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Finally Getting Somewhere!!!

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The last few months have been pretty manic with lots to sort out, its been over two years since the childrens father left and I am pleased to say that I no longer have any ties to him other than our children. Its a relief that its all over and now me and the children can move on and look forward to the future.

Since Mr M and myself met each other we have been inseparable, when we did have the odd night apart we missed each other so much that we spent endless hours on the phone to each other. I was cooking for Mr M most nights of the week and it seemed silly that we were paying for two separate houses and one house was not getting used, so after alot of thought we decided to move in together.

Working as a team for the sake of the children

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This weekend is going to be a tough one, Mr M has had an operation this morning and I am writing this as I am waiting to go and pick him up. Mr M needs two weeks bed rest to recover from today and I intend on making sure he gets it. Hes a man that does not like to sit still for more than 5 minutes so I know I have a job on my hands for the next two weeks. Mr M is really busy at work at the moment and I know he will be itching to get back to it …. well he can after his bed rest. We know someone who had the same operation a year ago and he ignored the doctors and went straight back to work, this resulted in him ending up in intensive care because he didn’t look after himself. So I am determined to make sure Mr M rests as much as possible.

This weekend is going to be a tough one because unfortunately Mr M’s operation fell on our weekend to have all of the children. As soon as I knew I contacted the childrens father to let him know and to see if he could help at all. The childrens father was amazing and instantly came back to me and said “would it help if I had the children for the whole weekend for you?”

Goodbye 2014 ….. Hello 2015

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2014 was a year for mixed emotions, it contained many lows but I think the highs certainly out weighed the lows. At the beginning of the year we were told that Little Bird was on the scale for ASD, this took a while to get my head round but we are definitely dealing better with him now we know. We are still waiting for an appointment from the hospital for a full diagnosis which I can’t wait to happen this year then we will get more support at home and in school for him.

Big Bird enrolled into a lovely Brownies group, she was lucky enough to get in because there is a long waiting list but thankfully my sister in law works there and got her in. Our Brownie group had ended so the new group were allowed to offer a few spaces to our old group.

Sparkup your Bedtimes

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Since my children were babies I have read to them every night, reading to them has paid off because they both love books and now they are reading for themselves they are way ahead of their school year. Since being in Year 3 Big Bird has always been reading 2 school years above where she should be. Little Bird is in year 2 and all of a sudden his reading has come on in leaps and bounds. Our bedtime routine every night works one way, Little Bird reads to me and then we all get in the bed together and I read a story to both children. I then say goodnight to Little Bird and give him a selection of books to look at until he falls asleep, then I get in bed with Big Bird and she reads to me. Big Bird reads so beautifully that it makes me sleepy and I have lost count of the number of times I have nodded off to sleep whilst listening to her read.


Whats been going on the past few months – Warning this post contains FRUSTRATION!!

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The last few months have been tough to get through, I have had a lot thrown at me and I have been pushed to breaking point. Frustration has been at the background of it all and its been driving me crazy. The childrens father and myself have had a hard job communicating as we have been coming to agreements over our assets. I have had to fight my corner, its been an emotional battle, one I could have done without. But with the light beginning to shine slowly at the end of this dark tunnel, things are slowly getting sorted out now.

One of the most frustrating things that I will never get sorted out is the amount of time the children see their father. In May this year he got a job in London and then last month he decided he was going to live in London and found somewhere to live close to his work and his girlfriend. Unfortunately for the children since May he has had to dropped his access from 8 nights a month to 4 nights a month. For those of you that are good with maths you will know that is 48 hours every other weekend, the rest of the time I am the one doing ALL the work with them on my own.

Little Bird takes to the road

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It was Little Birds 6th Birthday at the weekend and for his birthday he received a new bike. I got Little Bird cycling on the grass with no stabilisers last summer but he lost his confidence quickly because he left his bike in the garage for months and didn’t want to touch it. A few months ago he got his bike out of the garage and off he went, it was lovely to finally see him biking around the street with the neighbours children all having fun on their bikes.

cycling1Little Birds old bike was so small for him he was in desperate need of a new one so my little man was really pleased when he got one for his birthday from his dad. His new bike is slick, black and comes with guns and toy bullets, I had no idea you could get a bike with a gun on, so I was surprised when I saw it. Little Bird has really enjoyed playing outside on his new bike and on Sunday afternoon I decided to take the children out for our first bike ride altogether.

Pain, Laughter and Affection

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Pain …. Three weeks ago Mr M hurt his knee and has been in alot of pain with it, he’s had to use his crutches to help him get around because walking has been a real struggle for him and whenever he gets time (which isn’t often for a man that can’t sit still) he sits down and ices his knee. It’s been hard watching him in so much pain, so when I have been around him I have tried my hardest to do everything I can for him whilst he rests. I just wish I could help him more and take the pain away for him.


The children go to the Opticians

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Today the children went to the opticians to have their eyes tested. Big Bird went in first and although she is desperate for glasses she does not need them and was told she has perfect vision. Little Bird was next up and on his last appointment we discovered he needed glasses. He has been wearing them on and off for six months now and I was convinced there would be signs of improvement this time. So I was surprised when they told me that he needed a stronger prescription and we needed to pick him some new glasses.