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Candy Craft Chocolate Pen

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Last week Big Bird and myself decided to join in with the celebrations over social media sites for #Nationalchocolateweek. We were sent a lovely parcel to help us on our way, the parcel contained a Candy Craft Chocolate Pen and some packs of yummy chocolate. It didn’t take me and Big Bird long to dive into the box and start melting down the chocolate so we could design our own chocolates using the chocolate pen.


Easter Ideas from Waitrose

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Easter is about new life and Waitrose have created an Easter hunt game that will take your children on an adventure to explore the signs that spring has arrived. The game can be played in the garden, park, at a local farm or even in the house if the weather isn’t so good, so little planning is needed. Children will simply need to find and match questions and answers that you have hidden for them, its as easy as that. Waitrose

Cadburys Creme Egg – how do you eat yours???

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With Easter just around the corner there is only one thing on our minds and that has to be chocolate. I myself have to confess to being a chocoholic and when we were offered some chocolate to review there was only one answer from me. Yesterday we received a delivery of Cadburys Creme Eggs through the letter box. I absolutely love them, I have seen them in the shops but have not bought any so far this year so I was looking forward to eating these.


Cadbury World

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Hands up if your a chocoholic ……. oooh that will be me then!!! We recently got the chance to review Cadbury World in Bournville from Superbreak and I was so excited its somewhere I have always wanted to go but I was waiting until the children were old enough to really enjoy it.

Last weekend me and the children jumped in the car with my Mum and Dad and made our way to Birmingham. Like me my Mum is also mad about chocolate and its somewhere she has always wanted to visit too, so she was keen to join us. We arrived around lunch time and we were booked into the Cadbury tour at 3.10pm. The children were super excited and couldn’t wait to look around.

Hearts and Flowers Chocolate Arrangement from Baby Blooms

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Yesterday I took delivery of something very special from Baby Blooms. I had been sent a Hearts and Flowers Chocolate Arrangement (Pink Box) to review. When it arrived I was really excited to open up the box and have a peek inside. I had seen theses on the Baby Blooms website and wondered how they got something so beautiful to you in the post with no damage.

When I opened the box I was met with lots of beautiful coloured paper that was there to protect this lovely arrangement, I carefully unwrapped it to find the most stunning box filled with chocolates and sweets arranged like a bouquet of flowers. The packaging was lovely and when I receive something in the post that is wrapped beautifully it makes me really happy, its clear that Baby Blooms have truly thought about the person who is about to receive this lovely gift.

The Hearts and Flowers Chocolate Arrangement is displayed in a cube shaped box (13cm x 13cm x 13cm) and decorated with attractive ribbon, there are three different colours to choose from. Coming out of the box is 8 x 40g solid milk chocolate heart lollipops, 12 x Sugar dragee chocolate flowers (each petal is a cellophane wrapped sugar coated chocolate). This beautiful arrangement is then cellophane wrapped and tied with a co-ordinating ribbons and bows. The Hearts and Flowers Chocolate Arrangement is a gift with a difference, designed to put a smile on the face of someone special.

Big Bird and Little Bird loved the design of this fantastic and very clever arrangement. Being children they asked straight away if they could try the chocolate. I wanted to keep it wrapped up a bit longer but decided to sneakily open it at the back so we could try the chocolate and sweets for you. The chocolate is beautiful and the sweets are lovely too, we all enjoyed sampling them.

Baking with the children

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In June this year Big Birds school offered her school year a cooking course to attend after school. My daughter loves baking so when she got the letter she came running out of school holding in her hand asking if she could do it. I agreed, it was going to be held on a Tuesday after school for 1hour and they charged us £4 per session. So we sent her in the next day with her cheque for £16 to ensure she got a space.

When Big Bird started to tell me about what they were doing in this class I was amazed. They were doing it in groups, so basically she got to stir a mix every now and then. I was disappointed and so was she. The first thing they got to make were Pancakes. They got to eat one at school, and me and the other parents could not believe we had paid £4 for pancake mix. (especially as the mix was shared between 4 girls)

As the weeks went on she came home with 2x crispy cakes, 2x jam tarts and a tiny pizza. All the parents would wait in anticipation after the cooking class for something that would perhaps be worth our £4. But no we were all disappointed and felt our money was probably spent on childcare for the hour, rather than ingredients for the children.

When we started back at school a few weeks ago the cooking class started up again and Big Bird wanted to join again but I was amazed they had put the price up to £5 a session, so I managed to talk Big Bird out of it this time and I told her when she got home from school on a Tuesday she could do some baking at home with me. I am sure I can do more with £5 of ingredients than the school would. So this week we made cupcake.

Big Bird and Little Bird both did their own mix, I helped Little bird with his weighing and he did the rest. Big Bird did all of hers, I did not help her at all. We decided that one would do chocolate cupcakes and one would do vanilla cupcakes, and we would see who made the best ones.

My little bakers got into it quickly and I am very proud to say that they broke 4 eggs between them and they did not get one bit of shell in the mix. Now this is because either I am a good teacher and have taught them well or pure luck. I’ll leave that with you to decide. I like to think I have taught them well.

I love the fact that Little Bird decided to wear his chef’s hat and apron and Big Bird thought a more appropriate attire was to wear her princess dress. They both did a really good job and made little mess, which is amazing for my two children.

I put the cakes in the oven and I am pleased to say that both batches came out brilliant. (although Big Birds were slightly bigger) I sampled both cakes and they were perfect, lovely and fluffy just how I like them.

Both children decorated the cakes with a chocolate topping followed by white chocolate stars and balls.

So this week for my £5 we had 24 cupcakes to show for it. I think I will make this a weekly treat after school. Just need to read the cooking books for quick but lovely recipes for biscuits and cakes.