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Lego 75904 Scooby-Doo Mystery Mansion

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Our latest Lego challenge landed on our doorstep last week, I knew what was going to arrive but Little Bird didn’t and I couldn’t wait to see his face. On Wednesday the postman delivered a very special Scooby Doo themed package and my Little Lego builders face was a picture, he has not seen the Lego Scooby range before and was really excited when he saw it, he couldn’t wait to get on and start building it.


Lego 42043 Technic Mercedes Benz Arocs 3245

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As you probably already know we have the best job in the world working with Lego. We love it, it’s opened up a whole new world for my family as we have attended some fantastic Lego blogging events, had VIP trips to Legoland every year and then there is building their new products just as they are about to hit the shops.

Little Bird started building Lego just before he was four years old and it didn’t take long before he was building sets designed for children aged 6 – 8years old plus. My mighty four year old was building sets solo using the manuals and to my surprise he didn’t seem to be making any mistakes. Little Bird is Autistic and seemed to enjoy throwing himself into his Lego, I started to notice that the Lego was his escape, it was where he could relax and be at peace whilst building.

Lego Technic, 42043 Mercedes Benz
We are lucky because we get send lots of Lego products to review and each one I try and do something different with. I try to make it a challenge for Little Bird as I sit him down and set his mission. Three weeks ago we were given a pretty spectacular mission that came in a huge box which was nearly as big as Little Bird. That mission was to build a Lego Technic Mercedes Benz Arocs 3245, when I showed Little Bird he was amazed at what was inside the box. I knew he was desperate to build it but it is designed for children aged 11-16 years old so I knew it was more for me and Mr M to build.

LEGO Disney Princess 41055 – Cinderella’s Romantic Castle

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“When I grow up Mummy I want to be a Princess.” These were the words that my little girl came out with when she was two and a half years old. Big Bird is mad about everything Disney, especially Disney Princess so imagine how excited she was when she found out there is a Lego Disney Princess range out in the shops to buy. Being part of the Lego blogger programme is a job that my children love. Majority of products we are asked to review are aimed at boys ….. but not this one. Its definitely one for girls.


Lego Hobbit 79016 Attack on Lake-town

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At the beginning of December Little Bird was sent a Lego set that he had not reviewed before. It was from The Hobbit range and he was really looking forward to getting started with it. We were sent the Lego Hobbit Attack on Lake-town 79016, it arrived on a rainy day when Little Bird had been sent home from school because he could not stop coughing. With time on his hands this Lego set came in very handy and was a welcomed distraction for the cough.


Lego Movie 70805 Trash Chomper

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Two weeks ago I went to London for Dream Toys 2014, where the best of the best toys for Christmas were displayed for us to look at. When I walked into Dream Toys I was greeted by two walking Lego Movie Characters and I knew I should of taken Little Bird with me. If you read my blog regularly you will know that my son is bonkers about Lego, so its always been something I try and keep up to date with.


Lite Brix Sunset Island Mall

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A few weeks ago Big Bird took on a big Lite Brix challenge when she was sent the Sunset Island Mall to review. If kits like this need building in our house its normally done by her younger brother so she was looking forward to the challenge. The Sunset Island Mall is designed for children aged 6 years old + and is a create n build set with lights.


Lego Ultra Agents Riverside Raid 70160

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Little Bird is bonkers about Lego, last week we went out for a family meal and Lego came to the rescue once again. Little Bird does not like sitting around waiting, so going out for a meal can be hard if I am not prepared. Luckily I was this time and I went armed with the Lego Ultra Agents Riverside Raid in my bag ready for him to build. We sat down for our meal, ordered our drinks and Little Bird began to get fidgety so I pulled out this Lego set in the hope it would keep him busy whilst we waited for our food to arrive.

Lego Ultra Agents