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Little Bird Turns 7 Years Old

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Three weeks ago Little Bird celebrated his 7th Birthday, I can not believe my little man is 7 years old. It still seems like yesterday that he was coming everywhere with me in his pram. I miss the days of having the children at home with me, I dreaded Little Bird starting school and still miss my full days with him. In three weeks time Little Bird will have completed Year 2 at school I just can’t believe how fast time is going with him.


Little Bird takes to the road

Written by mummybird. Posted in The Birds

It was Little Birds 6th Birthday at the weekend and for his birthday he received a new bike. I got Little Bird cycling on the grass with no stabilisers last summer but he lost his confidence quickly because he left his bike in the garage for months and didn’t want to touch it. A few months ago he got his bike out of the garage and off he went, it was lovely to finally see him biking around the street with the neighbours children all having fun on their bikes.

cycling1Little Birds old bike was so small for him he was in desperate need of a new one so my little man was really pleased when he got one for his birthday from his dad. His new bike is slick, black and comes with guns and toy bullets, I had no idea you could get a bike with a gun on, so I was surprised when I saw it. Little Bird has really enjoyed playing outside on his new bike and on Sunday afternoon I decided to take the children out for our first bike ride altogether.