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Big Bird Does Primary School – Done!!!!

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Today Big Bird completed Primary school, I can’t actually believe she has finished at her first school. It only seems like yesterday I was dropping her off to the reception classroom and walking away with the thought of how far away Year 6 was from us. Her time at Primary school has flown by so quickly I can’t believe its all over for her.

Last Day at school

Happy Faces at Glinton

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I thought I would do a post about Happy Faces at Glinton, its where the Crown Pub used to be and its absolutely lovely. I discovered it about 4 weeks ago and I take Little Bird there on a Wednesday morning he loves it, when its time to leave it always ends in moans or even tears as he wants to stay. Claire who runs it is fantastic with the children, she’s so bubbly and full of energy and excitement, and the children seem to bounce off of her enthusiasm.

When I first arrived to look round, I just called in when I was passing, I was only expecting to pick up a leaflet and then to ring and book a place. But Claire showed me around and said I could have a free session now to see if both Little Bird and myself enjoyed it. On this particular day Little Bird was really well behaved and after I told Claire that he doesn’t like singing, he proved me wrong by not only singing, he got up and was dancing in the middle of the circle of mummies and children, I was amazed. When time come to leave, he cried and I had a struggle to get his shoes on and get him out of the door.

The structure of the group is really good, the children play for the first 45mins to 55mins, then Claire clears the back room and the children all sit and sing and dance to some songs (not to many, but just enough to keep them engaged with the music), then the children have a snack and a drink, then Claire finishes off with bubbles. We are four weeks in now and Little Bird is adapting to the structure and seems to know what we are doing next.


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Last week was Half Term and I booked Big Bird into Happy Faces with us and she loved it. I have added some photos below of last week and the children playing there. Claire opened the outside area last week its really lovely. She had lots of water and sand toys out. Also she has her pet guinea pigs there for the children to feed and pet (with her supervision). Big Bird really enjoyed stroking them as we have no pets at home, but that’s another story…….

Me and the children can recommend Happy Faces to anyone with children up to the age of about 7-8yrs old. We told my sister-in-law about it and she now brings her two children to the same class as us. So now Little Bird has his two favourite cousins there to play with, and he loves going with them. See you next week Sis xxxxxx