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The Pitter Patter of Webbed Feet

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Last month the Bird family decided we were going to try something new and that something was to hatch some birds, I am not talking about another Big Bird or Little Bird I am talking about the feathered variety. I have always wanted to hatch chicks at home and just before Easter we decided to get an incubator so we could try and do it ourselves.


I have always wanted to hatch chicks but Mr M talked me into going for duck, so ducks it was! I bought an incubator and a heat lamb and then all I needed was the eggs. I bought some fertile Call Duck eggs and we couldn’t wait to put them in the incubator and start turning them.

Something Eggcellent at Happy Faces

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Today I took Little Bird to Happy Faces at Glinton, as we arrived we were greeted by a very excited Claire. She couldn’t wait to whisk Little Bird off to show him something special. That something special was her new babies (I say babies I mean……. chicks).

For a special treat for the children Claire had arranged to have some eggs and incubators delivered to Happy Faces so the children (ahemm….. and the Parents) could enjoy watching the eggs hatch and the chicks grow.

Claire had her eggs delivered and set up today and was told that the first chick should hatch tomorrow, so imagine how excited she was when one actually hatched this afternoon. So when we arrived there was this little bundle of yellow fluff there for the children to look at.

All the children at the group today were very good, they listened to Claire and were very careful not to knock the table or upset the eggs. Personally I was obsessed with watching the eggs, I think I must have spent most of my time at this session just looking at an egg. I was desperate to see one hatch. Claire had 10 eggs to hatch so we were waiting desperately for 1 of the other 9 to crack.

I learnt a lot about the chicks and how they hatch from Claire today, I really enjoyed finding out about it all. I am just gutted Big Bird missed out because she would of loved to come today as she is animal mad.

When we picked her up from school Little Bird couldn’t wait to tell her what we had been up too. She was so disappointed to have missed out but I had to chuckle when Little Bird said ” You couldn’t of come with us today BECAUSE you were at school”. Talk about state the obvious to her.

Little Bird kept putting his ear to the incubator to hear the Chicks Chirping. It was amazing who knew that you could actually hear a chick chirping from inside the egg shell. I love the way they wobbled around as the chicks were working hard to get out.

Little Bird enjoyed watching the first little chick as he rattled around in the incubator waiting for his little friends to come out to play, and trying to encourage them by moving the eggs around. When we were there today about 3 eggs were beginning to crack and when it came for us all to leave Claire had to practically throw the Mums out because we could see one of the Chicks was so close to coming out. I really wanted to watch it happen. I think she should do this next year and set up a webcam for us all.

When I got home Claire text and said that the second little chick arrived 45mins after we left, I was gutted I missed it but pleased it made its way into the world safely. When I was sat at the kitchen table tonight I was started to miss my afternoon of sitting and staring at eggs, so much so I was tempted to get some out of the fridge and just look at them.

This was a lovely thing for Claire at Happy Faces to share with the children, we look forward to going next week to see them even though they will be a lot bigger. But it will be nice to see how much they have grown. I have just looked on the Happy Faces Facebook page and Claire has just announced that number 3 has just hatched. Eeeek exciting I just know Claire will not sleep tonight with all these babies arriving right now.

Thank you so much Claire for a fantastic afternoon, it was a lovely idea and I know the children really enjoyed it. We look forward to seeing you and your babies next week. xxx