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Santas Barn – East of England Showground

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Yesterday we took the children to Santas Barn in Peterborough at the East of England Showground. The children were really excited about going and we were looking forward to seeing what was on offer, its the first year Santas Barn has been open and I only heard about it from someone through Facebook. We booked the day before and I had a chat with the man who runs in and it sounded like the perfect experience. Its run by parents so the main aim is for children to have fun with no queuing to see Santa. You book your time slot and arrive an hour earlier so the children can play and when your time comes round you head over to the winter wonderland walk and an elf takes you through to see Santa.

santas barn peterborough east of england showground

Today I did something I NEVER thought I would do ……

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The childrens father left the family home 20 months ago and between us we have been riding on a roller coaster of emotions whilst we sorted out the house, our finances and access to the children. We have had our ups and downs and if I am completely honest we have had more downs than ups. We have argued, shouted at each other down the phone, fallen out over texts and we have cried many tears. We have both met new people and are happy with our lives but it took time to accept each others new relationships.

Through all of the tough times I am pleased to say that the children did not witness any of the bad times. Don’t get me wrong they saw a few tears from me but I never told them what they were about. I would just say I was feeling sad. When the childrens father lived with us the children never witnessed ANY arguing or falling out between us and if you ask my children they will always say that. Even when he left the family home on some occassions when he would pick the children up we would have a laugh about something at the door and my children seem to remember that.

Hooded Owls have bath time wrapped up

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I don’t know about you but I love nothing more than a nice thick fluffy warm towel when I get out of the bath, because there really is nothing quite like the comfort and smell of a fresh quality towel to wrap around your clean body. When the children were tiny I loved wrapping them up in a fluffy towel after their bath, I used to enjoy sitting with them snuggling, until they had dried off.