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Happy 11th Birthday Big Bird

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Omg where did that time go? …. 11 years ago today my beautiful girl came into my life. She has kept me on my toes since the day she entered my life and I have a feeling she will keep me on my toes for the rest of my days as a mother too. In the last year she has grown up so much and slowly she has matured to the lovely little girl I see before me today.


The Power of Facebook – There is Two Sides to Every Story!

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Facebook is a pretty amazing platform in the social media world, it’s the one that always crops up first when talking to bloggers, pr companies or any other social media expert. I joined Facebook about 7 years ago just after I had given birth to Little Bird. I found it the perfect place to keep in contact with family and friends and I enjoyed sharing photos and information about life with the children as they grew up.


Facebook became my lifeline as the children’s father worked away a lot and I found myself on it most nights when the children went to bed, it was the ideal place for me to catch up with friends and family. When the children’s father left the first thing I did was block him and his family on Facebook, as I needed to shut down my world so everything I did, did not get back to him.

Crocs for all of the Family

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There is nothing my family loves more than wearing a new pair of shoes or boots, especially Big Bird she is a very independent 10 years old who loves fashion and picking her own clothes and shoes. I like seeing her dress herself, she has a good eye for what looks good on her. Two weeks ago my family received a very welcomed parcel from Crocs. I did not know what was coming, I just knew that they would definitely fit the children, Mr M and myself.

Missing You

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On Sunday Big Bird went to Norfolk with my parents for the night, in the morning she was going to be dropped off at Kingswood at Overstrand Hall where she was meeting up with her class for her school trip. Big Bird is not a fan of going on a coach hence why we got her there our own way. The children were due to spend the weekend with their father but I picked Big Bird up at 10am Sunday morning so she could get on the road with my parents. That left Little Bird to have his father to himself for the rest of the day. When Little Bird returned home on Sunday night he was so upset because his sister was not here.