the children and I stayed at the bottom to take some photographs. I could see on the first run that he was having to talk Little Bird into it because he looked worried. Big Bird on the other hand couldn’t wait to jump onto her toboggan and make her way to the bottom. When you are on the top of the slope it does look a long way down and to a wary 4 year old I can see why he hesitated. Luckily Daddy Bird managed to get him down the slope and because he didn’t want to go fast Daddy Bird was able to control that by putting his feet down.

When they all made it to the bottom Little Bird wanted to stand with me whilst Daddy Bird took Big Bird up and raced her down. Without having Little Bird to hold them back they raced down the slope really fast twisting and turning and having great fun. My little thrill seeking daughter was laughing all the way down and when she got to the bottom she was laughing at Daddy Bird because she beat him. Obviously she had the weight advantage on her side which Daddy Bird quickly pointed out and I had to laugh when Little Bird run out and threw a snowball at Daddy Bird (bottom right photo above). It was a pretty good shot.

Little Bird had lots of fun in the snow, he found a small slope that he played on whilst we enjoyed the big slope. He made snow angels in the snow and greeted us at the bottom every time with a snowball in the face. I loved racing Big Bird down the main slope, tobogganing is great fun for the whole family to enjoy we would recommend it to anyone wanting to try something a bit different.

We found the staff at Snozone really helpful and friendly, they were great with the children encouraging them on the snow and for the more daring children allowing them to do a bit more. We really enjoyed our day out in Milton Keynes at the Snozone and we will definitely be taking the children back for more tobogganing and then we will try them with some ski lessons. If you are thinking of going tobogganing make sure you take gloves with you. This is very important because your hands will get cold. If you do forget them you can hire ski clothing there for a small fee or theres lots of shops in Xscape so you could buy some before you go in if need be.


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