Sports Day 2016

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This week it was the childrens sports day at school, it was the first and last sports day that they will ever do together. This year both children are in KS2 so they had their sports day at the same time. Luckily the rain kept away it was cloudy and the sun came out in bursts, we were lucky considering the weather we have had the last two months.


Both of the children took part in the circuits and really enjoyed them. It was lovely to watch of them try so hard. Its the first year that Little Bird has behaved so nicely with his friends. He has come along way this school year. It was nice to see him mingle with friends but also listen to instructions and wait nicely it was a refreshing change from previous years.



Little Bird was first up for the long race at the end of the day, it was one lap of the school which is actually quite a long way for his little legs. Its the first time he has done the long race and he did so well, he did not look like he was struggling at all with it but it did make me laugh that he did the whole race whilst waving to me. I ran round the course with him where I could and I kept telling him to stop waving and concentrate on the race, he looked so happy and continued waving on his way round.


The last race of the day was the Year 6 long race, Big Bird told me the night before that she was not going to do it but she changed her mind last minute. Her race was alot harder as it was two laps of the school field, she paced herself well and came in 7th out of 11 girls. She really did do well and shocked me that she did not give up and carried on through with it.



Well done Little Bird and Big Bird on a fab sports day, it was lovely to watch you both together having fun and trying your best. I will be forever proud of you both. xxx



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